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[Anno] A Helping Hand

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:34 am
by Space Bunny
On another planet in Eternia space, a small group of Minaglacia regulars come to negotiate. The commander of a small group has been expecting this arrival, but not so early...


Commander Ronnason: Wait, you mean they're here already!?

Regular: Yes ma'am, they said they had some spare time

Commander Ronnason: Ok, which docking bay are they in?

Regular: Docking bay 48

Commander Ronnason: Alright, I guess I'll go see them


Commander Ronnason arrives at docking bay 48 to meet Danny, the organizer of this meeting

Commander Ronnason: I see you've arrived early, do you need us now?

Danny: No, no, no. We have just heard reports of "Legotovians" around these parts

Commander Ronnason: Pardon!? Legotovians... we don't deal with... them...

Danny: Oh, I see how it is. Boys! Search the compound!

Commander Ronnason: Please, no! We... Please!

Danny: Don't worry, we'll have them off your back in no time.


Off in a back alley, one of the regulars goes to inform the Legotovian troop on the matter at hand

Regular: Alright, your ships are ready but it will be hard to get out of here... alive.

Legotovian: Don't worry we've got this

Regular: You sure?

Legotovian: You got the speeders?


Re: [Anno] A Helping Hand

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:36 am
by AnnoyedZebra
damn shits about to go down

[Anno] A Helping Hand (Part 2)

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:26 am
by Space Bunny
At docking bay 57, a speeder is surrounded by Minaglacia regulars


Regular: Alright boys, the Legotovian scum will come for this. All we have to do is shoot them. Ok? Ok.


Legotovian commander: Hear that? We've got to get that some way...

Legotovian regular: Sir, I've got a plan


Legotovian commander: Where the fuck did he go?


Legotovian regular: FEEL THE WRATH OF MY GUN YOU FOOLS!!!!


Minaglacian regular: HOLY SHIT!!! Fire at will!!!

Legotovian commander: Well, I guess that works

Minaglacian regular: COME ON MEN!!!


Legotovian commander: Thanks for the ride!

Minaglacian regular: Wait wha?

Legotovian commander: Adios amigos!


Legotovian commander: That was too easy, there must be some sort of cache to this...


Commander Ronnason: They took my personal speeder... They're gonna pay for this...

To Be CoNtInUeD...

[Anno] A Helping Hand (Part 3)

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 7:32 am
by Space Bunny
In a bar, located in the Eternian space of the galaxy, not too far from most conflicts...

DY26: So, what do want from us?

???: Well, A lots just happened to Anno, and I need you to take a matter out of my hands

DY26: Which conflict do you want me to stop?

???: It's somewhere in the Minaglacia sector. Once you've gotten there, I expect Minaglacia to have lost, but the Diabolics will need to be dealt with.

DY26: Well, how much are you paying?

???: Don't worry about the payment now, Just worry about the matter at hand.

DY26: And the hooded crusaders?

???: Bring them to the Eternian space. I want them to help Legotovia.

DY26: And what about you, Space Bunny?


Space Bunny: I'll just sit back, and enjoy the show


Reading after event

Re: [Anno] A Helping Hand

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 7:34 am
by AnnoyedZebra

[Anno] A Helping Hand (Part 4)

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:19 am
by Space Bunny
Speeder past blockages, the Legotovian is almost at his ship

Legotovian Commander: MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!!! COMING THROUGH!!!

Regular: It's him! Get him!


Legotovian Commander: Oh, seems I've gotten myself trapped...

Regular: Put your hands up! Do it!

Legotovian Commander: Let's just talk this over...


????: OI! You fuckin' Minaglacia git, get off of him!


Hooded Crusader Regular: Yeah, leave him alone.

Regular: Ha, fools. You think I'm afraid of you? Think again.



Legotovian commander: Thanks!

Moria: No problem. For as long as Minaglacia's here, we'll be here to fight them off.

Legotovian commander: How can I repay you?

Moria: You don't have to. Letting me kill Minaglacia regulars is already payment.

to Be cOnTinued

[Anno] A Helping Hand (Part 5)

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:54 am
by Space Bunny
Recommended reading: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17756

Back in the lost sector, Moria leaves the sergeant

Moria: I'm glad I could help, anything to stop Minaglacia.

Sergeant: You sure you don't want anything from us?

Moria: No, we're fine, but don't forget to tell the prime minister we're always here to help.

Sergeant: Sure, and once again, thank you.

Moria: No problem

On the edge of eternian space, Minaglacia troops run across platforms, preparing to go somewhere, perhaps war.

Giles: So what's the news on the Quantum Surfer?

Troop: Sir, he'll be here soon, he's just got some business to attend to.

Giles: And Captain Roach? Anymore information on her?

Troop: We assume that she was killed by the Diabolics. Sir, you still have command over the armies.

Giles: Fantastic. And Legotovia?

Troop: The troops we hunted down somehow escaped out of our grasp

Giles: Does this mean war is still imminent?

Troop: Yes sir, it does

Giles: Wonderful, just wonderful.


Giles: Well I guess we have no choice. FULL SPEED TO THE LOST SECTOR!!!

Pilot: Yes sir! Starting engines now!

Giles: Muttering If only something could stop us

In somewhere mysterious, Space Bunny meets with CoRE (Collectors of Ragnabloks End)

Space Bunny: Alright, so I want you lot to stop Minaglacia before they can get to the lost sector. They could cause so much havoc and I don't really want that. You can kill as many of them as you want, but leave Giles. I kinda like him


Troops: YES SIR!!!

To be continues

[Anno] A Helping Hand (part 6)

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 11:32 am
by Space Bunny
Sergeant Mckenze stands infront of one of the gunships, sword in hand. A simple stop would never hurt Minaglacia. Mckenze thought otherwise


Soldier: Sir, come on, no ones out there

Mckenze: Thats what they all say... Thats wha they all say


But unknown to Minaglacia, mysterious figures lay in the shadows


Their intentions were soon to be found out


All of the sudden, a gun shot from the mysterious figures lurches out of the shadows, aimed straight towards sergeant Mckenze. Lucky for him, one of his troops red shirt for him

Mckenze: I knew there was someone here! Kill them!


A gun fight between the two factions bursts out, killing troops left, right and centre


After most of the mystery troops die, one troop of them remain

Troop: Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! Come on gun! Reload! COME ON!


Mckenze quickly knocks him down.

Mckenze: Who are you!?


Troop: S-s-sorry sir! We... we didn't mean no harm!

Mckenze: Who are you!

Troop: We're... CoRE

Mckenze: What does that mean?

Troop: C-collectors... of Ragnabloks.... End...

Mckenze: Ragnablok? What's this madness you speak of?

Troop: Well you see... the world end- No, no... it 'Restarted', or 'Rekonstructed'.... and we don't want it to happen again

Mckenze: You... you are mad. The worlds never ended

Troop: Of course! of course...

Mckenze: I give up, let's take you to Giles. He'll know what to do with you

To Be Da Continued

[Anno] A Helping Hand (Part 7)

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:11 pm
by Space Bunny
In the cold distant space, few ships travel through it. Shadows engulf stars and life. Only few travel through...

Comms1: Sir- we're comi- ready-


A ship bursts through the clouds of darkness, a small Minaglacia Gunship

Comms1: We're out of eternia space, entering lawless space

Comms2: Ok, coming through now


Another larger ship appears, some sort of capital ship

Comms2: We're here, informing Giles now


On the capital ship, Giles begins to interrogate the CoRE member...

Giles: So my sergeant says you are part of CoRE? What is this CoRE you speak of?

Agent: Well, we are Collectors of Ragnablok's End, but of course you wouldn't know what that is?

Giles: Wait, did you just say Ragnablok's 'End'?

Agent: You know what Ragnablok is?

Giles: Of course, QS Space Bunny keeps telling me about it

Agent: Wait, 'Space Bunny'!?

Giles: Yes... do you know him as well?

Agent: Of course! He's the one who doesn't want you to fight Legotovia!

Giles: Wait, what!? PILOTS, STOP THE SHIP!

To be COnTINUEd...

Re: [Anno] A Helping Hand

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:15 pm
by ninja_bait
I appreciate that even the microships are just blue boxes.

[Anno] A Helping Hand (Part 8)

Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2019 9:51 am
by Space Bunny
*Recommended listening*

Somewhere in lawless space, Fort Pigeon sits in the carcasses of old war vehicles. It is home to many: families, thieves, Mafias, remnants of armies, and the unknown. It's self-sufficient environment means that anyone in there never needs to leave....


Ranger: SIR! They've come here! What do we do?

Scout: Nothing. Ignore it.

Ranger: Ok sir.


Soldier: Did you hear the rumors? Apparently they're here

Officer: What are we meant to do?

Soldier: Nothing. Don't worry about it apparently

Officer: Well, they are only people. What can they do

Soldier: I guess you're right


Troop: They're here already! What do we do?

Moria: I bet the overseer has a plan

Troop: Aren't you scared?

Moria: Why should I be. I bet it's only a small squad.


Overseer: I see you've arrived! Well how can we help? We've scrapped most of the ships for the good stuff around here, but I bet there's some that we haven't sold yet.

???: Oh, we don't need that. How many soldiers do you have to offer?

Overseer: Soldiers? Most of us haven't been in a fight since the collapse of the Eternian empire! We have a couple of squads of scouts, but there's not much we can do to help you.


???: Hmm... What would the MAD MAGE think about this?

...deunitnoc eb ot

[Anno] A Helping Hand (Part 9)

Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 6:31 am
by Space Bunny
On the Minaglacia capital ship...


Giles: Where is Space Bunny?

Agent: He was last seen on scavengers rock, but there's a problem.

Giles: What is it this time?

Agent: You see, Scavengers Rock is a place for refugees and several small factions. One of these small factions are the Hooded Crusaders. If we get anywhere near that place, we'll be hunted down by them and their new allies. It would be too problematic.

Giles: Who may these allies be?

Agent: Legotovia.

Giles: But we shouldn't worry about them. It would take too long for them too reach Scavengers Rock in time, right?

Agent: Well, you see, they're already going there as we speak.

Giles: What do you mean!?

Agent: You may have forgotten about another variable: The Diabolics. They're gathering up forces for... something. We don't know the specifics, but what ever it is, it isn't good.
After they arrived, the Hooded Crusaders called for Legotovia to support them.
By the time we get there, Legotovia will be there too.

Giles: Well how else are we going to get in contact with Space Bunny?

Agent: Well, he's probably free later but if you want him ASAP, you will have to put up a fight.

Giles: Well... I guess my troops are thirsty for some blood... TO SCAVENGERS ROCK!

Comm1: Start the ship sir!

Comm2: Scavengers rock, here we come!

At scavengers rock, Moria calls for Legotovia. They only have so little time...


Moria: How close are you?

Sergeant: We're almost there.

Moria: Good, you got enough space for me and my troops?

Sergeant: Get them to a point away from the fight. We'll have ships waiting for them over there, but you'll have to fight off the Diabolics.

Moria: Aren't you guys going to help?

Sergeant: You'll have me and a couple other troops.

Moria: Well get here as soon as possible!


Hero: You hear that? Ships coming in! Prepare all the guns! Set to stu- To kill!

Overseer: Sir, I think... I think that's... Legotovia...

Hero: Oh... we're weren't prepared for this.


Sergeant: Ok, this will be quick and easy. Our goal is to keep Moria safe at all costs. Once we've cleared all threats from the ground, we're leaving this place.

Troop: Ok sir, we're ready for anything.


Officer: You see that boys? Stupid Diabolics. Stupid Legotovians. Stupid everything. Make sure you don't get yourself killed. If we all die in this fight, I'll send for more troops. We'll protect this place till we die.


George: Alright, let's find that Quantum Surfer. He's somewhere here.

Agent: Sir, what about Minaglacia?

George: Well, we're free from them. You can shoot them if you want. And if they get Space Bunny? Shoot them at all costs.


Giles: Mission: Find Space Bunny
Permissions: Kill anything
Status: Started

The battle thread will be on the Forum Battles later

[Anno] A Helping Hand (Part 10)

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:04 pm
by Space Bunny
The battle grows near, soldiers gather upon a scrap planet. This does not go undetected. Soldiers from all factions prepare guns, load cannons, and start engines. A faction seen at the start of our story is also interested, and they seek a revenge...


Commander Ronnason: They've dealt so much damage to our community. Have you seen the fear through our citizens hearts? They cower in shadows, hide from the light. It's as if there's war approaching. And there is.
This war though, is not on our home planet, it's on scavenger's rock and we want to keep it there. We'll not send too many soldiers, but a squad will do. We do not want to startle our planet.

Regular: Commander, are you sure this is a good plan?

Commander Ronnason: If we show them who's boss now, they'll know where not to go. Now, are we ready?


Regular: Ready when you are, commander

Commander Ronnason: Well what're we waiting for?

(The end is neigh...)