Warring Dread Pirate Two-By-two

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The Warring Dread Pirate 2-By-2 is a religion believed by many agressive countries. The holy book the Dreaddeath is a tome containing the Creation of all minifig-kind and also containing the instruction to war

Extract of the Book of Deadly Creation: ( Beginning is same as Dread Pirate 2-By 2 Tome)

He then created 2 Leaders: Cayne and Aible. Cayne was one of the original rulers of the Castle theme. Aible was an original Leader of the DSM. Cayne and Aible were good friends. Our Creator was bored. Did he miss watching the Season Finale of Lost just to see unity and Bromance? He was angry. Using his uber awesomeness, he turned Canye's mind into his bitch. Using Cayne, he struck down Aible while Aible was in the fields taking a dump. Conflicts soon were created and fighting broke out. He was pleased.

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