OHOHO In The Middle of Nowhere

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OHOHO In The Middle of Nowhere

Post by ComradeGreen » Thu Oct 29, 2020 11:42 pm

It has been a month since the last shots were fired in the Avalonian War, known to the Ojousamalandish people as the Great Eloquent War. A long truce has prevailed, and Ojousamaland struggles to write a peace treaty now that it’s HUGBOX allies have reached an agreement before her.

However, The Republic had left a magnificent present, a large warp-gate with access to the extradimensional labyrinth of The Republic, provided as to save the Pharoah of Osirion from the YSSR in that brutal war. With the collapse of The Republic however, the Warp Gate has failed to work.

Until now.

Ojousamaland is aware of many dangers. The YSSR plans to bombard it with nuclear ordanance, as does HORNY. Agrum stands atop the world, even the Chenchnans grow angry with the arrogance of the Heiresses, and Ojousamaland is surrounded by enemies on all sides. Now is a time for a pro gamer move, as Ojousamalandish engineers finish their repairs. The gate opens.

“This is MISAK-1 RECON to command, we are headed in!”

“We hear you loud and clear MISAK-1. Enter at will.”



“We’re here…..”
“But where is here, MISAK-1 RECON?”
“Everyone is fighting…! Where are the vehicle specifications!? There’s DICE!? What the fuck is this, where is the Combat Report!?”
“It’s better than this shitshow. We need to preserve the Heiresses Elegance forever more, and a Nuclear War is the worst way to preserve that. It’s time for Operation Finale. Let’s leave.”
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Re: OHOHO In The Middle of Nowhere

Post by lordintype » Sat Oct 31, 2020 2:33 am


I'm gonna say some Tarilian loyalists fled to Ojousamaland and are coming through the portals too, I've become attached to the wasp motif.
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