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The Reign of Lord Katana

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 7:57 am
by Cracjaw
So I just thought, since I have this massive storyline planned out, I would set up a kind of guideline for everyone that is interested in it. So here goes.

Lord Katana was captured by some Tekno Droyds a little bit ago, his ship began to go down while the Droyds boarded it. He was captured, and the rest of his soldiers died in the crash. Katana did however, get the comm systems to work. Four factions recieved this transmission.
The first was the PLA, they were seeking only to gain an alliance with the mighty Lord Katana.

The second was the SNK, they were just curious about the transmission

The third was the Royal Chicks, they were there just for the sheer fun of it.

The Fourth faction was the Miscreants, a bunch of ruthless outlaws led by the mighty Kkraber Kklown.

All these factions entered a small city, they discovered that Katana was being held hostage on the top of a large rock like object in the center of the city. They reasoned that there must be something that would allow them to get up there, the SNK found this vault room beside them, they quickly sent up picket guards in case the PLA came after them. The Royal chicks rushed out from their cover, interested in a chicken leg, but they were gunned down by the Miscreants. The SNK and the PLA formed a fragile alliance and began to move on the miscreants. Once they had killed all the minions from the faction, they began to move in.
But, what they didn't know was that Kkraber Kklown had managed to call down reinforcements in the form of some Yellow Supremacists. They rushed the PLA and inflicted massive casualties on them in one attack. But the PLA's massive amount of soldiers quickly over ran them, and they managed to kill off the supremacists and wound Kkraber Kklown. With all the pieces they needed, the SNK turned on the PLA. Fighting began, the PLA seemed to be coming out on top. But then sparks flew, a mighty warrior landed on the top of the rock thing.
He quickly cut down all the Droyds guarding Katana, they then both disappeared, along with Katana's hammer. The PLA and SNK, each with massive casualties, both agreed to work together against the Karlovians as they began their conquest of the free Brikverse.

(That was the First Battle, kind of like the Prologue)

Other than the PLA and the Saakians were the only actual threat to the Karlovians. They had managed to capture Kkraber Kklown and persuade him to join their cause.


Rumors had been flying around that the Blue Gem was found. The Saakians and the PLA quickly mustered their forces and went to the location of the Blue Gem. The PLA tried to get their allies, the Peach Pirates, to join them, but the Peach Pirates thought it was to much trouble. The Karlovians were already there, however. the PLA and the Saakians began a large skirmish that would last for a month or two. In the end, the PLA escaped the planet with control of the Blue Gem, but only after horrendous casualties. The Peach Pirates ended up with the Green Gem, and Glenara was KIA

( ... 16#p362635)

What does everyone think so far? I will need help with hashing out all the different ideas, so if a lore master would like to help, please contact me.

Re: The Reign of Lord Katana

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 12:42 pm
by Cracjaw
(Red Vs. blue)

The next battle was on the Karlovian homeworld, a contest, almost. Two teams clashed together and fought to be freed from prison. The Blue team won, exciting the fans in a bloodbath. The Blue team was immediately put into service during the Assault on Forgrat.

(Assault on Forgrat)

The Assault on Forgrat was the Karlovian attempt to capture the Blue Gem, it was their last chance. The PLA fleet had fallen back to Forgrat and the Karlovians pursued them, reaching the planet just as the evacuation was beginning. BATTLE IS STILL RUNNING