Prussian-Monarchial conflict - Overwatch

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Prussian-Monarchial conflict - Overwatch

Post by Bragallot » Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:45 pm

Delving into Sci-fi and doing a bit of a story there was an awesome run which I really enjoyed, so I'm making a comprehensive thread as I did for Westeron. I added everything that contained story elements, even non battle threads.

Part 1: The invasion of Neo-Prussia

Neo-Prussian Empire: In a remote corner of the Brikverse, was the Neo-Prussian Empire. After ages of seclusion, they were finally discovered at the eve of the Immortal War. Swearing by their neutrality, the Prussian Empire made good diplomatic relations with all who would approach them and all was well, but it was a peace that could not last...

Diplomacy Breaks Down: Eventually, Neo-Prussia was forced to pick sides in the Immortal conflict, and their stubbornness to hold onto their neutrality would eventually plunge them into an impossible war against the Immortal Empire.

6th Immortal Legion: The Inquistadores, greedy for Neo-Prussia's rich resources, quickly offered to punish the Prussians by invading their system. Though grudgingly, they accepted Brittanian and VoL inVoLvement in the operation.

Operation Mastercutor: Expecting swift victory, Duchess Angelica's 6th Legion swooped down on the Prussian systems aggressively, but the Prussians were better prepared than she had estimated, ambushing the Duchess' spread out navy. After heavy losses on both sides Duchess Angelica was eventually captured, giving the Prussian Empire a great advantage and a powerful hostage, even though their navy - unable to face the Immortal Navy head on - retreated from the system to rebuild.

Allegiance: The Prussian navy's whereabouts were unknown, but they did make appearances in other battles. This full scale Immortal conflict saw Prussian troops side with Anti-Immortal powers for the first time in the war, even though no official treaty existed yet.

Hopklis Nur: (warning, broken pics, couldn't find a top thread) In search of allies, the stray Prussian navy offered their help to the Avalonians in exchange for technological support, which helped them to increase their navy's size and power, but not after the bloodprice had been paid.

An Inquistadore's Worst Knightmare: Every nation needs its superweapon, and the Prussian Empire is no different. This rare file describes a highly secretive meeting between der Kaiser and Sir Bragallot where the Gekka, a weapon that has still yet not been revealed to the outside world, was shown to another's eyes than the crazed inventor's for the first time.

The Return: The Prussians utilized their advantage to its fullest, holding Duchess Angelica captive and thus holding the Immortal legions waiting outside their homeworld at bay. After many months without action, the Prussian Empire released the captured Duchess Angelica, but not in quite the way their enemies had envisioned it. Their cunning ploy wiped out almost the entire Inquistadore high council, including the Archduke, Valenza, which plunged their enemies into a state of disarray.

More Microspace: Fed up with the lack of progress in the sector, the Immortal Emperor dispatched one of his top agents to the Prussian front. The Inquistadores, in preparation for the Immortal advisor's arrival, finally made upgrades to their old Dragonhead design.

Mission no. X: Having acquired the necessary information about the Immortal Advisor's whereabouts the Prussian navy quickly made its move to intercept her. The mission was a success, or so they thought, for Immortals don't kill easily... This fight also saw the first involvement of the Assyrians in the Prussian-Monarchial conflict.

Killing Time: The Immortal armies converged on Neo-Prussia's last outer base, home to a massive ion cannon that would make any attempt at bombarding the main planet impossible. It was expected the real war - the invasion of the homeworld - would begin after this, but in the end it turned out to be the last fight in the conflict. When the defences again proved too stalwart, the Immortal Advisor released the Peach Virus on the system, turning friend and foe alike into mindless zombies. The undead swarmed over the system, quickly making any further invasion impossible, laying waste to the Prussian worlds and forcing the remaining Prussians to scatter and retreat from their beloved homeworld. Leaderless and spent after the bloody struggle, the Inquistadores soon fell to infighting, almost nullifying their cooperation against the Anti-Immortal alliance. Thus the invasion ended in utter chaos, with no clear winner.

Part 2: the Virus Wars

Birth Of A Nightmare: In Sir Bragallot's abandoned lab, the cloning facility suddenly starts stirring off its own accord, bringing forth Bragina, who had made it her task to bring down and succeed Sir Bragallot.

The Lone Wolves: Lieutenant Wolffe, a war veteran from Neo-Prussia, is convinced by his old war buddy Wallis to go back to the infested planet of Neo-Prussia to save a few members of his old squad, who are still holding out. Unbeknownst to him, in order to get a ship he has to enter a deal with a number of Immortals and Brittanians who wish to lead a mining operation into the planet. Before Wolffe even arrives, the squad is almost overcome, but they are saved by Bragina. They tell Bragina that the undead on Neo-Prussia are not leaderless or mindless, but led by Archduke Valenza, who has somehow survived the fake Angelica's attack. Bragina quickly deduces that Valenza must be getting help from someone who wants to rule Neo-Prussia on their own, and figures this must be Sir Bragallot. She promises to get the squad off the planet and later save Neo-Prussia from Valenza, and the Wolves eagerly join her.

Wake-up call: A civil war is still raging in Dios, and the chaos only gets worse when a research lab that is trying to find an antidote against the Peach Virus is attacked by a group of powerful mutants in Prussian uniforms who are trying to replace the cure with a variant of the virus that mutated them. An elite group of Inquistadorial commandos is only just able to stop the calamity from happening and secure the data core. Sharane, back from the dead, has been sent to stop the civil war in Dios and rally the Inquistadores again for the Immortal cause. Wary of the threat presented to Dios, she takes control of the commando squad.

Ponicide: Felipe Del Montero, head of the Del Montero family, tries to assassinate Sharane to stop her efforts at stopping the civil war in Dios. He's been promised support in exchange for loyalty by the Third Alliance. Sharane however sees through his ploy and kills him, but faces the problem that Felipe has no heirs, and thus the civil war will rage over his territories as well. Sharane proceeds to lead her commandos into a ponicide, sacrificing enough ponis to resurrect Angelica Del Montero and avert this problem.

Sky Runs Red: Sharane finds out that the same Prussians and Assyrians who attacked the lab have been secretly building a hidden space station in the skies above Dios. She realizes if its construction is not stopped, it will be powerful enough to dominate all of Dios. Rallying Inquistadore, Brittanian and her own Immortal forces, Sharane launches an assault against the station, but it is repelled.

The Siege of Reichingrad: The space station is finished, and the mutants are only adding to the chaos on Dios, making sure that everyone who becomes powerful enough to create some stability dies a short while later. Sharane realizes she cannot fight the Prussian-Assyrian alliance where they are strong, so she decides to launch an attack on the faraway Prussian base of Reichingrad, where the scattered Prussians are trying to rebuild, in retaliation. To her surprise, she finds neither mutants nor Assyrians guarding the area, only normal Prussian forces commanded by Der Kaiser. The Prussians repel the attackers, but just as the dust begins to settle, Bragina appears in her cruiser and orders the remains of the base to be bombed into oblivion.

Operation Annihilation: Bragina reveals that she was the one who revealed the location of Der Kaiser's base of operations to Sharane, and that the mutants are her own personal soldiers, independent from the regular Prussian army. Her goal was to have Sharane and Neo-Prussia's standing forces kill one another and then kill off the survivors to keep them from getting in the way of her plans later on. As Inquistadore, Prussian loyalist and Immortal ships clash in the skies above Reichingrad however, Der Kaiser manages to escape Reichingrad. Bragina seemed unfazed by this setback, as she managed to capture Sharane's flagship in the struggle.

Dios Resurgent: Dios is liberated after a daring strike by a rising commander, Esmeralda Lacruz. With this, the inquistadores begin to rebuild.

Battle For The Brik Separator: As alliances break down, factions continue to fight over the sector. One such skirmish revolves around the possession of a Brik Separator, a powerful Artifax used by Humans to grant them superior Dekonstruktion Tekniques.
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Wtf is this thread?

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Re: Prussian-Monarchial conflict - Overwatch

Post by stubby » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:16 am

This would be a good page for the wiki
Natalya wrote:Wtf is going on in this thread?

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Re: Prussian-Monarchial conflict - Overwatch

Post by Natalya » Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:19 am

stubby wrote:This would be a good page for <a href="">the wiki</a>
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Re: Prussian-Monarchial conflict - Overwatch

Post by Duerer » Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:35 am

Reading through that one was quite enjoyable. Any chance of seeing that story go on, in the future?
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Re: Prussian-Monarchial conflict - Overwatch

Post by kaiser bufanda » Mon Dec 21, 2020 2:55 pm

praise be to neo-prussia! :tiger:
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