[Anno] Another close escape

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[Anno] Another close escape

Post by AnnoyedZebra » Sun Oct 20, 2019 6:43 am


Sareisa Secundus, a desolate prison planet...

Two prisoners are held within the isolated fortress.

An Ayanami tank shows up, followed by what appears to be a trophy captured in battle.

The commander of the lead vehicle disembarks
Zee: Hey, we're bringing a special top secret delivery.
Guard: We haven't been notified of this. Where are your papers.
Zee: Like I said, its top secret!
Guard: I'm gonna have to ask you to turn away now if you wont present any valid papers. Also is that a bonobo driving your tank? If I wasn't sure he didn't have a tail I'd think he was the dastardly Dr Monkey Head! Hey wait a minute... Is Dr Monkey Head actually a monkey???
Zee: Theres a very good explanation and its uhhh FLOOR IT!

She ducks out of the way as the tank ploughs through the guard and anything else in its path

Dr. Bonobo Head jumps out as Seal Teams Briks come rushing out to support

With the escape in motion, one of the AT gunners manages to wreck the tank before being shot down himself

Everyone makes their getaway in or on the Sherman. or almost everyone...

Zee: So Karl, how long does the fruit of life project really have left.
Karl: I already told you all I know dammit!!
Dr Monkey Head: Don't you know we can send you right back to the Reiists? I'm sure they're real nice to escapees.
Karl: FINE FINE I'll talk!!
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Re: [Anno] Another close escape

Post by Space Bunny » Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:11 pm


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