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A long time ago, there was a slave world that made their profits by forcing the slaves to fight to the death in The Pits. After enough victories, a slave could earn his or her way up in the world, moving from the Rabble ranks through the Warrior ranks and up to Champion rank. At that point, a Champion would have the right to challenge any slave master in Gladiatorial combat and, should they win, take their place in the ranks of the slave masters. Thus it was ensured that the slave masters were always the toughest sons of a bitches that their hellish system could produce.

From this planet arose a minifig who climbed through the ranks faster than anyone could remember and quickly attaining the title of Champion. Using his favored weapon, the mace, he dispatched his slave master opponent and was greeted amongst the slave masters as equals. This minifig was not satisfied with this life. Not long after his victory, he fled the planet, never to return again.

For many years after, no sign of this minifig could be found throughout the Brikverse. Then, one day, a small group of mercenaries landed on and unclaimed group of asteroids just outside of Scythian space. The Scythians investigated and found them to be led by a minifig in chrome blue armor who called himself Zupponn. Zupponn claimed to be extracting the Green Transparent ore for processing and study. Soon, similar patches of asteroids throughout the Brikverse were claimed by what was now known as the Zupponn Mining Co. for Green Transparent excavation also. It was not long before the ZMC became the foremost experts on the ore and began selling a unique version of it for military and vehicular purposes. It is to be noted that Zupponn's personal power mace is completely powered by Green Transparent and was the first item was powered the ZMC's unique refinement of the ore.

After the invasion of Fico by the Immortals, the ZMC immediately saw an opportunity for greater profits through hiring out their mercs to other factions for money. Zupponn soon was contacted by the Immortal Warhead and was granted an extremely lucrative contract in exchange for a very large supply of mercs. In order to show their commitment to the contract, Zupponn personally led a group of the mercs in a successful assault on a Scythian mining outpost.

Even after this success though, Zupponn was not fully trusted by Warhead. A small group of Immortal-hired mercenaries was dispatched to a small space port to investigate the ZMC's mining operations there. After a Dreadnut was discovered and defeated, Warhead was not pleased, and punished Zupponn by engulfing him in a blazing inferno, which changed him from his normal self to the Grim Reaper-like figure that he is today.

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