Walter Jacobi Ego Universal Trust

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Walter Jacobi Ego Universal Trust
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TL 5
Small Empire
None listed
Immortal Alliance
The Wanderers

Anti-Immortal Alliance

Notable People
Walter J. Ego
Ego Truck being shown off by the Head of Transportation

The Walter Jacobi Ego Universal Trust is a ruthless fledgling empire bent on takeover of the galactik markets. It is a collection of Kompanies the have formed a monopoly on everything but air in their part of the galaxy. Led by the ruthless Walter J. Ego, who has a leading job in all companies in the trust, this group is bent on total dominashun. Their one enemy is the Free Enterprises of Galaxia Abyssus, a once good, now evil, Demon and Hitler's Brain in a Jar lead army.

The WJEUT is a fast growing empire. For one only recently joining the galactik scene, they have already launched space fleets, a kommercial ship, modular carrying truks, and more.

Ego is allied with the Immortals, due to a common enemy (Free Enterprises), and to mutual benefit.

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