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Re: StarCorps - Origins

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 11:57 am
by RedRover
Kommander Ken wrote:
Sun Oct 27, 2019 10:19 am

This just escalated quickly.
More like D-escalate!
Falls in giant hole*

Re: StarCorps - Origins

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:38 am
by Pyro
Man thats a real groundbreaking discovery!

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Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:32 pm
by MadMario
Chapter One - The Discovery on Ikan - Part IV

Everyone looks speechless at the hole in the ground, and it takes a while until everyone regains his countenance.
Quickly, ropes and flashlights are fetched, and the team starts to prepare the descent.

After a while, the team manages to reach a kind of elevator platform, old and rusty, stuck in the duct for ages.
Obviously, it once connected the surface hatch with a place deep down below.
On the platform they find Captain Willis, unconscious but alive. The power armor absorbed most of the momentum of the downfall. While the last team members just arrive there, one soldier and Peggy already take care of Willis, who slowly recovers.

"Well, not the typical theme park drop tower. Lousy safety precautions. Would only give one of five stars."

Peggy giggles.

"It looked like you`ve seen far more stars quite recently."

"Maybe. But now, back to our mission! Didn`t you notice the platform started moving?"

Just as Willis says this, the other team members feel it, too. With the weight of all the people, the elevator platform starts to slowly deepen the final meters to the ground of the duct...

With a metallic screech the platform stops near the ground level, releasing the view on a scantily lighted corridor.

"Concentration, everyone. I sense that a big discovery lies in front of us!"

The team slowly proceeds down the corridor, using the sensors of their equipment to gain a little information of the surroundings.

"Jeez, most of my horror holovid collection starts with such an ambience..."

"Oh, not only horror vids begin that way. Especially with that lighting..."

"Oh, would you both just put a cork in it, please?"

"Heh, heh. They don`t only put corks in..."


The team approaches a thick metal door, with some simple buttons beside it.

"Sensors say there`s a large room behind this door. No signs of biological, electric, ionic or crystal activity."

"Hmm. Open sesame?"

"I`d prefer a more... physical method of opening that thing, unfortunately the door is at least 2 bricks thick. Our whole supply of explosives would not overcome its 3d10 armour."

"Not even with some critical success rolls?"

"Plot says no. I guess we`ll just have to find the password in the data we recovered."

"How do you know that it`s in these files?"

"I read the script. It`s amazingly predictable."

And so, after a few minutes of research in the data files found on the ship, Amanda Taekin manages to find a list of passwords related to a picture that looks a lot like the door they stand in front of. She enters the code on the buttons, and immediately, a loud metallic rumble starts. Like many old mechanisms started working after a long, rusty sleep...


*SKRRR- KLONK!* The door slowly opens and reveals a big chamber lit by pale, red lamps. The air inside smells moldy, with a fine scent of ozone.

In awe-stricken silence the expedition team slowly enters the room. The sensors still show no activity.

"What is this place?"

Amanda Taekin examines the old computer consoles. They show no activity. She sees some Magtapes lying around. The labels read names of factions, planets and teknology that she doesn`t know about...

"Tharcan Galaxy, A-Gate blueprints, Immortal Empire, Children of Dew... this is a complete archive of what The Ancestors knew and who they met! This...this is..."

Amanda fumbles for words, her thoughts spinning around like in a particle accelerator.

"If we can restore and process all of this data, StarCorps. LLC could create the largest knowledge based information system in Henndirro! What possibilities and technical advantages! A leap in science and robotics and..."

She nearly hyperventilates regarding all the information they are just about to get from these tapes.

"She`s having a sciencegasm again..."

We have libraries to fill!"

End of Chapter One

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Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:02 pm
by sahasrahla
that was so awesome

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Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:54 pm
by devincp
This is really good, I like that this seems to be set in the future. with all the little omages. Also the fourth wall breaking is great.

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Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:51 pm
by MadMario
Interlude I

On the Homeworld of MagnaCorp. - The bureau of Supreme Commander Mortdecai Magna.
A Captain of the ground forces requested an audience with Magna and his staff.

Magna: "What do you want, Captain Ignus?"

Ignus: "Sir, our spies on Ikan sent us an encrypted message. The StarCorps found what we were looking for, right before their troops drove us off Ikan several months ago."

Magna takes a look at the datapad`s informations.

"Well, we were right, at least. And they did a lot of work for us. Now all we have to do is reap the fruits. What is the current status?"

"They started retrieving the tape library to bring it to cyran for further decrypting. It is most likely that they will put all the data into their A.I. computing center for processing. But right now, most of the tapes are still on Ikan."

"Good. You take some of your troops and go to Ikan. Your mission is to get as many of these tapes as possible before StarCorps can evacuate them. We can`t leave this treasure in their hands! Understand?"

"For certain, Sir!"

"Then why are you still lingering here? Get the flark to work!"

to be continued

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Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 5:25 pm
by MadMario
Interlude II

On the Homeworld of EnviroCorp. - The office of President Trenon Moneaux.
A Sergeant of the army reports what his subordinates informed him about earlier.

Moneaux: "You have valuable informations for us, Sergeant Cantos? Please, proceed."

Cantos: "Mr. President, our informants on Ikan found out that the StarCorps has discovered an old abandoned base built by The Ancestors."

Cantos hands over a datapad with informations on the Ikan activity to Moneaux.

"Here, Mr. President. All the intelligence our informants could gather without being exposed. In a nutshell, there are huge data archives, and StarCorp. currently prepares the relocation of these archives to their homeworld."

"Well, al least MagnaCorp. didn`t get hold of these treasuries. For now. Thank you, Sergeant."

Moneaux quickly skims the informations on the datapad. He ruminates a while, pondering several options in his head.

"You and your men did great work. But I`m afraid I have to solicit you for another favor."

"Whatever it is, Mr. President."


"I want you to assemble a small taskforce. Commander Wescott will assist you with the line-up. You then go to Ikan and try to acquire the contents of this archive. As much as I hate to get in conflict with StarCorp. , we just can`t risk that they solely get their hands on all these informations. Also, MagnaCorp. will try to hog the archive, too. And this is something we can not tolerate in any way. Before that happens, you will rather destroy the archive!"

"As you wish, Mr. President."

"Thank you, Sergeant. Dismissed."

to be continued

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Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 3:19 am
by Kaplan
This story is absolutely amazing. can't wait to see whats next? Possibly a battle maybe?

Its very nice to see he name of Tharcan Galaxy mentioned in Ancestor civilization labs.

Ancestors are the "deadly space men" right?

My guess is that The initial ancestor for the Starcorps would be blue DSM?

According to M-Throne Empire lore M-htrone clones genes are also based on the DSM (white and red)

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Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:06 pm
by MadMario
Interlude III

Peggy Shness:"These are the last ones!"

Several weeks have passed since the expedition team found a strange archive of The Anchestors hidden on Ikan.
Head of Research Amanda Taekin and her team have finished their initial examinations and indexed every item before packing it carefully for transport.

Amanda Taekin: "Good. And I just finished copying the software from these reading devices. We´ll be able to recreate an updated version of our own very soon."

"And the guys just need to get these last box of Magtapes to the shipping container and we´re done here! Can´t wait to finally get home!"

Peggy doesn´t notice her Datapad slipped of the box lid and sled behind one of the storage shelves.

"Oh Peggy, you surely go directly on your vacation as soon as we get back, am I right?"

"You Betcha!"

"And You´re not interested in what these records and files may tell us about our past? Our Culture? The Ancestors?"

"Meh. That´s not my favourite field of activity. If the IT-Nerds find some pics of some handsome, lightly dressed Space-Firemen or something - I`m all ears. Otherwise I´ll stay with scanning and logistics... speaking of scanning... where´s my pad?"

While talking, the two scientist got back to the restored elevator, while two workers picked up the last box.
The elevator and the entrance - which was nothing more than a hole in the ground a few weeks ago - have been secured and refurbished to protect the interior and yet grant easy access for the science team.

"The boys will bring your pad if you left it down there. Are you even sure you brought it down the last time? Maybe it´s still in the container?"

"We´ll see."

"Okay everybody, listen up! Just get these boxes to the container and secure the entrance of the archive, then we´re outta here. I´m going to call in the Dropship now!"

The workers eagerly grapple the boxes, gruntled at getting home soon after weeks of work.

But suddenly one of them hears an ill-boding sound. Quickly moving, unfamiliar engines. Like...

...attack vehicles! A team of MagnaCorp. soldiers in LARV vehicles bomb down the plains and stop right in front of the expedition team.

"StarCorp. scientists! These records are not your property! MagnaCorp. claims ownership on these Magtapes with immediate effect! Hand over your finds, so we can save our ammunition!"

But wait, there´s more! On the other side of the plains, another strange sound appears. Like...

Tank tracks! An EnviroCorp. division approaches the Ikan Archive from another direction.

"Attention StarCorp. personnel. The EnviroCorp. is of the opinion that the findings on this planet are at least common property of all the people in the Henndirro Galaxy. To prevent misuse of said findings in any aspect, we are here to impound them immediately before negotiating further steps. Please commit the findings now, then nobody has to get hurt!"

Yet Amanda Taekin is not disconcerted that easily.

"Alright! Get your asses in here right now! Leave the boxes, we´ll get them later. Captain Willis! Get your team ready, that´s a job for you! The Dropship is coming soon and it brings a present with it. And hey, Red and Green! Fight for these boxes, you ain´t got shit without the decoding algorithms that I have on my laptop! We´re outta here!"

After that, things happen very quickly. The side hatch closes simultaneously as the front hatch opens. Captain Arnold Willis and his Trooper Squad enter the plains. At the same time a Heron Dropship approaches, disembarking a Titan Walker quickly.

In a swift turn, the Dropship picks up the container with the scientist, workers and half of the Magtapes onboard and heads toward the Ikan Outpost, leaving the three military factions alone.

StarCorps Captain Arnold Willis: "Alright everybody! Listen up! This is StarCorp. LLC territory, and we´re here to defend it. You think it´s just a property dispute? This is trespassing of the worst kind! And trespassers will be shot without warning!"

to be continued... BATTLE REPORT COMING SOON!