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[Annoversary] Revenge of the totally-not-a-sith pizza manager

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 12:24 pm
by Space Bunny
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After King Suavéness IV left Micro Paris, the citizens finally had the chance to expand Micro Paris to Still-micro-but-not-as-micro Paris.

But even though it was now made bigger, this does not mean that unnecessary wouldn't break out now.

Here we meet our heroes: Pirate man and Brittani- Oh wait. Scrap the second one. Pirate man seems to have just killed him.

Pirate Man: Argh, die ya filthy person! I just hate ya!

A feeble attempt from the police bot is made to stop this fighting.

Police bot: Please! Stop this fighting!
Pirate man: Nah, this is da way of the pirat life!
Police bot: Plea-

Suddenly, Police bot is killed!?

???: You fools, this isn't worth it
Pirate man: Who be there!?
???: It is I...


???: Totally-not-a-sith pizza manager! And one of my employees have gone missing, and you lot are going to have to pay the penalty.
Pirate man: Nah, I ain't listaning to ya, you crazy melted face man


Totally-not-a-sith pizza manager: Then you must die!
Lightning: Buzz buzz buzz
Pirate man: ARGH!


Totally-not-a-sith pizza manager: Now, citizens of Still-micro-but-not-as-micro Paris, bow down to your new Pizza Manager! MWAHAHAHAHA


Minaglacia spy: It's a code pizza. Code Pizza.

Maybe to be continued, but not any time soon...

Re: [Annoversary] Revenge of the totally-not-a-sith pizza manager

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 12:29 pm
by ComradeGreen
The Totally-not-sith pizza company has its revenge!