The Great War

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Re: The Great War

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The Empire of Osea
Background: The Empire of Osea is located east of the Caucasian Continent. Osea is an island nation, short on raw materials and highly populated. While not currently considered a regional power, Osea is looking to make a move with the recent conflict between the Union States and Sovak Union.

Osea is a proud, traditional, pre-industrial nation. Much of he populous have strong family values and believe in strength through unity. This has caused Osea to be an isolationist nation for he past several decades due to a mistrust of outsiders and technology.

The Osean Emperor Taisho Blockagami is seeking to expand Osean influence and strengthen the nation. Fearing that his nation can easily be subjugated due to the lack of raw materials naturally occurring in Osea, Emperor Taisho has instituted a lucrative trade agreement with the Sultan of Afria and the Sovak Union.

In return for the massive amounts of raw materials provided to them the Osean Empire pledges their support in regional conlficts when called upon. Because of this, much of Osean military doctrine and technology follows that of the Sovak Union.

Being an island nation, Osea has also made efforts to expand and improve their naval forces. This move has caught the eye of the Republic of Ogovalonia. Tensions have recently begun to boil between the two island nations.
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