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all I have is anthrax and rage
all I have is anthrax and rage
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Monolith Campaign

Post by Kastrenzo » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:51 pm


A recreation of what was attempted, and later abandoned here -

This Campaign will have the same intention as the original, an interactive sequence of player determined battles, that will write a tiny bit of soap-lore to go along with it, but eversince I enacted the "Monolith Event" which was my own participation in Ragnablok. Lore doesn't really matter anymore.

This Campaign will last an indefinite amount of time. And will feature a prologue before the bulk of the content. The campaign will serve as a tutorial for everyone to get their bearings.

In short. This Campaign will feature
- Simple campaign map, Move armies around the map, hunt the enemy for glory while protecting your own. Destroy their capability to keep fighting, partake in special missions competing for artifakts to gain special abilities
- 8 Factions, *will start with 4, for the prologue*. Create and destroy alliances at your will
- Multiple NPC "fauna" factions to interact with
- Mild Resource management, with a basic economy and recruiting system
- Bases, Outposts, Resource hubs and Supply Lines
- Basic leadership system, giving penalties to factions that fail to protect officers and other leaders

I'm going to finish this post with pictures and an explanation of the rules when I get home, but for those interested in playing, Looking for 4-8 players, there's no real commitment requirements as I will simply substitute absent players with either myself or others willing. but anyone interested. Here is the discord link, using a seperate server so that it doesn't spam up the main BW one

Here's the campaign instructions ... sp=sharing

The TL;DR is that you move "armies" around. Hunt enemy groups, try to hoard all the resources or otherwise prevent enemies from getting them, and use resources to make new units or replenish losses. Keep your officers and commanders alive, kill the enemy's, Participate in special reward missions and compete for artifakts, and once in a while may have to do a little economy juggling or alliance forming.

If its at all complicated for you, you can freely just "autopilot" and give general attack orders and let me handle campaign stuff

This is the map
ImageMONOMAP1 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Some key concepts

Image20181203_180050 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
This meagre Imperiya outpost hidden in the woods is decent enough, but their obnoxious white armor might give them away...
Outposts Are small fortified areas that are set up by a faction to lay claim over a region. Taking over a sector shows everyone else you're brik enough to hold the territory and dare anyone to try to take it from you. As a reward for taking over a sector, any of the scrap material, supplies, and any weapons or equipment found will be gathered and automatically moved in the direction of the region's logistical hub... or if it is the first outpost in a region, it becomes the logistical hub

Image20181203_181003 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
The Pact has turned this garage into a logistical building, with the purpose of organizing the shipments of tactical tables they have been gathering in the field, back to the HQ
Logistical Hubs are considered regional command posts, there are several "regions", each consisting of 5-10 sectors, resources from the sectors controlled in the area are first sent by convoy to the Logistical hub, and then back to the HQ or a nearby secondary base to be used to produce units... These outposts are more important than regular stations because only a finite amount of resources can be transported at once, meaning these places are a prime target for raids, whether the intent being to steal, or destroy.

Image20181203_181947 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Echelon makes the mistake of trying to drive a valuable beer cooler through the woods, straight into Svoboda's trap!
Supply Lines are drawn from resource yeilding sectors, to the regional hub, and then back to the HQ or a secondary base for processing. Until they've reached the base, they are considered to be in play, and vulnerable to theft or destruction. Players must balance risk and reward when moving to take resources, as supply convoys must be moved on the map just like armies. They can carry lots of stuff.. but the more they carry, the less distance they can cover

Image20181203_182753 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Even murderous bandits like Chernobog have some resemblance of a command structure..
Chain of Command is a simple system of assigning important leader figures to larger armies, as well as overseeing important structures built in the world. Generally, a Single unit *which is like a squad*, can operate on its own, but it can't group up with another unit and go into battle together without some fancy pants officers. and the more units that are grouped together, the officers need even bigger snobs to boss them around, this repeats until an army has about 8 units, anywhere from 80 to 120 minifigs... and once it reaches past 5 units. it also needs a grand poobah, a Commander. Depending on how many units in an army actually go into battle, these officers will have to go in too, and if they're killed, all the units under it suffer a skill penalty until a replacement is put in. Ultimately this can also cause an entire leadership change in a faction if a Great leader is killed and a Commander takes their place

Image20181203_183039 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Even bitter enemies sometimes join together for the sake of a greater battle
Diplomacy and trading is permitted between players, as well as several NPC groups. By default, everyone is at war with one another. but necessity is the mother of invention. And should factions see a benefit, they may temporarily or inedfinetley join up with one another. Be warned, however. Great and mysterious powers look down on cheesy war strategy, and may punish dishonorable cowards

For the prologue

This is the prologue map
Imagefantasy_map_1543884713307 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

The Prologue will focus on one area of the map, And only use 4 factions.
Imperiya, Pact, Svoboda and Vorhut

Each faction will start with several armies, but each army has only 1 basic squad.
Each faction will also start with 75 material, and 75 supply, and may do whatever it wants with them, But production is limited to tier 2 units *red, on the instruction sheet*

The Prologue will ignore the following concepts, meaning units can be produced with only equipment and weapons.
- Credits
- Minpower
- Vehicles

The prologue will have no effect on the main game aside from possible character deaths. It's purpose is simply for everyone, including myself, to get used to things
Faction Index - Flickr Gallery

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