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Skirmish in the Fairy Forest

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:54 pm
by Maddox
Even though relations between Human Kingdoms and forest-fairies haven't ever been that friendly, there has been surprisingly few bloody incidents - especially if you consider the deep xenophobia that plagues most Minifig nations. The forst fairies are alien in most regards - they are peaches, they have completely different anatomy and worst of all, they are mostly ladies. What more could a minifig have to fear and hate?
Needless to say, it was only the matter of time when the fighting would start after the minifig Forestmen started to settle areas near Fairy Forests. The skirmishes between Fairies and Forestmen started quickly, and eventually they escalated so far the local king had to send a force there to teach the Fairies a lesson they would never forget.

Apologies for my hastily taken pictures. Killer Karetsu played the humans while I played the fairies.
Fäe-Witch with her magical murder beast. This dragon pretty much inspired me to get an army of mini-dolls.

The fairies aren't just magic and butterflies. They know how to use gunpowder, even though they call it pixie dust and is sparkles. It also sparkles a lot more when set in fire. They use it to make cannons and muskets and so on. Dumb minifigs think it's witchcraft while it's really just weird girl magic.
Note how fabulous eyeliner all my animal friends have. Yeah, that turtle has three cannon strapped into it, but it carries them willingly and friendly. It's not like fairies would enslave magnificent beasts like these.

That turtle still lusts for blood, though.
The knight phalanx starts their approach, protecting themselves from both musket balls and dragonfire. I don't have many pics from the beginning, but Karetsu had also a group of Forestmen Skirmishers, few mounted knights and a dragon-riding hero.

...! My mighty beast was slain pretty quick! She tried to swoop down and burn the sellswords, but they had drilled anti-dragon tactics and managed to bail out of the way. The dragon knight, vain-glorious and young, saw his chance and slew the Fey Dragon, jamming his lance deep into her glittery heart.

The men were energized by their victory, but their charge ended quickly as the fairies let their flintlocks sing a song of their people. My hero(ine), the Water Fairy was the first one taking the charge.

The forest took its vengeance. Turtle-battery blasted away even though the enemy army kept getting closer and closer.

With the second volley they blasted the dragon's throat, killing the rider in process. With the second mighty beast down, the battlefield became a bloody grinder slowly filling from blood and bodies.

The area between dragon-corpses was quickly full of death. The knights had very effective strategy of shield wall and skirmishing archers. In the end faerie musket volleys couldn't get through the shields, and even though they had lost their hero, the minifigs pressed on.

The knights quickly got over their moral qualms over killing princesses whom they should usually be saving. The fact that those princesses tried to murder them with huge halberds probably made the choice easier. Nonetheless, it was a slaughter until they had to break their shield wall due to terrain. Many fairies got very close with cutlasses and grabs, maneuvering inside the spear reach and managing to kill quite many troops.

She was originally a nameless pistolier, but she was beautified after the battle. Not only she did survive a dragon's firestorm, she nearly killed the dragon with a pistol shot. A knight that tried to charge her failed as she managed to shoot the horse under the warrior, and she took the opportunity to strip him of his heavy armor to more easily kill him.
He took that... differently, as the knight was immediately very worried about his chastity promise and started to fight back the fairy. He was shot. She survived to the very end, killing many more with her pistol.

At this point it was hard to move due to all the corpses. The artillery-turtle died providing strategic cover for a retreat to the more foresty region. Eventually the assault of the knights waned and they couldn't get through the fairy lines. The Water Fairy alone killed probably a dozen men-at-arms trying to get close to her.

There were some goblins living in the area. Neutral originally, the men managed to persuade many of them to their side, promising them the woods after the fairies had been purged. For some time they marched along the phalanx, but when they were ordered to attack the Water Fairy, they could not do it - and instead realized their folly. All magical pastel-colored creatures should stick together.
The last of the goblins died after taking a crossbow bolt meant to slay the Fairy hero. His sacrifice will be remembered.

After the tide turned against minifig knights they insisted on continuing the fight. The Water Fairy even offered the Forestmen a chance to live peacefully with them, sharing the woods.
This was both naive and poorly thought, as her own people did not approve it, but neither wanted the other side negotiate with a peach woman.
The final forestman did last surprisingly long in the duel between him and the hero.

The survivors gathered after the battle. Countless were murdered, and the battle surely was a start of greater war. The minifig kingdom wouldn't accept defeat.
The forest would probably burn, but the fairies decided to make sure as many as possible minifigs died in the process.

The story will probably continue.

Re: Skirmish in the Fairy Forest

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 5:22 pm
by ninja_bait
Awesome stuff - love the dragon-on-dragon action especially. The knights look really good in their little squads. I'm kind of impressed that there was a fairly clear battle line throughout instead of just a big clusterfuck everywhere.

Re: Skirmish in the Fairy Forest

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:02 pm
by Scribonius
I love the idea of turning that turtle into a cannon-platform! Very interesting battle with a nice theme! :mrgreen:

Re: Skirmish in the Fairy Forest

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:32 pm
by Kommander Ken
Here's to the minifig kingdom getting sweet bloody revenge on those peachy fiend scum! :guinness:

Re: Skirmish in the Fairy Forest

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:19 am
by Bookwyrm
As everyone here can testify, I love castle and I love faeries, so this battle pleases me greatly.


Re: Skirmish in the Fairy Forest

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:48 pm
by sahasrahla
big fan of the turtle cannons