Imperial Archives codex 01: "Kings and Heroes"

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Imperial Archives codex 01: "Kings and Heroes"

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The German Confederation

Kaiserin Eva von Brickburg
The young Kaiserin of the German Confederation saw combat with the Edenkorps as a lieutenant. Though an excellent tactical and operational leader, her talents as a duelist have been called into question within certain circles of the German court. This is considered a grave insult to members of the German aristocracy. This early into her rule it is hard to judge her as a head of state but her record against the ongoing Second Reiconquest has been impressive

Generalfeldmarschall Reinhard von Grunewald
A famous warrior whos family have long counted the planet of Eden amongst their many holdings, the duel scarred leader of the Deutsches Edenkorps is famous for his ferocity and his zeal in subjugating the local peach populace for the German Confederation
Ambassador Arthur Sutton
As ambassador from the fledgling nation of Legotavia, he has to juggle the competing demands of the home government with the complex internal politics of the German Confederation's royal court. Though viewed with suspicion, several of the more liberally minded counts have quickly struck up a friendship with the affable foreigner
Prince-Archbshopric of Shikinami

Prince-Archbishop Rollo IX
The current Prince-Archbishop of Shikinami acts as a fearsome adviser to the Kaiserin but his face has never been seen behind his terrifying skull mask. Unlike many other branches of Weebism, the Shikinamist faith does not require its clergy to be celibate - an innovation that has allowed the formation of what is, for all intents and purposes, a hereditary monarchy. Though nominally part of the German Confederation, the Prince-Archbishopric is afforded far more independence than many of the Confederation's other constituent states. This is thanks to its special status as the birth place of Shikinamism
High Mage Guillaume de Soryu
As the foremost sorcerer of Shikinami, he is responsible the training of new wizards. He has reached this position through his seemingly boundless skill and cunning, which is often hidden beneath his overly joyous exterior.
The Ayanami Empire

Reiliph Tima IV
Despite the pleas of many of her advisors, the current head of the Ayanamist faith insists on leading from the front - a habit which, despite costing her eye, has helped inspire the fanaticism for which her followers are known

Captain Suzuhara
Formerly a wandering monk, his fervour was noted by the local Reiahideen marshall and he was convinced to join as an officer. Early on in his career he distinguished himself at the Battle of the Crystal Dunes where he first found his exceedingly rare suit of Deadly Space Armour
Amalfi republic

Doge Cesare Gentileschi
The Doge of the wealthy republic of Amalfi is known for his wisdom in all business matters and for his posession of a suit of Deadly Space Armour, passed down through the centuries and adorned with the penguin head symbol of the Katsuragist religion
Matilda Gentileschi
Much to the pride of her father Cesare, Matilda has worked her way through the ranks of the Katsuragist priesthood to become one of the most prominent clergy members in the whole Republic. Her famous piety and eloquence has even converted many of the staunchly atheist foreign mercenaries that Amalfi relies on for defence
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