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Post by mgb519 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 5:39 am

Scottsman wrote:Alright, been working out some details. It'll be a 150 points per character game. I want people to post suggestions about time, just as long as it's on a weekend.
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Post by Keldoclock » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:19 pm

Alright, here we go. GURPS (Generic Universal Roleplaying System) is a game where you create your characters through buying pretty much everything with character points. The game itself is played using only d6's, and, while clunky, can handle pretty much any genre or character idea.

We'll start with a blank character, one with 0 points spent, and improve him into my character, Jonathan Lewinski.


First things first, we'll change some cosmetic stuff, and spend 50 points raising Johnny's Strength by 2 (20), Dexterity by 1 (20), leave his Intelligence alone, and boost his Health by one (10)


At this point, we've only got 58 points left. I'd like to be able to load up on guns and the skills to use said guns, so why don't we give Johnny a few Disadvantages to make him a bit more three-dimensional?


We made him a smoker, and a bit poorer. He is a criminal, after all. Now that we've gotten a few points back, let's spend em on Skills.


Alright, shaping up already. Lastly, some Equipment. Because Johnny is Struggling and lives in 2011, he has $10,000 of Wealth. I'm going to be a douche here and say he has no home, and compensate for that with guns, money, and hobo gear.


There are a few things I couldn't figure out how to do with this electronic sheet, and the math confused me.

How do I get ammo for my guns (is ammo cost rolled into the weapon, like in Rogue Trader?), and how can I acquire a motorcycle?

There we go! Here's an electronic character sheet.

It has pretty everything in there and does the math for you. I'm utterly exausted, so just go on demonoid and steal your own damn copy of GURPS.


EDIT: I'll also toss an unassembled Moltov Cocktail ($15) and a vial of acid ($10) in there.
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