Gravel / Sand wanted!

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blah blah swastikas kkk look how edgy I am
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Gravel / Sand wanted!

Post by Vami IV » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:55 pm

Hey guys. Do you have Gravel or Sand you don't want? Do you have Gravel or Sand you don't need? Is Sand and Gravel clogging your chests at home? Want to see it vanish?
I have an answer:

The Brinkville harbor!

Surrender your unwanted Gravel and/or Sand to me, Vami_IV (MC username), at Brinkville in the Chest on top of the furnaces by the Gates (in the city, if you couldn't figure it out) or to me directly. It will be then used to fill in water and bases.

Here are the exchange rates I will offer.
Now, unless you have a awesomely huge fortune stuffed in a desert fortress in the middle of the Desert or a huge (I'm looking in both of your directions, Mike and Mgb), these are the exchange rates for both materials. As they are both very low value, don't expect much. But, it's still something. Carry on.

1-2 Stack of Gravel / Sand -> I'm not even... Maybe an Iron Ingot?
3-4 Stack of Gravel / Sand -> Gold Ingot
5-6 Stack of Gravel / Sand -> Block of Iron
7-8 Stack of Gravel / Sand -> 2-3 Block of Iron
Fill the Chest -> Holy Shi- Have a diamond or two. Note, I only have Three. I have a few Emeralds, if you want some.

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Re: Gravel / Sand wanted!

Post by Nimja » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:57 am

I'm asssuming you're going to extend the failed squid farm/public bath?
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