Waldo’s Army

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Waldo’s Army
TL 5
Small Empire
None listed
Notable People

Wizard Whitebeard


Waldo, the famed explorer, has traveled most of the known universe and about half of the unknown universe. No one ever knows when or where he will turn up so they are constantly on the lookout for him. As for his gear, it is said that after each battle he discards the weapon he was using and takes up another. In this way he has probably had more valuable and lost artifakts pass through his hands than anyone else in the universe. The problem is, after he uses them they become very hard to find.

Waldo’s army is made up of three distinct parts: Wizard Whitebeard (his right-hand man), the Waldo Warriors (his elite troops), and recruits. Wizard Whitebeard is just that, a wizard. In the ancient past he granted Waldo the power he needed to become the greatest explorer in the known universe and often accompanies him on those journeys.

The Waldo Warriors are the elites of the army. They dress as similarly to their leader as they can in an attempt to confuse their enemies and give Waldo the upper hand. In the midst of battle, the enemy will believe he has killed Waldo only to find that it was one of the elites instead.

Waldo is an incomparable recruiter. He has the ability to recruit from any group he comes across and often does so. It’s rumored that he has walked onto a battlefield and walked off with a new recruit from each of the opposing sides. However, he rarely recruits more than one unit from any group, so his army is usually made up of large groups of individuals instead of identical squad members.


A brief history of Waldo

The minifig known today as Waldo was born to a family of commoners in the Red and White Legion. When he came of age he joined the military. Three days after the completion of his training the entire Red and White Legion was attacked and destroyed by the armies of the undead. Waldo was the sole survivor.

He immediately went into hiding, on the run from the undead forces hunting him. During those dark days he became an expert at concealing himself. It was during this time the question “Where’s Waldo?” became widespread as the undead forces searched far and wide for him.

Shortly after that Waldo met the Wizard Whitebeard who, in addition to being a wizard, was a great explorer. It was Wizard Whitebeard who game Waldo the power to become the greatest explorer in the universe. Hi increased his lifespan and game him protection from harsh environments among other things. That is when Waldo stopped running and hiding and began exploring in earnest.

During those travels he began gathering an army to fight the one force he really wanted to destroy, the undead. To this end he is willing to form an alliance with any and all factions willing to help him defeat the undead.

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