Political geography of Westeron

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Political geography of Westeron

Post by Bragallot » Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:27 am

A rough Overwatch of where everything is. Just the kingdom for now, I may add the rest later.

The Kingdom of Westeron

The Kingdom of Westeron is a peninsula in the South-West of Westeron, connected to the rest of the continent in the East. This connection is a mountainous region.

- North-West: rough, not very populated region. Mostly scallywag villages along the coast. The sea and shores are too dangerous for big ships and the lands aren't very fertile so no one really cares about this rather lawless region. There is a single castle on the border of this territory, held by Lord Godfrey, whose efforts keep the region from descending into anarchy.
- West: a rich coast, farmlands and some big cities (like Andelmere) controlled by the king's trusted vassals. Off the coast is the isle of Draklon. The exact location is unknown except to the Draklon Raiders themselves.
- South-West: less densely populated region known for its mysterious places and fantastical creatures. The Magus Guild has their capital here.
- Central kingdom: home to the richest mining sites (controlled by the king's most loyal vassals), merchant cities, and the king's capital city and seat of power. On the north-eastern edge of this territory are the Helm Mountains and the mighty fortress of Greaves' Height. The eastern border with the imperial lands is largely dominated by a swamp and the city of Gelron.
- North-East: mountainous hinterlands previously home to fierce barbarians, who got all but wiped out by the Black Knights, who now reside in the region. The forested area where it borders the imperial lands is a dangerous region known as 'the Haunted Wilds'.
- East: the imperial borderlands. The two main passes are guarded by the fortresses of Lion's Maw and Star Keep. To the east of the border are thick forests and pastures: the Bulls' original homelands. The Imperial Magisterium is located in the south.
- South-East: the Hitokiri lands.

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