Brikwars Watertown I: Tabasco Zombie Fire Scorpion

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Brikwars Watertown I: Tabasco Zombie Fire Scorpion

Post by Sir Sporktimus » Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:19 pm

Well, as the Brikwars saying goes, Pics or it didn't happen. Unfortunately, I neglected to bring a camera to the experimental first night of Brikwars at the local game night. Won't stop me from bringing you the highlights, though, because I was happily surprised that 3 guys who showed up with the Warhammer 40K crowd spent the evening crafting Brikwars mayhem instead!

Game 1: Azurian Empire Knights vs. The Alien Hive

A simple 50CP battle of heroes and minifigs with a capture-the-treasure theme. A knight overskills and impairs two aliens on the same arrow. The Hive King creams a knight's brains across the ground with another guy's skull from fifteen inches away. The Azurian hero, Sir Depressamus, utterly fails heroic actions, redshirting, and parrying, and is killed in fatal blow from the Hive King's gory spear. The aliens won.

Game 2: Anime Heroes vs. Deadly Spacemen

A second 1v1 game, but with a new player now versed in the basics of the game, things got more interesting. The Spacemen made a dash for the only tower with a catapult and explosives, but anime protagonist Goku-mon and his crew of young upstarts hunted them down fast. His green haired girlfriend - sister? - which is she? - stayed in a tree most of the time, sniping at spacemen with her bazooka. Goku-mon missed an attack with his gigantic sword, causing it to get lodged in the ice long enough for Space Hero Pacifus to plant an OTC in his back. His ignored secondary romantic interest went into a furious rage at the loss of her senpai, and promptly blew Pacifus away. A deadly spacemen sparta-kicked an anime girl off an ice ledge, and another one learned that when you're at the top of a ladder, dropping lit explosives on top of other climbers is extremely fun. The Anime Heroes won in the end through the power of teamwork and teenage romance.

Game Three: Blacktron vs. Anime Heroes vs. Brikthulian Cultists

The Cultists and the Anime Heroes get going at each other right off the bat, while Blacktron, burdened by heavy armor, decides to hide in their temporary skull cave base. A Brikthulian Wall of Brimstone feat fails, and Goku-mon gets close enough to slice two cultists apart in one epic slash. Blacktron commander Bernie Blitzen calls down an orbital air strike on top of himself by accident, and shoves Lieutenant Bob into the blast while clawing to get out of the way. Bob dies. Somebody's getting fired. Brikthulian Priest Vlad the Irritable attempts to create a fire scorpion to kill some anime girls, but it creates a Tabasco scorpion instead. It proceeds to burn one anime girl to death before setting the head of Cultist Daryl on fire. Blacktron starts sniping anime girls from the ramparts. One girl is resurrected as a zombie by a zombie eat which bit her. Vlad summons more zombie rats to support this undead uprising. Tabasco Scorpion makes a beeline for the Zombie Rats, hoping to be the next SyFy hit. Daryl burns to death and Vlad is consumed by a ball of fire from a more successful Blacktron missile strike. The Mask of Ancients is picked up by a dog, who becomes the new Priest of Brikthulu and runs off to build a new cult. The spell giving the Zombie Rats and Tabasco Scorpion their power are undone, so the rats are reverted to living rats. However, the zombie bites a rat, and over the course of a few turns all the rats - plus the Tabasco Scorpion - are re-zombified. Goku-mon summons a Wish-Granting Dragon and wishes the Blacktron fort destroyed. The cave crumbles and the Blacktron troops are dumped into the mushroom forest outside their base. They climb mushrooms instead. Goku-mon runs up to Kamehameha Bernie and the Blacktron Artificer, but only knocks them back a bit. You really need two hands for that, and his sword is friggin' huge. Goku-mon is blasted apart by the Blacktron cannoneer. His sister - cousin maybe? - gains the ability to make Anime Hero actions, and summons a Nimbus cloud to carry her across the battlefield. Blacktron tries to get a Dreadnut deployed, but it wasn't sent Priority Mail and it takes forever. The Blacktron gunners snipe Goku-mon's scantily clad companion out of the sky. Nimbus carries the remaining half of her away. The Dreadnut finally arrives - on top of Bernie, crushing him, and eliminating the last hero, thus ending the game with one clear winner: chaos itself.

Pictures to be coming with next week's update!
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worth a try if your desprate
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Re: Brikwars Watertown I: Tabasco Zombie Fire Scorpion

Post by runnybabbit223 » Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:23 am

Sounds like heaps of fun, will be looking out for more. :D
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