[BF18] Interlude: Rising Tide of the Endless Void

BrikWars fiction in long-prose form. Trigger warning: Walls of text

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[BF18] Interlude: Rising Tide of the Endless Void

Post by Bookwyrm » Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:51 pm

~Axeleron Chronicle Interlude: Rising Tide of the Endless Void~

The shadow of an enormous figure loomed down the passageways as Balor, Lord of the Evil Eye and leader of the Fomorians, stalked down the hallways of the Winter Court stronghold of Arctis Tor, the torches on the walls only barely illuminating his hulking form. The fachan strode forward, flanked on each side by a wizened goblin wielding a rusty scimitar and a triangular shield bearing the symbol of the rebel group. The echoing, repetitive pounding of his colossal maul striking the black ice floors silenced the chatter of the groups of various dark fey they passed by. Even the normally chaotic and rambunctious redcaps fell deathly silent as the cold gaze of Balor’s single lidless eye passed over them. The general and his escort made their way through the twisting passages, descending deeper into the fortress and eventually coming upon a tall set of double doors flanked by a pair of revenants. The leering skeletal monstrosities bowed low as their leader passed between them, their heads almost scraping the ceiling of the hallway as they resumed their upright positions and opened the doors into a wide, octagonal chamber with a circular platform in the center. Balor turned to the goblins escorting him and raised his gnarled free hand, gesturing in a dismissive manner, and growled out an order in his deep, gravely bass.

“Guards, leave me. I have business to attend to in private.”

The goblins gave a crooked bow, then turned and walked out of the chamber, the revenants swinging the doors closed behind them with a boom that shook the chamber and echoed off its walls. Balor leaned his maul up against the wall and opened up a chest, retrieving a rolled piece of parchment sealed shut with a wax symbol of a crystal ball, and approached the center dais, undoing the binding on the paper.

“Greater Clairvoyant Message.”

The scroll flared with light, it’s script glowing for a brief second with an azure hue before the paper disintegrated into a nimbus of magical energy that floated onto the platform. With a blur and a static noise, the glowing motes coalesced into the ethereal image of a tall, thin figure in robes and twisted black armor standing before a throne of jagged obsidian shards, with a rubbery looking, winged, crab-like creature at their side. Balor inclined his head to the figure, speaking once again in his harsh, rumbling voice.

“Your grace.”

“Evil Eye, your report is overdue.” The figure pointed their staff accusingly at the warlord, speaking in a rasping high pitched timbre with just a hint of a Renlothian accent. The piercing sound was seemingly unhindered by the sleek black visor of their helm.

“My apologies,” said Balor with a bit of chagrin in his tone. “My forces have been occupied with the other Courts and their assaults on my kingdom these past days. It is done, I have recovered the Seal concealed within the fighter Tannis’ village, as you have requested.” The hologram raised their head, focusing intently on him through a slit in the visor, and lowered the staff.

“Excellent. You must deliver it to me immediately.”

“I have already dispatched a contingent of your Ankou to escort it to your stronghold, they should arrive within the next 48 hours.” The figure turned to the crustacean creature next to it and spoke a few words in a garbled, nonsensical tongue, and it responded in kind before fluttering its wings and flying into the air, out of range of the message spell.

“Very good. I will send a scouting party to intercept them. Our victory is at hand, but that window of opportunity becomes more and more narrow each passing day. Ragnablok is almost upon us. The universe is strained to its breaking point, and the fabric of reality will be at its weakest in the coming months. Things will no longer be as predictable as they have been. We must be more cautious than ever if I am to succeed in bringing about the return of our lord.” Balor nodded. The signs of the prophesied end of days were becoming more numerous as time went by. Though Axeleron was rather secluded from the other worlds of the Brikverse, and he himself had barely ever left the seclusion of the deepest regions of the Wyrdwood, the whisperings of chaos and bloodshed heralding the coming of Ragnablok had not failed to reach even the most isolated of his followers. The time for war was fast approaching.

“You will succeed in your mission, it has been foreseen.”

“Even so, we must take great care.” The voice of the figure became grave. “I recently felt a great disturbance in the psionic ether, and that can only mean one thing. The Quantumsurfer has become aware of our presence, and our enemy has chosen his champion in response.”

“But your grace,” the fachan inquired confusedly, “is he not still trapped beyond this world, as you said before? How can this be possible?” The robed figure waved their gauntleted hand dismissively, and sat down on the throne of black crystal fragments.

“The destruction of the Seals has weakened his shackles as much as it has those of our dark master. Worry not, this is a foreseen development. However, it has occurred sooner than I expected, which means we need to move forward with our plans more quickly. You must marshall your forces and wait for my next communication. Once my other agents have retrieved the remaining Seals, we will enact the next phase of the plan, and your army will make its move against the Travelers Society and their ilk along with our other allied forces.” Nodding again, Balor briefly looked away from the magically projected image to avoid meeting the cold eyes staring back at him out of the black slash in the center of the helm.

“On a related note, there is a development here that you should be aware of. My spies indicate that the forces of the remaining three Courts are marshalling for an assault on my kingdom to free the Winter Queen from her imprisonment.” Even now, the combined might of the Spring, Summer, and Autumn Courts of the Fey were moving into position for a conflict, setting up war camps and siege engines near the outer walls. If their current pace was anything to go off of, the assault could easily begin within the next eighteen hours. “Our defenses can hold, but the combined might of the Faerie Kingdoms is nothing to scoff at. If I am to come to your aid with military might in the near future, I will require more reinforcements to hold Arctis Tor in the event of a siege.” The figure was silent for a moment, tapping their finger on the throne’s armrest and contemplating the Fomorian Lord’s words before speaking again.

“No, no, this won’t do at all. Mab is a grave threat to our plans, she must remain imprisoned. It is for that very reason that I chose you as my right hand in this matter. I will send as many night gaunts and mercenaries as I can spare, but I warn you, do not fail me, Balor. Should your defenses fall, the mission of the Esoterica Metavoth is much more important than you or your people’s lives. I will not expend more resources than absolutely necessary, even to maintain the Winter Queen’s absence, and if Mab becomes freed, know that my lord will punish you gravely for your mistake once he walks this world once again. Let this be motivation for you to ensure your victory.” Balor bowed his head again grimly.

“I understand, your grace.” The figure inclined their head slightly, then waved again, and the magical hologram dissipated into a cloud of faintly glowing dust that quickly dispersed throughout the room and vanished. After a moment of complete stillness, the gravity of the situation sinking in, Balor strode over to his maul, grasping it once again in his hand, then pounded on the smooth black floor of the chamber thrice, the noise almost deafening in the enclosed area. With barely a second of delay, the doglike albino form of a yeth hound blinked into existence in front of him, teleporting through the room’s still closed doors. It kneeled before him as well as a quadrupedal creature could, then spoke in a sinister baying manner.

“Mine lord, how may I serve thee?” Balor gestured with his weapon.

“Go, send word to the Nuckelavee and the other generals. They are to prepare the defenses for an attack on the main gate. When you have finished, fetch the high priestesses of the Morrigan to my throne room. I must consult them for information regarding the upcoming battle.” The hideous creature bared its teeth in a grin, its eerily humanoid features twisting with the expression.

“As you command mine lord.” With that, it turned and blinked again, vanishing with a quiet “pop.” Balor walked to the doors and pushed them open, the heavy aperture providing very little resistance as he exited the hidden chamber, and the revenants outside shut them behind him. Motioning for them to follow, he began to make his way out of the bowels of the dark stronghold towards the throne room he had usurped from its rightful inhabitant several months past. The sounds of marshalling soldiers and dark fey monstrosities beginning to permeate the surrounding area as his troops prepared for the coming fight. His jaw set and his pace quickened, Balor of the Evil Eye barely held his hatred and anger in check, calming his agitation by envisioning the slaughter and carnage about to take place. If Ragnablok was coming, he would not be swept away in its wave of destruction when it arrived.

“Let them come then,” he growled with an air of menace in his voice, to no one in particular. His single eye blazed with thinly veiled rage. “Titania and the other monarchs may persist in this futile attack, but when it is over, all the kingdoms of the Wyrdwood will belong to me, not just that of Winter, and Axeleron will belong to our overlord. This I swear.”

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Re: [BF18] Interlude: Rising Tide of the Endless Void

Post by DayBoost_ » Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:51 pm

Concept and Theme- 10
Form- 9
Voice- 8
Style- 18
Presentation- 8

this is excellent, hooks you in from the beginning by setting the stage
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Re: [BF18] Interlude: Rising Tide of the Endless Void

Post by Nemoto-Sensei » Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:55 am

Now usually I'd include some extra notes, but its 10pm and today is deadline so I'll make it choppy. :warhead:
Concept and Theme - 8
Form - 8
Voice - 10
Style - 19

Looking forward to see more pictures and expansion on this story once the Brikfic Festival ends ;o

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Re: [BF18] Interlude: Rising Tide of the Endless Void

Post by Kommander Ken » Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:58 pm

Concept/Theme: 9
Form: 9
Voice: 10
Style: 18

Gaaaawd this is so good. Really super looking forward to hearing more of this, especially that Quantumsurfer you promised!

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Re: [BF18] Interlude: Rising Tide of the Endless Void

Post by TheCraigfulOne » Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:24 pm

Fantasy at its best. :tiger: :tiger: :tiger:

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