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Studs is the local LEGO® User's Group in Sydney, Australia, and they don't do anything small.  Their battles are vast and wide-ranging, involving hundreds of minifigs on the field.  This epic scale is made possible by a refreshingly loose attitude towards the rules, and there has occasionally been some argument as to whether they are playing BrikWars or some other game entirely.  Who cares?  The pictures are amazing, and that's all that really matters.

The Studs website can be found on Richard Parsons' Port Block site, which in turn is hosted by

Port Block
LUGNET's™ Australian newsgroup

Studfest III: The Battle of Tank Stream - June 3, 2000
The forces of James Bond go up against the evil SHAG organization in a conflict that balloons wildly out of control.  To complicate matters, the notorious space pirate Captain Ahab arrived in his space galleon crashed the party and did a terrible job of looting anything of value.

image: chaos reigns in a battle of epic proportions.

Studs' illustrated write-up

A treacherous wilderness

Studfest IV: A Tale of Two Pities - August 2, 2000
The samurai James Bond-sai and King Richard II lead opposing medieval armies that seek to conquer the magnificent Castle Kevin and rescue the fair princesses within.  King Kevin, the current resident, takes umbrage at their plans and battle is met.  Once again, a far, far greater number of minifig units than anyone would consider prudent are involved.

image: the Castle Kevin is besieged by foreign invaders.

Studs' illustrated write-up

A beautiful day for some carnage

Studfest V: Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo? - October 2, 2000
Political intrigues, prostitutes, peasant revolts, and the Pope-mobile combine to wreak havoc in a small town as the disguised heir to the throne of Kevin makes ready to inherit his father's throne.

image: a bustling port town is about to explode into conflict.

Studs' illustrated write-up

Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?

Studfest VII: Mugs and Bugs - January 27, 2001
The Sydney crew joined up with some MUGS (from Melbourne) and BUGS (from Brisbane) and once again plastic blood was shed.

image: hundreds of rampaging Johny Thunders unload off of an assault space shuttle.

Studs' pictures

Ground Control to Major Johny

Studfest XII: Piratical Seafaring BrikWars - January 27, 2002
An enigmatic advertisement from a resort island tourist board ("Free Treasure, Come and Get it") attracts pirates and warships from all over the Pacific.  Four great ships, "Buffy the Pirate Slayer," the "Ross Beard Runner," the Spanish Galleon "Insert Name Here," and the pink-shielded longboat of the Viking Feminist Movement each vied to gain the purported treasures for themselves.
Giant spiders, fighting monks, and a whaling detachment from the Pequod also played a part.

image: several groups of aspiring cannoneers are about to learn a harsh lesson in Newtonian physics.

Studs' illustrated write-up

X Marks the Spot

Studfest XIV: Way Too Much Carnage- June 9, 2002
This battle was so large that nobody seems to have any clear idea of what went on, except that a good time was had by all.  A half-dozen or more spacefaring armies weighing in at 500CP apiece laid waste to one another in a small and very unfortunate town.

image: Darth Vader sadistically uses the Force to transform an errant stormtrooper into a cuddly yellow Belville teddy bear.

Studs' pictures

I find your lack of decorum disturbing

Studfest XV: Hijinks in the Highlands - June 9, 2002
The Studs headed to Mittagong and staged a "BrikWars of truly biblical proportions," with the intention of setting the world's record for Biggest Medieval BrikWars Battle Ever Staged, despite already holding all previous records in that category.  The game was in fact truly enormous, and we're eagerly hoping for a write-up.  In the meantime, however, there's lots of pictures to gape at.

We're especially looking forward to a tactical explanation for the photos of the wildly-pooping dinosaurs.

image: any time this many minifigs gather in one place, it's time to cull the herd with some well-placed ultraviolence.

Studs' pictures

Like Woodstock but medieval and bloodier

Studfest XVII: Napoleanic Warfare is an Offense to God - March 1, 2004
The Studs crew stages a Napoleanic battle over a semi-fortified medieval town. They find themselves roundly punished for their errors when the fighting concludes in the most unnatural and offensive possible result: a military victory by the French!

image: the demoralized and embarrassed horsemen turn their backs on the battle, refusing to even watch this travesty of warfare.

Studs' illustrated write-up

You don't accept our surrender?  We'll show you!

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