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Exterminatus: Rival Species MOD

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:55 pm
by BFenix
I've been following this mod for a while, but I think the latest build ( Build 8 ) finally made it minimally playable and entertaining.

It's grimdark 40K, of course, pitting the Ultramarines against Tyranids (Macragge anyone?) in Objective/Conquest/Rush-type gameplay. FPS action. Several classes and weapons based on the actual boardgame troop types. Terminators and Carnifexs included. THE BOLTERS ACTUALLY FEEL LIKE BOLTERS! The only game to do that properly until now was Space Marine. And Dawn of War II to a certain degree. ... 0-released

Being still in Beta, it has some rough edges, but I bet it's way more fun with a packed server. Unfortunately, I only found one dude playing so far, so we need to try this out and invade it!