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Requiem for Basil pt2

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 9:33 pm
by Kastrenzo

Image20190529_223805 by Charon, on Flickr

With their enemies killed or fled... Basil is left at the mercy of the Legion

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Kain: Kill all the scum who fight back.. but I want sacrifices... take as many as you can..
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And there was no one, and nothing left to stop them
Chaos troopers: HAIL CHERNOBOG!
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The few left who try to defend themselves are slaughtered.

Image20190529_224440 by Charon, on Flickr
Captives are taken... they're about to wish they took a bullet..

Image20190529_224535 by Charon, on Flickr
Inside the remains of Novgorod, the few survivors scatter and flee.. but there's nowhere to go

Image20190529_224704 by Charon, on Flickr
Elsewhere... the last remnants of the Krieger are pinned in their outpost..

Image20190529_224758 by Charon, on Flickr
All seems futile...

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The last defenders are able to slip out of the gate and run to the edge of the region plate, And try to get as far away as possible..

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The Cartel too, are caught and pushed into a corner, with no escape in sight..

Image20190529_225346 by Charon, on Flickr
An explosion rocks the town, and the walls crumble down

Image20190529_225540 by Charon, on Flickr
Some refuse to go down without a fight, and they're shot and killed... The Legion troops don't take any chances, they don't want to get killed... because they want the honor of being present for what's about to come..

Image20190529_230140 by Charon, on Flickr
Novgorod is a pile of rubble...

Image20190529_230149 by Charon, on Flickr
And the captives are rounded up in front of Lord Kain.

Image20190529_230154 by Charon, on Flickr
Kain: Behold! Weakling scum!. You are not fit for the Dark God's world... so you will be culled! Say your prayers to whatever false god you believe in... you're about to die forever!
Image20190529_230243 by Charon, on Flickr
The captives are ushered forward..

Image20190529_230301 by Charon, on Flickr
Kain starts excecuting them one by one, with everyone laughing and chanting maniacally

Image20190529_230340 by Charon, on Flickr
The bodies pile...

Image20190529_230421 by Charon, on Flickr
Toward the back of the line.. A civilian wresltes a sword away from a Legion freak

Image20190529_230444 by Charon, on Flickr
he Stabs him..

Image20190529_230556 by Charon, on Flickr
And them mercifully decapitates the heads of the two in front of him... allowing them to escape the permadeath of Kain's Dark Sword..

Image20190529_230621 by Charon, on Flickr
He's dogpiled..

Image20190529_230714 by Charon, on Flickr
He's grabbed and taken to Kain... expecting to be killed by him right then and there. But instead he decides to conscript and corrupt him to become one of the Legion's soldiers
Kain: Ahhh... a little fight in you... you'll make a fine slave of the Dark God..
Jessie War Journal

Disturbing News from Lambda plates today as reports are coming in of a massive explosion coming from the Basil Plate. Some kind of OT weapon was detonated following an Assault by the Notorious Black Legion.. The plate has been completely destroyed and deserted.. Several groups have sworn to avenge this atrocity as the Legion continues it's campaign of destruction

Re: Requiem for Basil pt2

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 11:20 pm
by Nemoto-Sensei
That poor civilian is such a legend :tiger:

Re: Requiem for Basil pt2

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 8:14 am
by ninja_bait
I'm loving the way ordinary schmucks become legendary in these stories. :omnom:

Re: Requiem for Basil pt2

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 10:01 pm
by Kastrenzo
FYI, This was a sendoff for the region. I'm done with this map, going to be making a new one soon. Will have room for more battles, but if people would rather do soaps, I'll just do 1 or 2 battles per map and the rest soaps