Anno hrose priss coferance!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

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Anno hrose priss coferance!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Post by Shaggy » Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:15 pm

Hallo, am anno hrose!!!!!!! People am asking me the questions, so I do the prass confirance!!!!!! Hour first quatin come frum Nanja-bat, and he ask: “hrose! is manly santa real” my responance is yes, he is my sun!!!!!!!!!
Uor naxt quistion is alos frum noonja, and it si, “please also tell us who best girl is”
My answar is, There is no definitive best girl. Everyone has different tastes, so there is no need to argue about fictional characters.
Naxt 2 quoostans cume fram Bouk wirm, who ask,
“ Hrose, how do you plan to deal with the current tensions between Anno and the rest of the Konvergence Brikverse”
I am going to lat anno do thing, and konvargice do own thing. He also aks, “ My second question is; Violence?

Spooptral ask, Does hrose know if dad is coming back? I say yes, I am dad of you!!!!!!!!!!! Com her sun!!!! He also do the aiskng of “ why do people seek peace?” Hrose day hat tey r silly goses who not know fiht!!!!!!!!
GorvAsloov ask “ Hrose, what do you think of cows?” I no lik cow, kil all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ye als ask me, “ WHAT ARE THE NEXT WINNING LOTTERY TICKET NUMBERS?” I no tell, but boy un at tree Forti foir pm at John cornar star!!!!
Anno hrose do preass coofrese latar ok buy

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Hero of Anno
Hero of Anno
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Re: Anno hrose priss coferance!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Post by ComradeGreen » Thu Aug 06, 2020 6:15 am

The single most cursed soap on this forum.
"If you liberate my Gulag one more time..."- Green

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I can make this man. I can let him touch the butt. I cannot promise his safety
I can make this man. I can let him touch the butt. I cannot promise his safety
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Re: Anno hrose priss coferance!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Post by ninja_bait » Thu Aug 06, 2020 7:09 am

I, for one, welcome our new hrose overlord
I make apocalypses and apocalypse accessories.

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Re: Anno hrose priss coferance!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Post by CaLego420 » Fri Aug 07, 2020 4:49 am


Image20200806_222923 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Horse tell story, now me tell story about horse!"

Image20200806_225757 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Me Clops. Me one time ago be very successful newspaper sellsman!
Clops: "Good morn, lady. Me Clops! Me ask if you heard good news?"

Image20200806_225630 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Lady: "News...? What news?"
Clops: "If you kneel before Zod, gubernment give tax right off and extra stim-U-loss check for being bothered! Clops say 'Win, Win'!"

Image20200806_230154 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Lady: "Wow really? Here I'll take a hundred year subscription!"
Clops: "You got deal!"

Image20200806_230419 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Cash register sound*
Clops: "Clops big pimping, spending cheese!"

Image20200806_235215 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Clops: "Clops live high life....high dollar glasses and V.I.P. status...then it happen...
*Bring Bring Blah Cell Phone Notification*
*Cell Phone Media*
"Anno Hurse rule galaxy!!!'
Clops: "Bwahaha, silly horse! Good stuff!"
Clops: "Afterwards and maybe tipsy, Clops hit 'like' button...then end became near..."

Image20200807_000356 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Clops: "But horse never stop after hit like button
*Bring Bring Blah Cell Phone Notification*
"Anno horse rule all universe, losers! Neigh!"
Clops: "Why horse? Me have to work in hour...hhhhhooooorrrrsssseeee...."
Clops: "This all me thought when went sleep."

Image20200807_004512 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Clops: "But that not bad send notification every ten seconds of every day. Clops lifestyle was suddenly dumpster fire, Clops health start to go in toilet. Then after few months horse causes issue!"

Clops: "But Bossman, Clops sorry! Not me won't let me go to sleep..."
???: "Look Clops, I like you man! You're an alright kid, but being late 29 out of 40 shifts is just ridiculous! I gotta let you go, bro...I'll totally put in a good word for you wherever you end up."
Clops: "But horse is fault of this! Me late cause of horse notifications! That must mean something after Clops loyal service..."
???: "....yeah....See maybe you should've just turned your phone off or something so you were on time for work. Because selling potentially bullshit newspapers is a hardcore commitment...I'm sorry, Clops! Clean out your shit and be outta here before lunch."
Clops: "But what Clops do now? Clops went to college for this...have massive student debt."
???: "Wow....totally shit I do not care about...clean your stuff out before I call some top men to remove you and your sense of chastity."
Clops: "....Clops on way now..."
Clops: "Horse neverending notifications got Clops canned...Clops at loss as life is in shambles now.

Image20200807_011414 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Clops: "All down hill then....after 'we'll call you' and 'You're top of the list' bullshit interviews, Clops eventually get evicted by old boss vengeful asshatery and no owed pay to cover rent. Clops now homeless and hitting hooch very strong."
Drunken Clops: "...hhhooorrssseeee...ssszzznnnkkk!"
Clops: "Not place Clops want to be in life."

Image20200807_013308 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Clops: "Then spiral downward begins...Clops can't get job because of fickle economy...then Clops hit bottom of barrel...once liquor start to not do job Clops start smoking crack in traphouse!
Clops: ".....hhhooorrrssseee....this all horse fault!"
Clops: "Needless to suggest but Clops in bad spot."

Image20200807_015437 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Clops: "When 'favors' no longer got Clops fix, Clops was kicked out of trap house after very severe beating...Clops hit bottom of rock and was cast in worse alleyway in baddest neighborhood in meanest city and left to die.."
Clops: "....hhoorrssee.....fffaauullt....hhhhhoooorrrrrssseeee...."
U.P.F. Patrolman 1: "The hell you just say scumbag?..."
*U.P.F. Dispatch: "Heavy 2-2-5, possible barfight at the 'Blue Oyster'...all available units are to respond immediately!"
U.P.F. Patrolman 2: "Fuck 'em bro, we got a hot call! Let's roll..."
U.P.F. Patrolman 1: "Alright, I need to crack some it, partner!"
Clops: "This is certainly not life Clops envision. No house. No car. No wife. This is not dream lil Clops ever believe in....

Image20200807_015803 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Clops: " This horse fault. All horse fault! Then Clops have moment of Claire-i-tee..."
Clops: "hhhooorrrssseee!!!"
Clops know what to do then...

Image20200807_021044 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Clops get off the junk, start weight training and redoubles effort to master Club-Fu!!
Clops have purpose again. Clops have goal! Clops feel good about self and cold revenge dish that Clops will feed to horse!

Image20200807_021357 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Clops: "Now Clops bigger, faster, stronger Clops! Clops going to put together elite team and take stupid crown off of stupid horse head and give horse to dog food or glue factory, don't know which, and take Clops life back, horse!"

Image20200807_021510 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Clops: "We come for you, horse! I come for you, horse! You try to ruin Clops fantastic life and now you must die! Prepare yourself, horse! I come for your stupid horse crown and to smash your stupid horse head! I come...we come for you, horse! You die before Rekonstruction is over, and nothing will stop Clops or us from vengenance, horse! Get ready for big stupid pasture in sky horse! Clops comes for you....stupid horse..."
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that is a fantastic question to which no satisfactory answer will be forthcoming
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Re: Anno hrose priss coferance!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Post by sahasrahla » Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:23 am

damn you hrose, i knew those big vacant eyes weren't to be trusted

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Re: Anno hrose priss coferance!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Post by Food_Truk » Sun Aug 09, 2020 6:57 am

Clearly hrose is to blame for this innocent man's downfall into poverty, this equine menace needs to pay for their crimes.
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Re: Anno hrose priss coferance!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

Post by Infinity » Thu Aug 13, 2020 1:16 am

Can all of us Anno people group up to destroy this abomination before it ends us?
The most dangerous enemy you can fight is a man with nothing left to lose


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Post by MadMario » Thu Aug 13, 2020 2:38 am

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