Trion: Draugir Support Drones (+minor Edgentruppen update)

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Trion: Draugir Support Drones (+minor Edgentruppen update)

Post by Robot Monkey » Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:03 pm

Original Army Thread:

Having studied the combat effectiveness of Trattorian drone soldiers, Trionian research and development sought to not just emulate, but improve upon the concept. After a night of heavy drinking and rituals to the edge for inspiration, the R&D board came up with this concept to send to the Kaiser for approval: "What if we made drones, just bigger and more brutal?"
Shockingly, the idea was greenlit, and the design board found themselves having to actually make drone soldiers now. Digging through RIN archives, they were able to dig up the plans to the BOX and CUBE model autonomous turrets, which had defended RIN spaceports many GRs ago. After copying the android AI from the Vallhund drone tankette already in service, the project was a go. The designers went with an upsized frame for both lifting capacity and intimidation factor. The drone's design is incredibly sturdy, which allows it to serve its role as infantry support well.



Each Draugir comes equipped standard with a heavy pulse rifle, and an RT hatchet for melee combat. This is called the "assault" loadout by the designers, despite being the only loadout available for them currently. More weaponry and equipment is on the way for these drones.


Pictured here with a fireteam of Edgentruppen. The Draugir stands at almost twice the height of a minifig, making it a bit unwieldy in corridors, but intimidating in more open close-quarters engagements.


Providing covering fire from a kneeling position with an Edgentruppen heavy. The Draugir's heavy pulse rifle provides significantly more punch than most armaments available to standard infantry.

At the same time as Draugir units are being deployed into the Trion Empire's infantry korps, new heavy weapons are being rolled out as well.


RT-powered rockets are launched from this shoulder-fired anti-tank device, giving Edgentruppen squads much needed firepower versus vehicles.


Another experimental design that somehow made it to issue, the GT-powered Gassenwerfer is a first for Trionian military technology. It spews poison gas across the battlefield, and has been described as "One of the edgiest ways to kill somebody" by a field tester.

As always, C&C appreciated.

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Re: Trion: Draugir Support Drones (+minor Edgentruppen updat

Post by Kastrenzo » Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:13 pm

Interesting Rock it lawnchair.
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Re: Trion: Draugir Support Drones (+minor Edgentruppen updat

Post by Colette » Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:15 pm

I definitely see the influences from the older box drones and the experience you gained with MFZ.

"Combat effectiveness" of Trattorian drones LOL

I'm so happy to see gassenwerfer see the light of day. Always look forward to more Trion content.
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Re: Trion: Draugir Support Drones (+minor Edgentruppen updat

Post by Texhnophille » Mon Jun 04, 2018 4:23 am

Oh god, those troops are things of beauty, I really dig the minifig weapon design.
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Re: Trion: Draugir Support Drones (+minor Edgentruppen updat

Post by Venge » Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:36 am

Sick builds and great photography. :tiger: :tiger: :tiger:
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