Operation Harvest Red

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all I have is anthrax and rage
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Operation Harvest Red

Post by Kastrenzo » Sun May 06, 2018 8:25 pm

Open the spoiler for a "who's who"
Razor Team is a Force Recon team apart of the USA's 8th Marine Expeditionary Unit, or MEU
You may recognize these names... if you do... you know how this will end up :>

Onboard the USS Khe Sanh
Half a parsec from the southern border of the Gold Sector, 72 hours after the conclusion of the Arhus Crisis.

Image20180506_201611 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

MSgt Matt Cooper: So are the guys coming?
1st Sgt Pat "Cueball" Miles: They're already waiting for us.. Hopefully the Captain isn't there or we're both gonna be in the can.
Ship's Captain in the background Welcome to Operation Harvest Red, just a few lightyears to the North is the small country of Zagoria, home to 10 billion Native Zagorians, and some 2.5 billion Ethnic Galacian expats... they are not the best of friends...

Image20180506_201815 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Cooper: Hey guys...
SSgt Randy Sykes: Hey Coops, Cueball caught ya sleepin in did he?
SSgt Brian O'Hara: yeah.. snoring and all I bet..
Sgt Chad Roderick: Yup, I'll vouch for that
Cooper: awww. shut up!

Image20180506_201838 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Ship's Captain in the background To those of you who watch more Cartoons than ANN, this may come as news.. but thankfully, you're all not like me...

Image20180506_204259 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Ship's Captain: Gentlemen.. WE ARE GOIN TO WAR!

Image20180506_204347 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Image20180506_204259 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Ship's Captain: Politicans will call this a peacekeep'n Operation, but make no mistake. we have a Clear enemy! We're up against a well armed insurgency called the Cherhovna Bryhada.. These are the guys responsible for the attempted Coup two weeks ago.. Now some of you were involved in the recapture of Monolith Station, So you know what these insurgents did to the local Garrison. But you gentlemen are USA Marines, you Fought in the AN-TA war, and most of you still have sand in your buttcracks from the deserts in the Irak system... And these Cherhovna Bryhada will not present you with a challenge..

Image20180506_204436 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*Marine Captain Shaftoe approaches the group*
Ship's Captain in the background tommorow Morning, you marines will step from your landing craft, and do what marines were made to do, to KILL! They on the other hand.. will wish they picked a country bordering freespace

Shaftoe: Miles... Razor
Miles: Captain...
Ship's Captain in the background Gentlemen, Now it's gonna be hard to distinguish between enemy, ally.. and civilian.. you sandy crack boys should be used to that by now, but I wanna make one thing very VERY clear... Shoot a civilian during my operation, and I'll have your ass court-martialed before the barrel has cooled... The next few days will be intense gentlemen, good luck
*Razor team silentley follows Shaftoe to another room on the ship*

Image20180506_210213 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*Razor team takes seats in the office infront of a holo screen*

Image20180506_210432 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Shaftoe: Gentlemen. I'll keep this as short as possible, Miles.. you and I will go over this in detail later, but I wanna sketch it out with your men before that.. OK... Roll the slides..

Image2018-05-06_10-35-29 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Shaftoe: WHELP.. The whole damn Country is in chaos boys.. It was hoped that the MEU presence would deter an all-out war.. but since we shipped out the situation has actually gone downhill.. We're now facing balls-out conventional civil warfare.. so listen up..

Shaftoe: an estimated 40'000 strong of the Mostly Galacian Western Red Brigade... the Cherhovna Bryhada as the locals call them.. have seized control of systems all over northern Zagoria... take a look at the screen here, note the Insignia

Image20180506_224554 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Shaftoe: Take a look at this group.. The guy in the middle is Lopotev, callsign Akula... means Shark..He's the chapter commander of the Bryhada invasion force.. along with his henchmen here.. they've been terrorizing and torturing Zagorian Civilians. If you happen to meet them.. report the contact immediately. We want them alive if possible

Image20180506_224606 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Shaftoe: What's left of the Loyalist Confederate Army is holed up in the Kolorad System and making it's last stand... If we don't step in now.. there may not be anyone left to help..

Shaftoe: Operation Harvest Red, will re-take key areas across the theatre.. and re-establish Loyalist control.. Force Recon, yourselves included.. Will lead the attack ahead of the main landing force... For you Razor.. that means neutralizing a key communications hub just outside the Pusta Region on Kolorad. It's believed this hub coordinates enemy anti-air defenses across the region... You are to recon the area, find the comm hub.. and report it's position to the fleet, which will then target the hub with an orbital strike ahead of the assault. You will then confirm the destruction of the hub, and wait for extraction....

Shaftoe: Gentlemen.. Make no mistake. This conflict has the potential to destabilize the entire Gold Sector.. We need to intervene now, to prevent this crisis from escalating any further... Are there any questions? I've got a lot to do so I'll have to limit this to one question each

Sykes: How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?
Shaftoe: You secure that shit, Sergeant.

Ohara: Who are these Confederate Army. Sir?
Shaftoe: The Zagorian Confederate Army are our allies in this conflict.. Logistically they're pretty cut-off at the moment. but once we open that up for them, they'll become a very capable fighting force.

Roderick: The Gold Sector's known for being a clusterfuck.. are there any other forces in play here?
Shaftoe: For the moment. No. Syndikat Pirates may be fighting alongside the Bryhada... but aside from that... you'll be briefed on the other players in the game. IF they become relevant..

Shaftoe: okay, that's enough questions for now.. if you have more you can grill Miles Later... for now, go get some rest. hit the range... or do whatever it is you do before an op. Dismissed, gentlemen.
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all I have is anthrax and rage
all I have is anthrax and rage
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Re: Operation Harvest Red

Post by Kastrenzo » Tue May 22, 2018 11:33 pm

Training video provided to 8th MEU prior to Operation Harvest Red

Exercise A04 - Know your Enemy
Click below to view
Image20180522_230118 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Training video Narration:
Brought to you by the USA Armed Services Department, sponsored by .... OCTAN!... Oiled Up and Ready to Go!
USA Training Instructor:
The Gold Sector is the most volatile, unstable, and one of the most violent regions in the Western Arms... and with that, the entire Galaxy... If you're watching this, then your commanding officers have deemed it important that you know the backgrounds and equipment of the foreign parties you'll be encountering in the theatre.... sucks to be you

Now If we were to go over every faction, state, and entity in the sector we'd be here all day. so the focus of this training will focus on the Southern systems, the theatre in which Operation Harvest Red will encompass..
Image20180522_230415 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Our Primary enemy is the "Zakhidna Cherhovna Bryhada".. They wear Red Armor... They're a Galacian Ultranationalist Rebel group that operates in the regions that the Galacian state used to, but does not currentley own.... However they're comprised of many criminals, hardliners and social outcasts that are too extreme for their homeland's tastes and they're largely considered a seperate entity.

These guys speak Galacian Slavonik, and if you do happen to encounter one that speaks Galatik Standard, good luck in getting him to make that known to you, remember. These guys are elitist nationalists... They formed as an opposition party back when Galacia was more ... moderate.

Strategically, planetside, Cherhovna Bryhada isn't all that capable, they don't have the numbers in the theatre to support an all out war, most of their forces are still in the central systems of the sector, what we're actually facing is believed to be a sphincter group... CB underwent some kind of power shift recentley, and a minority of their forces split off and came here.

Their situation isn't much better on the naval front, They have a few strike groups of ships in the theatre but they're not expected to do much other than prey on Loyalist stragglers and civilians... They'll cut and run at the first sight of our fleet.

However, while their strategic situation as a whole on the planetside scale is unsustainable and unwinnable, Cherhovna Bryhada is expected to put up fierce resistance in consolidated pockets, Pound for pound Cherhovna Bryhada is actually one of the most heavily armed outfits in the entire sector, you can expect them to fight to the death... Our primary objective is going to be flushing out these bastards
Image20180522_230436 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Another hostile force you may encounter, although likely not directley alongside the CB is the Syndikat.. Syndikat is a large paramilitary of bandits, pirates, and other criminals from all over the Western Arms, but largely born and raised in the Gold Sector. These guys are only interested in themselves, and usually don't bother showing up unless there's something valuable worth stealing nearby. This goes for both planetside raids and naval attacks... Be warned though, These Pirates are excellent Marines, their entire doctrine revolves around lightning attacks and overpowering force.

It cannot be stressed enough to ID your targets! if you haven't noticed , The Pirates wear Black armor, sometimes with crimson accents, their red visors give them away from the other factions, but they don't all wear them. They're Pirates afterall, uniformity is an affront to them. It's important to ID friend from foe with the Syndikat, because our allies in this theatre... unfortunately also wear all black.

Syndikat and Cherhovna Bryhada are friendly with one another, CB often assists Syndikat in their piracy, and Syndikat offers them support in return.. although like I said. You won't usually find them side by side.
If you encounter Syndikat, take caution, they are highly unpredictable and not to be underestimated. They're just as much of a threat as CB...
Image20180522_230448 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
There's another group for you to be aware of, that may or may not get in your way. The Rag Tag guerillas known as NA-PA are a Zagorian Nationalist guerilla force that are mostly active in the Tusk DMZ in the southwest of Zagoria, these guys reject the Zagorian government's policies and they hate USA... While they actively fight against CB, just like us, they are not to be trusted. As a fighting force, they're not something you'd face up front.. they're the type who would shoot you in the back after the battle's over...

They're identified by brown and tan fatigues, they don't carry much for equipment and often try to blend in with the civilian populace.
Image20180522_230506 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Marines... There is a Fourth entity you will need to be briefed on, although you shouldn't expect to face them... you need to be aware of them incase of a worst case Scenario. This is what a common soldier of the Galacian Imperiya looks like.. They are the Gold Sector's Alpha Predator... top of the food chain.. and one of the single most powerful military forces in our Galaxy. This whole confict started because of them, and their differences with the Zagorian people. Officially and Legally, Galacia is at peace with Zagoria, they signed what is known as the Maripol Treaty which officially created Zagoria as a seperate state.. for all their differences, the Galacian State allowed Zagoria to be independent, but make no mistake.. one of the main underlying facts of this conflict is that at any moment, that peace could end, and the Military Dictatorship known as the Imperiya will come thundering in to the Zagorian Systems and topple this bastion of Freedom and Demokracy..

Realistically, you will not be encountering the Galacians in either land or space... Intelligence suggests they may have special forces in the area on clandestine operations, but their motives are highly unknown, for all we know, any covert action taken by the Galacian military could be of benefit to our operation, because remember they're enemies of the Pirates.. and not on the greatest terms with their idolizing fans, the ZCB. If the worst comes to bear, the 8th MEU will pull out of this conflict, we're not prepared for full scale war, we're here for counter insurgency, 40'000 hostiles at best...
Equipment Briefing
Image20180522_230544 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
We expect the majority of enemy forces we encounter will be footsoldiers with light vehicle support.. So whether you want to know what's shooting at you... run out of ammo and gotta pick up an enemy weapon... or just looking to assemble a collection of exotic firearms for your personal collection when we go back home... these are the guns most common in the Gold Sector.

First here is the Elkossian combat rifle... it's an old, crude design that shoots regular old ballistic slugs.. While there's many derivatives and variants out there, this family o'rifle is scattered all over the sector, Cherhovna Bryhada are known to still use them in large numbers.
Image20180522_230617 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Speaking of Cherhovna Bryhada, The B1-SW "Buzzsaw" is another metal slug firing light machinegun, while normally a squad support weapon, Veteran ZCB insurgents carry these like they're a fad. You don't wanna tangle with too many hostiles firing these at ya...
Image20180522_230648 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Now you'll see these everywhere.. especially the further north or west you go.. this is the Galacian Kybov LPR, Light Pulse rifle, Pulse is kinda like a hybrid of Ballistic and Energy.. except it's not Plasma.. For all intents and purposes Pulse weapons function just like a ballistic one, but they have a -hell- of a lot more stopping powah. And they're loud as all hell. You'll see Pirates, and Locals using these, The Zagorians used to use them but replaced with their own weapon
Image20180522_230717 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
You might see a few of these Bavarian slug rifles in the hands of the pirates... nothing special... but they catch a pretty pricetag with edgelords.. if that's of interest to you
Image20180522_230744 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
This is the Zagorian Mag rifle, it packs a bit of punch in an affordable package... Zagorian Loyalists started using these although it would have made more sense to just use their stockpiles of captured Pulse rifles... Remember kids, if you wanna be unique, you're gonna pay the price.
Image20180522_231018 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
And.. a better quality version of the same thing... Unfortunately only the Loyalist special forces get these, A rare collectors item.. just don't let them see you stealing one?
Image20180522_231059 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
And the Loyalists made a battle rifle of the mag rifle, too.
Image20180522_231135 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
You may also come across the Pulse Battle Rifle... these didn't get proliferated as much as the light rifles..
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You can't ride a scooter when you're drunk and 9 years old.

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