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Battle for Champagne [SIGN UPS OPEN]

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 10:00 pm
by Nemoto-Sensei
It has been several months since the Duchy of Wesselheim invaded Anatolia. In the span of a few months, Wesselheim was able to fulfill most of its strategic goals, capturing many towns, bridges, and bases along the way. Most Anatolians had fled their towns before the arrival of Wesselheimian troops, though those that remained were forcibly moved to the coastline, far away from the frontline. In the town of Champagne, once a prosperous town with a booming wine industry, all that remained were the skeletons of long-dead peasants, as well as an undersupplied force of Wesselheimian troops left behind to defend it. Fortunately, things were mostly quiet in this ghost town, eerily quiet...
Private Bainbridge: Damn this Anatolian winter. I know we're enemies and all, but did they really have to be so cruel to empty the wine cellars before skipping town? God knows I could use some bubbly ale to keep me warm...
Lieutenant Harper: So you'd rather be out fighting on the frontlines? I'd sign your transfer papers right now if it shuts you up once and for all. Stop yapping and stay sharp.
Private Bainbridge: Sorry sir. Whoah, there's a rider approaching!
Lieutenant Harper: Hold it right there lad, state your business
The rider looks up from the handlebars of his bike, his face flush from exhaustion.
Corporal Lincoln: Sir, you're a sight for sore eyes. How far are we from Saint-Alexandre?
Lieutenant Harper: Saint-Alexandre? That's at least 20 miles West! You won't be getting anywhere near there on that bicycle of yours, especially not at this time of day. Who even are you?
Corporal Lincoln: Aide de-camp to Brigadier Ashby, sir. I have with me classified intel that I need to deliver by tomorrow.
Lieutenant Harper: Tell you what lad, there's a resupply convoy arriving tomorrow afternoon. You can spend the night here and hitch a ride with them tomorrow.
Corporal Lincoln: Thank you sir. I was harassed by some Anatolian skirmishers, though I managed to shake them off.
Lieutenant Harper: Hmm, let's hope they don't come anywhere here, you're safe with us though.
The next morning...
Lieutenant Harper: Corporal... corporal! Wake up!
Corporal Lincoln: Wha...mornin' sir. What a beautiful day isn't it?
Lieutenant Harper: You tell me. Those Anatolians that attacked you yesterday, sure they weren't following you?
Corporal Lincoln: Positive sir, I was able to escape them and ride off undetected.
Lieutenant Harper: Uh huh, then what's that out there?
The lieutenant pointed his finger out the window, revealing two squads of Anatolian conscripts amassing on the edge of town.
Corporal Lincoln: Oh shhhiteeee.
This is my first ever forum battle, so please be merciful. I'm really unfamiliar with the rules so please submit detailed orders so that I don't have to open the rule book every time someone messages me their turn. This battle will be conducted exclusively through Discord, so please PM me @N3M0T0#4497. You may sign up here in this thread, but note that all orders are to be submitted via Discord. There will be a total of 4 spots open. (Anatolian Squad A, Anatolian Squad B, Wesselheimian Defenders, and Wesselhemian Relief Squad) The Wesselhemian Relief Squad will only appear later on in the game when I think it's about time they showed up.
Anatolian Squad A: Space Bunny
Anatolian Squad B: KaiserFalk
Wesselheimian Defenders: Ninja_Bait
Wesselheimian Relief Squad:
Anatolian Victory Conditions:
- Capture Corporal Lincoln and return him to the Anatolian spawnpoint
- Eliminate both the defenders and the relief squad
Wesselhemian Victory Conditions:
- Prevent Corporal Lincoln from being captured and return him to the spawnpoint of the relief squad when they appear
- Eliminate all attackers
If Corporal Lincoln is killed in action, the objective becomes the black briefcase he is carrying.
Battle Overwatch: Image
Anatolian Units:
- x2 Sergeants
- x8 Conscripts
Wesselhemian Defenders:
- x1 Lieutenant
- x4 Riflemen
- x1 Sniper
Wesselhemian Relief Squad:
- x1 Lieutenant
- x4 Riflemen
Good luck!

Re: Battle for Champagne [SIGN UPS OPEN]

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 1:37 pm
by Space Bunny
I'll take one of the Anatolian's squads

Re: Battle for Champagne [SIGN UPS OPEN]

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 6:43 pm
by Nemoto-Sensei
One more spot left! Come get it while stocks last! :srs: