War Guitar

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War Guitar
Heroic Item

Metal Warriors

Close Combat

Ranged Combat

Heavy Weapon

Long Range

None Listed
Power Sources
Offensive Capabilities
Universal Power Chords


Lightning and Thunder

Defensive Capabilities
Universal Power Chords
Movement Capabilities
None Listed

The primary purveyors and exploiters of the War Guitar are the Metal Warriors but there are a handful of other characters and factions in the BrikVerse Ossum enough to wield the potent instrument. The War Guitar is a divine instrument and implement of battle, the secret of its creation gifted by the Metal Gods only to the most Worthy of lesser creatures. At once capable of most excellent shreds and superbly executed blows to skulls, the War Guitar is highly prized and highly feared throughout the BrikVerse...indeed, throughout the very MultiVerse. It is capable, in the right hands, of striking the Universal Power Chords, those defining, deific Notes that thrum their way through all of existence. When played with fervor, the War Guitar spews forth lightning and thunder in a spectacular display of raw power. In addition to its obvious melee properties, the War Guitar can be modularly outfitted with an array of specialized equipment (most commonly including its own amplifier and power source) and ranged weaponry. The War Guitar is a symbol of power and capability in the universe. Those that carry them had better be ready to throw down at a moment's notice and defend their Gods Given right to wield the mighty instrumental weapon.

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