Battle of the Red Table - SIGNUPS

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Battle of the Red Table - SIGNUPS

Post by Screech » Thu Oct 29, 2020 5:51 pm


A few CLOan and peach mutants, outcast from society, scavenge to survive on this red table that has loads of scattered bricks nearby. However, a few blokbots have animated themselves on this tabletop; in a food-rich environment.

For shits and giggles, someone supplied cameras and long range mind control devices for two people inside the ORANGE TRANSPARENT walled-safety of the Four Rums. One MC device controls the blokbots, and another controls the outcast warband.

Objective: pwn the other team

Outcast Warband:
-Hard Hat CLOan Worker: Revolver
-Orange Helmet CLOan Worker: Yellow transparent plasma SMG, rotary saw, heavy armor
-CLOan Firefighter: Dual yellow transparent pulse pistols, light armor
-Peach Cop: Dual bladed tonfas
-Greenshirt Peach: Yellow transparent pulse pistol, chainsaw
-Long Hair Firefighter Peach: Yellow transparent pulse pistol, hand axe
-8x Blokbots

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