Vyse News Dispatch No.1 part 2

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Vyse News Dispatch No.1 part 2

Post by Kastrenzo » Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:21 pm

Continued from - http://brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=16653

Vyse co-founder Shane Briksmith "Narrating": Meanwhile, west of Maripol where Simon was investigating, we sent Vyse reporter Tracy Everon to Kirov, in the Yugalatz buffer zone in some good old fashioned guerrilla journalism.

Imagevyse3 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Shane: The situation in sovereign Zagoria pales in comparison to the violence in the buffer zone, a DMZ that's anything but..Before the Rebel and Imperiya forces signed the Maripol treaty, a massive ground war reduced most of the colony to rubble.. civilians were left with next to nothing, and after the shooting stopped. The territory was given from the rebels to the Imperiya under the mandate that it be part of a demilitarized buffer zone.. Minifigs on both sides were furious, the Loyalists were angry that their leaders "gave up" on a war that they looked like they were going to win... and the Zagorians were angry that they had lost territory by the stroke of a pen.. No one was more pissed than the Zagorian minifigs who still lived in Adiivka and Kirov.

Shane: Because of the treaty, the Imperiya is forbidden from using planetside military forces in the region.. so instead they establish the Militsiya, a federal police force of mostly conscripts... But they're SO corrupt that soon after there's a bunch of warlords fighting for control of Yugalatz, and things go from bad to severely fucked up... with Paramilitary death squads, lynch mobs, car bombs.. and even heavily armed celebrity impersonators.. The Galacian civil war never stopped here, it just took a left hand turn into crazytown

Tracy "Narrating" The same day that Simon went to Maripol, I had been in Kirov the Gold Cluster's second poorest world.., in the colony's only major city, Grestin. It had been difficult to secure passage here as Journalists are often chased away under the excuse of "for our own protection". Local authorities told us when we arrived that our safety could not be gauranteed. Because Nationalist rebels were notorious for kidnapping and killing members of the press.. but when we met the rebels, they told us it was quite the opposite, and that Loyalist paramilitaries were the ones responsible for the killings. Whatever the case, we went in, posing as regular civilians rather than members of the press. We snuck a camera in and were able to meet up with some of the Rebels in a mostly deserted section of east Grestin. These rebels called themselves the "National-Party", or "NaPa". and were more than willing to speak with me.

Image20171029_173319 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Tracy: This is Duke. he's a NaPa officer Everyone in NaPa goes by aliases because they say the Militsiya often goes after their families if they're identified. .. So Duke, in your own words, what's going on here? There's supposed to be a treaty, why is there still fighting in the Yugalatz DMZ?

Duke: First, this isn't "Yugalatz" this is West Zagoria, these systems were stolen from us in a damned boardroom.. That's the root of the problem. This colony was Zagorian territory, we colonized it and developed it. And then we were forced to give it up to our enemy just because some beauraucrat in Maripol decided it was a good comprimise!.. this is my home!.. and now we're treated as second class citizens by the Imperiya.

Tracy: You say that the Zagorians colonized this world, but wasn't Zaphor, the Zagorian capital, originally just a colony of Galacian Elkoss? how does that work.

Duke: We declared our independence from them almost immediatley, we had several years to develop Zaphor and colonize our own subsector before the Capital even made contact with us.. We don't share the same culture, values, or even a language.. Most of us don't even speak Slavonik anymore.. We weren't taken seriously until recentley, because we didn't have the strength to resist until then. Until Maripol we had been a seperate colony that was forced to live under occupation of our homeworld.

Tracy: What about the current situation?

Duke: People got violent, started staging protests against the Imperiya, Militsiya started beating people, riots lasted for about a week and then they started shooting, so we started shooting back... We get arms from outside, and then things just escalate from there. Then a lot of ex ZDF troops who stayed here, formed NaPa, mostly to protect the people. But then Militsiya started raiding our neighborhoods and a lot of people died. Radical cells put the hurt on them, and then they pulled back... walling us off.. That's when the real fighting started..

Tracy "Narrating": The real fighting that he's referring to, was when Loyalist paramilitary units started forming in the city of Grestin, and breaking into the cordoned zones to fight with Nationalist rebels. The Militsiya did little to stop this, and NaPa accused them of colluding with the death squads. Since then, both sides have been believed to have been bolstered by professional soldiers out of their respective uniforms.

Image20171029_173627 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Tracy: These guys are some of the NaPa fighters.. They've been fighting a local loyalist paramilitary group that calls itself "Stosstropp" who are one of the most violent groups. We've been using camera drones to get a look at the area... but guys, we spoke to one of the NaPa officers... what's your opinion about this situation, why has the treaty failed?

NaPa 1: The treaty "failed" because the DMZ became an afterthought to those not living in it. Imperiya Armiya and the ZDF are forbidden from operating here.. but that doesn't stop the thousands of heavily armed minifigs on both sides from killing each other... It just so happens that one side is being supported by the government..
NaPa 2: This isn't much different from what's going on in Zagoria proper. We won our independence and now we're subjected to state sponsored Insurgency by Shulgist Nutzees.. Eversince Shulga performed the coup, Cherhovna Bryhada has become much less antagonistic towards the Armiya, and they started attacking us. All throughout the Civil war CB never laid a hand on the southern front, they were happy to massacre and murder peaches in the west. but then the war stops.. Galacia isn't fighting us anymore.. so what do they do, they start attacking Zagoria.

Tracy: But you aren't fighting them here?

NaPa 2: No of course not, because Yugalatz is technically Imperiya territory, and they couldn't be seen allowing a terrorist organization operating unopposed in their own borders.... There's so much Military hardware being used by the groups like Stosstropp that I think it's just Imperiya Armiya in disguise, the AN doesn't give a shit. On paper at face value it looks like the treaty is being upheld.

Image20171029_173804 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Tracy "Narrating" : We sent up a small drone and took some footage of the area... Just over the Militsiya wall we could see traffic passing by, this whole area was like a little closed in amusement to the people outside.

Image20171029_173850 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Tracy: There were fires burning, and dead bodies in the streets.. Like here, Loyalist paramilitaries were executing NaPa fighters when they were ambushed with firebombs, the area's still burning somewhat..

Image20171029_174001 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Tracy: Beyond there, we picked up some of the "Stosstropp" fighters.. who were heavily armed in comparison to NaPa... Many of them were wearing old Elkossian Army armor and using old AR1 rifles.. since the fall of the Elkossian Empire they had become the "Space AKs" of the Gold Sector.. One guy looked like he was wearing a costume of their idol, Imperator Shulga.. The NaPa rebels later told me that this guy was known to them. and that he dressed up like so to taunt them, he had been responsible for killing several NaPa fighters... they started calling him Shitga to try to counter-troll him. especially when he missed a shot on them.

*The Shulga impersonator waves at the drone while another guy in the background fires at it. hitting it..*

Image20171029_174011 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

*It crashes to the ground*
Tracy: After that, we decided it was time to leave... we later learned that the Sniper killed two of the NaPa fighters that I spoke with before NaPa pushed Stosstropp out of the neighborhood.

Image20171029_175310 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
There was no way we were going to risk meeting with the Murderous thugs that made up the loyalist fighters... but we did manage to get an interview with the district Militsiya chief. Who was surprisingly, a peach. We visited their station, that was fortified like a military base

Image20171029_175535 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Tracy: You're the chief of the Militsiya detatchment responsible for policing the Yugalatz DMZ.. how do you respond to allegations that your forces are colluding with paramilitaries?

Chief Kolya: Look. we were thrown head first into a difficult situation in Yugalatz.. this area was changed from one government to another overnight with no preplanning.. and it led to a large population of dissidents who want this world to be under Zagorian control now that it's an independent entity, legally.. I had minifigs killed in the dozens by groups like NaPa before the vigilantes came.. I won't lie that their coming took a load off our shoulders temporarily, but I'll also say that more often than not that out of the two, it's the vigilanties that are the most violent and unruly... but what am I to do? There was so much weaponry left from the two armies fighting.. that these armed thugs have more weapons than we do.. I've asked for help from the directorate and they won't send it because the next step is to declare martial law and send in Armiya, which is forbidden..

Image20171029_175559 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Tracy: But weren't the cordon zones originally walled off to contain NaPa? how did the paramilitaries get in?
Kolya: Sabotage, infiltration and other means... the unfortunate reality is that now that we have contained both sides to regions like east Grestin... we buy ourselves time to figure out a more permanent solution.. NaPa.. and their enemies are not the only problem we're facing here... Cherhovna Bryhada is operating on both sides of our borders.. Syndikat is MOBB are also fighting each other here.. Until Shulga and Bardak come to an agreement on how to deal with this territory.. we don't have the capability to stop the bleeding... we just have to find a way to make it bleed less
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