Planning The Party! (Pt.1Restored8292020!)

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Planning The Party! (Pt.1Restored8292020!)

Post by CaLego420 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:41 pm

Fringe System

As Ragnablok rages all around, and the thoughts of new Rekonstruktions now hang close on the winds, a quick meeting has been set to make arrangements for the newest and ongoing of developments: this years Hellhunt, already in full swing...

Image20191017_192924 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The conversation is fever pitched as chatter about recent happenings and anxiousness as to what this event is about fill the room.

Image20191017_193056 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Boris the Boar: "Okay, they come! Quiet all!"

Image20191017_193132 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Good evening all, let's settle in. Got some big news and not a lot of time."

Image20191017_193402 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Alright people, after some great luck a bit of persuasion, and some miracles I'm pleased to announce that I've outdone myself this time! In light of All Hallows Eve I've managed to get the band Building 4 Destruction!!! to headline this fiesta!!"

The ecstatic cheer around the table is exuberant

Image20191017_193507 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "The one thing that's a serious problem for this is crashers. I know Boris can't run security alone. The dissolving of Goldman Suchs has most of our major finances in turmoil and the Brikthulu virus has made it near impossible to so much as use a credit card universe wide. Due to the oppressive nature of the local police force and the unexpected turmoil of Ragnablok, I need security alternatives people. Good ones. Can't have the hottest band in the Brikverse getting gibbed by some random mooks. So any ideas here folks?"

Image20191017_193846 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Boris the Boar: "First thought, mercenary. But we lack moneys"
The Partythrower: "Which is the issue we seem to be having. Any other suggestions?"

Image20191017_193726 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Assistant Qristyle: " I was looking into some things ever since the Virus went live, figured money might be tight eventually. There's a faction called the Blacktronia Confederation, other-universers that seem to have a high technological advantage and the numbers to back it up.."
The Partythrower: "This sounds off, why would they do this for no cash? What do they want in return?"
Assistant Qristyle: "Believe it or not the unequivocal rights to the OT node in the backyard."
The Partythrower: "That's all? I've had that node surveyed a thousand times, it's a puny vein. If that's all they want it's a small price to pay. They'll have to do, make the arrangements. Quickly."
Assistant Qristyle: "On it."

Image20191017_200323 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Alright we got a plan, let's make it happen folks. We need this one to be clean."

Image20191017_194011 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "This is Building 4 Destruktion. This will be the greatest event this universe has ever seen. Hope everybody's ready for this..."
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Re: Planning The Party

Post by Bookwyrm » Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:24 am


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Re: Planning The Party

Post by CaLego420 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:56 pm

Fringe System

Image20191028_174809 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "...with two drones and a couple of sentry guns. One covering the main road, providing coverage for the arriving guests. And that's about it as far as planning on our part goes, seems a little excessive but better to be safe than sorry l always say."

Image20191028_175006 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Words to live by I'd wager. Seems as if everything is in order then. This might just go off without a hitch after all...when my Assistant had first mentioned hiring your Blacktronia Confederation I had my doubts, but listening to your plan gives me a fresh sense of confidence."

Assistant Qristyle: "Told you so!"

The Partythrower: "Yes a fact you'll not let me soon forget l would guess..."

Image20191028_175744 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "So that will conclude our business for, I do have a few questions though..."

The Partythrower: "We have some for you as well. I always find a good Q&A to build a great foundation to team building and new friendships."

Director Lena: "Well worded. I guess I'll begin: how did you manage to get Building 4 Destruction to play this gig?"

The Partythrower: "An excellent question...with an answer that spans decades of Rekonstruktions....but a story for another time I would think. We shall leave it as I had typed out a long drawn out story that a certain forum decided to eat, and enthralled them with the promise of being able to give the finger to the end of the universe."

Director Lena: "A legitimate reason."

Image20191028_182505 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "So from where is your Confederation from? I do realize you gave me a detailed explanation, but the end of the universe seems to be wreaking havoc even now."

Director Lena: "A universe some 1.8 billion light years from this one. That's the watered down version due to errors of an internet hiccup."

The Partythrower: "Yes but I suppose its something...not much, but something. "

Director Lena: "Okay our plans are ready so I shall see you with my forces tomorrow. "

The Partythrower: "We shall be waiting."

Image20191028_182742 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Well this sucked, all that explaining sucked up by the void."

Assistant Qristyle: "The other version was way better. I feel unclean after this setback."

The Partythrower: "You and I both."

Image20191028_182916 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "l suppose the lesson here is to always save your draft...oh well guess we'll have to make it up in the actual report...soon enough."

Editor's note: The entire structure and explaining done in this soap was magically erased for reasons I can't comprehend. Since there's no hope of ever getting it back, you get this lame as fuck fill in. I'm sure there's a special place in hell for such lazy endeavors, but I'll have to cross that bridge later. For now I'm going to take some shots and wonder why that kind of shit happens to me.

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