[BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

BrikWars fiction in long-prose form. Trigger warning: Walls of text

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[BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

Post by TEORI » Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:28 pm

Chapter One

Face to Face


Inside the reconnaissance and transport spacecraft called Leak, 10 light years away from the Terma System;

Hanta (soldier code named Scout 1): Ortis, how long until we arrive.

Ortis (soldier code named Scout 2): The escort of the empire will be finished soon. After that, we will be there in 3 hours.

Ortis turned to the pilots from his seat and called out with an expression waiting for approval, "Isn't that so, kids".

"Yes," one of the pilots replied, shaking his head in approval without looking.

Ayris, the leader of the team code named Watcher 1, got up from his seat and came to the middle of the area where the soldiers were sitting. Holding the grab hook on the ceiling, in a loud tone:

He said, "Gentlemen." Looking at the team's only female member, he added "and ladies" and continued:

"Let's go over it once more. When we reach our destination, Hanta, Ortis and Duran (soldier code named Scout 3) will advance to the base from the eastern cliffs with the support of the scouts."

Hanta immediately interrupted, saying "But this was not the plan. Ayris looked at the pilots in an unresponsive manner without getting angry at his interruption. At that moment, the pilots made eye to eye with Ayris, nodding their heads slightly and turning in front of them:

Pilot 1: Escorts are leaving.

Pilot 2: The drone is ready for flight.

Pilot 1: We're getting out of hyper speed. (Pulling one lever to itself) Hyper motors are disabled.

Pilot 2: (By pressing a button on the cockpit) Silent mode is entered.

As soon as the Pilot 2 completed his speech, all the lights inside the cabin stopped and the emergency lights started to turn on, giving a dim and red light. Then the pilot's cabin door was closed.

Hanta could not get the answer to him question in these short speeches and looked at Ayris again.

Ayris realized that all eyes were on him. Without leaving much curiosity, this time with a calmer voice, "Gentlemen, the plan has changed. We have placed the signal device that the Empire gave to follow our vehicle on the drone that imitates the signals of our vehicle. It will make the planned moves by proceeding on the route determined by the Empire. Nobody can follow the signal of our ship. The landing points are in the opposite direction of the current planned landing points. We will act not as a single team but as three separate teams. I am a one-man team as the Watcher 1. I will support you in the field then the Scout A Team, you three (looking at the scout soldiers he just named).

Ayris hesitated a little. There was a little shaking on the ship, as if something had been left in space. Ayris touched the earpiece in her ear with him right hand, tilted him head forward and muttered "Got it." Then looking towards his team again:

"The drone is released. It will follow the route understood by the empire."

Then looking at the last team:

"You are Scout B, Alya (soldier code named Scout 4) and Denos (soldier code named Scout 5). You will leave last. You will settle in the crater in the west of the base and stand by for fire support."

Completing his words, Ayris gave a scattered glance to his entire team and called out in a harsh tone, "Is it understood?" The whole team replied with the same harshness, saying "Understood".

Ayris then called out in a loud voice, "Duty, Honor, Discipline, Courage". Then the whole team repeated these words in unison.

As soon as this ritual was over, Ortis grinned at Hanta and said, "But there is some trouble in discipline." As soon as he completed that sentence, the whole team had a low laugh. Ayris immediately interfered with this juiciness and shouted "shut your fuckin up". The atmosphere was immediately silent.

On the way back to him place, Ayris again brought him hand to him ear and turned to the team and said "2 hours before arrival''. Then he sat down and put on his helmet. The team glanced at each other for a moment.

Duran broke this silence with a low voice:

"Can't such a great empire eliminate a conspirator? I was very curious what it was we did but they could not."

Hanta: This is politics. Political games. Presumably, if they get involved, this representative they've eliminated will be the idol for other problematic systems. They are not concerned about creating martyrs for separatists. It is more positive for them to die like a hero in an enemy attack.

Ortis: Ouuuv nice explanation Hantal(means bulky).

Although Hanta Ortis was accustomed to the jokes made by his name with these word plays, he could not stop without responding to this sarcastic attitude.

Turning to Hanta Ortis, "You can endure someone who is smarter than you, faster than you. Try a little harder." he made a half serious and half cynical expression. The rest of the crew pulled a little "Ooooowww."

Looking at Alya Ortis and saying "Are you going to be under this word?"

Ortis made Hanta a completely sarcastic expression, saying "You surpassed yourself for the first time, this is an improvement." While this little laughter continued, Ayris distorted the atmosphere of the environment by saying in a calm but authoritative voice without turning him head, "That means the increase in physical strength and physical supports cannot take your puberty."

After this exit, the team was silent. Only Hanta muttered in a very low voice, "We didn't want them to bring an old man like you over to us."

Ayris again authoritatively said, "I wouldn't want to be a babysitter either," and turned him head towards Hanta. At the same time, Hanta glanced at Ayris, but immediately lowered him head in embarrassment caught doing something wrong.

Ayris: Turn off the helmet's communication device. Talk later.

This conversation would make the last two hours silent.

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

Post by TEORI » Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:28 pm

Chapter Two


2 hours later

The pilot from the communication system warned the team, saying "We're approaching Silent Dust". Ayris started to list his orders with this warning "Turn off your helmet visors, make the final checks." Everyone obeyed these orders, closed the visors of the helmets and started to carry out the checks.

His helmets had an advanced artificial intelligence. They could easily monitor their pupils and perform the necessary operations on this helmet screen. Their armor was covered with a special metal coating. It was a level of protection that reflected energy weapons to a certain extent and held kinetic energy ammunition. Nano garments covering their bodies had a smart armor technology compatible with DNA. It was a self-healing structure that kept the damage to a certain extent and automatically intervened in the injuries.

After all the controls were made through the pupils and the visor, the controls of the weapons started. Guns are matched with helmets. The purpose of this was to establish a visual connection with the gun's optics and to access the available ammunition information of the weapon. In addition, barrel heat and a problem in the mechanism were transferred directly to the visor.

Finally, the entire team stood up and checked the life support units and backup energy units magnetically attached to each other's armor.

Then the whole team except Alya sat down. Alya took the insect carriers out of sleep mode by checking the insect carriers in sleep mode at the back. The bugs started to mate with the team's helmets.

"Everything is ready," said Alya as she sat down. The other members of the team said "Ready" one by one and confirmed that all the controls were done.

Ayris got up and went to the person who carried the armored box called an insect pack. He lifted the visor of his helmet. Looking at the box, he scratched his beard first, then lifted the pressurized lid of the box. He put his hand in the box and pressed something. Then he closed the box. When closing the lid was locked with a pressure-induced sound. It was a pressurized lock. Ayris then took his seat and sat down. The visor of his helmet closed spontaneously.
Duran tried to gain access to the insect Ayris tampered with with the artificial intelligence of his helmet, but he found that access was blocked.

Pilot 1: Before entering orbit, we will take advantage of the gravity of the planet, take a tour around the planet, accelerate and enter orbit. They will perceive us as an ordinary meteorite. We will shake a little, put on your belts.

As soon as the pilot finished his promise, with a thick click from the magnetic belts, the crew stabilized in their seating. It was felt from inside that the aircraft was accelerating and shaking.

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

Post by TEORI » Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:29 pm

Chapter Three

Getting into orbit has always been a problem. Especially it was almost impossible to enter unnoticed. A fast entry tactic was developed to shade this and not be noticed in the sensors. In fact, this was a rapid drop downwards using gravity. When the atmosphere was entered, the engines would be started and the falling speed would be reduced and normal flight was initiated. They had just developed this method and only tested it for their own buyers. This was the first time it was implemented in a real operation.

The shaking had increased in the vehicle. The pressure was felt despite the body strengthening and special clothes. He glanced at the G they ate through the visor of the helmet for a moment. 7G, 8G, 9G and the increase was ongoing. The increase continued when it came to 10G. Pilot1 was breathing hard and deeply saying, "Now we are entering the atmosphere.

The other pilot fainted, unable to bear the high G. Pilot 1 was trying to hold out as long as he could, but he was about to lose his sight. He could not even breathe anymore. A curtain of red and darkness fell over his eyes. With one last move, he lowered the arm he held tightly and entered orbit. The shaking was continuing, and it fired the magnetic motors to reduce the G, causing a gradual decrease in speed. As speed decreased, G decreased, and they continued to fly in a straight line accompanied by magnetic motors. When the speed reached a reasonable level, he maneuvered to the first destination and switched to auto pilot. He took a deep breath, then unfastened the magnetic attachment of his belt, slapping his unconscious friend and trying to wake him up. Meanwhile, he addressed the team in the cargo section with a closed circuit communication system, "We entered atmosphere, 5 minutes to the first destination."

In the hemisphere where the base was located, night was happening. They would do this operation by mingling with the darkness of the night. The days were 48 hours. It was 10 hours at night and 38 hours during the day. Of course, although these hours changed with long seasonal changes, the hours of light were generally high. These long hours were enough to roast the surface. At night, the heat accumulated in the barren land saturated with heat all day long, preventing the temperature from falling too much. The most livable hours were night. Also, since the planet did not have a satellite, there was no celestial body nearby to reflect the lights emitted from the system's main star. This condemned the surface to a dark darkness at night, even in the open. Only shining distant stars could illuminate the surface a little.

Ayris looked at Alya and shook her head slightly. Alya had received the message and, with a half-fist, her hand tapped the button to open the rear cargo door. They could also open this cargo door from their helmets, but the one closest to the cargo door opening button would. This had become a tradition. They believed it brought good luck.

When the cargo door was fully opened, the red light on the door came on. The first passenger, the insect called the Pack, was ready to be thrown along with the mysterious box he was carrying.

At the destination, the light turned green and this time Alya opened the safety locks from the visor of her helmet. As soon as the lock was unlocked, the insect slid through the cargo door and fell down. They called it free fall download. It was dropped while traveling from an average height of 20 meters at a speed of 100 km. Insects, with their solid structure, would fall on their bodies and balance with their 6 joints. Thus, they protected their loads.

Pilot 1: 1 min to the second destination.

This time, Ayris got up and took the modified plasma anti-material rifle in two pieces fixed with safety lock next to the insects. He gave his back to the cargo door with his rifle, which he took a piece in each hand, and began to move back to the door. He was staring at the red light that had burned again. After a while, when the light turned green, he nailed himself into the void. "Vanity fool," he muttered to Ayris, who skipped Hanta. But this time his microphone was off.

Free fall jumping was a method not only for insects but also for Scout soldiers. They were able to perform this jump because of their bodily strengthening and clothing. This method could still cause risky and fatal injuries. This method was not preferred unless it was difficult.

Pilot 1: We're coming to the third destination.

This time, the first team prepared for the jump in front of the cargo door. When the light turned green, it was thrown first with the two insect loads, then the trio of scouts took turns jumping.

Duran was the first to fall to the ground, and with a controlled roll that didn't touch the ground, he found his balance and quickly got up. Ortis and Hanta fell short after. Ortis tumbled to his feet in the same way, but Hanta fell sharply because he couldn't make a controlled fall. Ortis started laughing at his friend who fell into the shape of a punching bag. Hanta could not get up for a while. Duran immediately came to Hanta and tried to lift him by holding his arm. Although Hanta did not react at first, he immediately stood up without help.

Ayris: Watcher 1 in place and ready.

When this sound echoed on Hanta's helmet, he came to life, contacting the insects descending with him and positioning them to follow them 10 meters behind. Ortis and Duran were waiting for the order of Hanta, who received environmental security. Hanta was the leader of the first team. Leadership of the team was determined by the tracker number. As Scout 1, Hanta naturally became the leader of the team. Realizing that it was 50 meters from the planned point from the Hanta helmet visor, he went in front of his team and reached the destination and collapsed. Others positioned likewise following him. Then he said, "Scout 1 is in place and ready." Ortis and Duran said the same thing with their Scout tricks.

After a while, Alya said, "Scout 4 is in place and ready." Then Denos said "Scout 5 is in place and ready," and stated that the team was ready.

He released the drone called Watcher 2, which could fly in any environment clamped on its standing back, and took it into flight. Switching to an automatic pilot, the drone quickly rose. Duran then said, "Watcher 2 is in the air." After a while, Denos informed the team by saying "Watcher 3 is in the air".


These drones are an unmanned observation vehicle flying with 4 magnetic motors at various pressure levels with no or very little air. Because it is small in size and coated with a special paint against the sensors, it makes it difficult to be noticed in the air. It can continue its flight with a single engine in multiple engine failures. Its armored structure increases its usability in combat environment. It can be easily transported on back equipment compatible with magnetic lock. With its advanced artificial intelligence, it provides simultaneous visual support to the personnel in the field without any guidance. It provides a 360-degree view of the field with 4 advanced optics, allowing the mapping of unknown lands and detecting threats. They can be used as kamikaze drones with explosives added to the cargo area when necessary. With its small cargo compartment, they can also carry certain weight equipment. They can be used as armed drones by being attached to small weapons and bombs.

After a while, a green tick appeared on the corner of the helmet visors of the entire team. Later, this sign appeared on the ammunition screen of the weapons. This meant that their clothes and weapons were adapted according to the pressure of the planet they were in. In this way, they enable them to move comfortably in the different pressure environments created by the gravity on them just like in the home planet they are accustomed to, and by rearranging the range and optics of their weapons according to this pressure, they provide more accurate shots.

Silent Dust is a relatively small and barren planet from the home planet. Although it has breathable air, life has not been fully developed. Although the air is breathable, the lungs that are not used to this air will suffocate because they cannot breathe sufficiently after a while due to the low density of the air. That's why oxygen support was essential. Being a relatively small planet, it had less gravity. Therefore, it could be moved more easily and quickly on the surface. But for someone not used to this shot, it would be more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

Watcher 1 gives the order to the teams with an incoming tick "Operation starts, all teams to their secondary places"

With this order, the teams started to act at a controlled speed. They were looking around, aiming with their guns and running.

This controlled advance lasted for half an hour. In these barren and silent lands, they could only hear their breathing and footsteps in between. But with the Watcher 1 warning, this progress stopped.

Watcher 1: Contact. Team A is 20 infantry at a distance of 3000 meters from your area. There is no vehicle support.

Ayris hesitated after saying these. If they extended their way without entering into conflict, the operation time could be extended. But if they got into conflict, this time they could have been detected earlier. He had made the decision to delay their detection by choosing the option to stretch the road. All these thoughts had passed through his mind in fractions of a second. While giving the full order, Alya from Team B contacted "We entered the communication channels. They know that we are coming. But they do not know our place. They started to pile up to the arrival coordinate agreed with the empire."

Ayris realized how right it was to get off 1 hour before the arrival time and from a different place. The signal carrier drone would arrive at its destination 20 minutes later. In other words, after 20 minutes, their deception would emerge. It was necessary to fight with this patrol that came at that time, and to take a short path.

Ayris: You heard, guys. We must implement the plan faster. Team A enemy is advancing to your position. Take a combat position by deploying.

Watcher 2 stepped in and transmitted the enemy's position to Team A instantly. The terrain was generally flat and rough. There were large and sharp stones and boulders on the floor. Although there were elevations in places, large heights that could be classified as mountains and hills were rare. Team A stood on the big boulders and started to wait.

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

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Chapter Four

After 15 minutes, the enemy patrol approached Team A's position quickly, thanks to the weak gravity.

Ayris: The targets are at 500 meters and approaching you. Fire at will.

Team A placed the targets in the sights of their visors, waiting for the order. The enemy patrol was advancing in two rows, at the very back an officer with a mustache was advancing, clearly visible. They were in a transfer order.

Ayris seated the enemy officer on the article reflected in the viewfinder with the data coming from the binoculars of the weapon from 3500 meters. There was no wind, so he would hit his target easily without any extra correction. He moved the article slightly above and beyond according to the advance speed of the enemy. As his gun was adjusted to the gravity of the planet, it gave the necessary salvo corrections. He took his breath slightly and fired his shot without releasing his breath.

The officer's head and fashionable mustaches were shattered in an instant. Seeing this, the Team A Scouts were shooting down the enemy infantry one by one with a pulsed intermittent burst. With the first shot, the M throne clone infantry had tried to disperse by rushing over a large area, but most of them fell with successive shots that were not clear. The clones started firing randomly in all directions, but those standing fell one by one. Continuing that meaningless smile from the green night vision screen reflected out of the last clone viewfinder, he was both shooting in random possible directions and quickly looking around. His helmet's visor suddenly disintegrated, his flawless face carved out, creating a large hole and it fell.

All this happened within seconds. The patrol, caught in the open, was destroyed before they knew what had happened. But their random laser shots had partially illuminated the night.

Watcher 2 started from a high altitude to scan the conflict area and check for survivors. The scans were that there were no survivors.

Team A and Gözcü 1 also glanced at the bodies from afar once again. He wanted to be sure of them.

Watcher 1: The road is clear and keep going.

With this order, Team A Scouts continued their previous controlled rapid advances, quickly rising from their position and keeping distance between them.

Team A had come into contact with the enemy from a distance of 400 meters. When they came to the point where they hit the enemies with quick steps, they slowed down, aiming their muzzle against their enemies lying dead on the ground, shaking them one by one with their feet and gun barrels. Lying on his back on the ground, he saw his hands begin to move as his ribcage was probeing a shattered clone with the gun barrel, and with one quick move he fired a series of shots at the head. The clone's head was smashed along with its helmet with this shot. The whole team was alarmed again, collapsed and began to take a quick look at the corpses and the surroundings. "What happened to Scout 3?" Hanta said. He had asked this quickly. This time, he saw that he was crawling on the ground on his arm as well as his hand and began to move. Waiting for an answer without taking his standing eyes away from the moving corpse, Hanta replied, "This damn is moving."

Meanwhile, Watchdog 1 ordered "Check Hanta". With this order, Hanta came to Duran for control and felt the body with his barrel. "It's just a muscle that moves involuntarily," said Duran to Duran. "These can be seen in genetically modified organisms. Normal."

Hanta approached the scattered ribcage and put her hand in the rib cage and felt the lungs. "Is your stomach hungry?" He stuck, looking at Ortis Hanta's behavior. Ignoring Hanta Ortis, he showed Duran a bloody marble-sized pouch he had torn from the lung.

Hanta: Do you see that. This is harder and larger than a normal air sac. It cannot be this way in a normal person.

Duran: So.

Hanta: That means these clones are different from our clones. They are genetically engineered. They can be out of breath longer than us and can breathe more comfortably in environments with very little oxygen. They were rearranged in accordance with the structure of this planet, you can understand. This explains the arm still moving involuntarily. There is still air in the lungs and the flow of blood can still be observed in the veins. Movement will continue as long as the red muscles are fed and the nervous system is transmitting.

Ortis: The professor has spoken.

Hanta: If you took care of your brain as much as you care for your muscles, you would know that it's basic biology.

It was evident even from the helmet that Ortis was laughing. For a moment, Ortis noticed the thin but stiff mustache in the form of a twisted upper lip, which he thought belonged to the officer shot in the head. While he was aiming on his knee, he bent down with his hand and took the mustache. The mustache was firm and firm. Looking at Hanta with a mustache in his hand, he began to laugh, saying, "If they had given the care they gave to their mustache to their armor, maybe they could still be alive". At the same time, he was waving the mustache in his hand. Meanwhile, Hanta was examining the clone body by turning it over. He laughed, unable to bear the joke of Duran Ortis. "They are candidates to take away the work of the animators. With these light shows and costumes," said Ortis, throwing the mustache and referring to the uniforms of the bodies on the ground and their weapons.

Ortis: Boney B (famous singer of the planet Terma) can hire these guys. Full tens.

He kept on laughing. It sounded awkward or funny and smiled without showing it.

This environment, as usual, was disturbed by the warning of Watcher 1 "If you have finished having fun, continue on the road. Watcher 2 has determined a movement in this direction"

Hanta left the body and straightened up and began to continue his controlled march by pointing his gun. As he passed another standing body, he noticed that horrible clone smile with his eyes open and fired a single shot, pointing his gun at the body's face with one hand, saying, "What are you laughing?" "Nothing, I wanted to be sure that he was dead. I hate these perfect dough faces. They scare me," Duran said, while the team was positioned again with that shot.

Ortis scowled at Duran, saying angrily, "Don't stop shooting now, maniac." Hanta said harshly, "Continue your way" and set off again.

As Ayris Watcher 1, he was positioned in a place dominating the region and he was regularly changing his position by following Team A. Ayris gave a warning that a laser beam was passing over him in his viewfinder while watching Team A with his gun binoculars. The dorsal sensors also showed the source of this beam. With a quick and agile movement, Ayris took the double-pulsed plasma gun on the back attachment and turned from where she was lying and pointed it to the source of the laser beam. But it was not at a visible distance from the source of the laser beam. Normally, laser beams are used for invisible distance measurements and target illumination for guns following the laser. Ayris thought that this too must belong to a scanner that gives distance information while scanning the surrounding area. Putting the plasma gun back on the ridge equipment, he slowly took the anti-material plasma rifle and positioned it towards the source of the laser beam. He cleared the target with his binoculars. It was the helmet of a scout soldier emitting the laser beam. He was scanning the surroundings with distance information with the binoculars of his helmet. On the one hand, it was doing this without getting off the top of the speed motor. It was the armored engine of the empire named Chino. Presumably, the driver was scanning and when he found the target he would mark it with a laser and fire its missiles. Ayris' armor was not like the other Scouts. From his helmet to his torso, he visually made it invisible to those who looked away from a distance. So it was difficult to detect visually. Since it has a structure that absorbs signals, it was impossible to detect it through signals. When it entered active mode, it could be completely invisible, but it could be noticed by suitable equipment as it emitted a certain amount of energy. Now that his outfit was in passive mode and at a certain distance, he was not seen by this soldier. He was very lucky, if detected, he would be hit by missiles.

Ayris estimated the target's distance by calculating it with Watcher 2 and his own weapon scope. It did not want to emit any signal because it was in full silent mode. That's why the distance meter was turned off. The target was at 2200 meters. He set the required calculations and set the goal in the article. Again, calmly holding his breath, he shot. This time the shot deviated slightly and hit the target's chest area. The enemy soldier was shot and thrown from the engine. He checked the engine and its surroundings with some more binoculars. When he was sure that he was dead, he moved off the ground to change position again. He was running to the next position with his gun. But thanks to Scouts 2 and 3, he didn't neglect to control his Teams.

While Ayris was running, he told Team A, "Increase your tempo, they started looking for us physically. I have determined your new route to Arrival 2 and now I am sending it. You will meet me there. Watcher 2 will guide you. Good luck."

Hanta and others stood up, increasing their tempo. According to the data of Watcher 2, the enemy was too far from the area where they were to be a threat. Ayris had sent down the watcher that could be considered close to them. Hanta could not understand this rush.

Alya: The enemy is leaving the meeting point and they realize that the drone is a bait. On its loaded course, the drone leaves the orbit and goes to the outer orbit. They are currently looking for the real Leak (Spacecraft). They implement a regional communication mix by encrypting and restricting their communications between them. They will cut off their communication for a while. It doesn't affect us. Be careful though. The Sentinel detected a dense exit of armor and soldiers from inside the 3 bases. They will seal the whole area.

The whole team knew the meaning of this and the enemy's movements were unpredictable.

10 minutes later.

Hanta: The second destination is just around the corner. Hold on, guys.

While Ortis ran gaspingly, saying, "To stay behind," he continued to hang on to Hanta.

Images from Watcher 2 were reflected in their viewfinders simultaneously. They saw that enemy vehicles reached the first point of contact.

They had reached the second destination, the cliffs, but there was a problem. The newly determined route indicated that they had to climb the cliffs. Duran was a bit disappointed, saying, "They never stood so upright while working on the map." Before the operation, the entire region was studied on the map. As they came running, they took a breather and magnetically lock their guns to their backpacks and began to climb. The insects began to climb easily with their magnetic feet like a normal insect. Scouts were climbing rapidly over sharp cliffs. Thanks to his armored clothes, rocks did not cause a cut in their bodies. They had run over 20 km in 10 minutes and now they were climbing steep and steep cliffs higher than 100 meters. They soon reached the plain on the rocks. Ortis reached the hill first. As soon as he arrived, he let himself down and started breathing deeply. Then Hanta and Duran also reached the top, but they took their weapons from their backs before they fell to the ground and started to observe the surroundings. Insects also came after them.

"You didn't quit that damn cigarette, right," Hanta reproached, looking towards Ortis. As Ortis got up slowly from the ground and took his gun, he said, "It's not a cigarette but a medicine that treats me. It makes me feel good. Hanta said, "That damn thing is a drug of a cigarette, you're just numbing your head."

Ortis started to laugh and said, "Maybe I'm numb in my head. It's good for me. Don't get involved in this."

At the voice of Ayris they were startled "Why are you late?"

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

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Chapter 5

Although Hanta could not understand this answer, he continued to climb the endless stairs. Shortly after, he reached an exploded entrance at the end of the stairs. Smoke was still coming out of the black burns that had been made when the door was being blown through the walls. He entered the entrance in a controlled manner. At the end of a long corridor, Watcher 1 was waiting in front of an automatic iron-like door. There were bodies in the hallway, similar to those they had seen on the stairs. A voice suggested that Ortis might have been hurt here. The hallway was covered with smoke from burns and corpses. Hanta came to Watcher 1 by pointing the barrel of his plasma gun to the right and left as if the enemy would come out at any moment.

Ayris: Put down your weapon. Our goal is inside. 4 people including our target. I ran out of explosives to get in. Give me your door-clicker to break this door.

It was a small but effective explosive that clicked on the door. This explosive had a hand-held mini mechanical timer. Each Scout had two as standard.

Hanta took it out of the protective cover on his belt and gave it to Ayris. Ayris took the explosive with her left hand and put it in her right hand and stretched out her left hand and waved her hand as if to give her a little more. While Hanta took out and gave the other one, Ayris took the second one, saying "This door is not enough, one reinforced with titanium".

While setting up the bombs, Ayris said, "Get to the side of the door." By sticking the bombs on the weak joints of the door he had determined before, he moved to the right side of the door, which is the opposite direction to where Hanta is.

As soon as he took the Ayris position, the bombs exploded with pressure without producing much flame. It was covered with white smoke, and the pressure had broken small pieces from the walls and doors. As the smoke dissipated, Hanta saw that the doors were still standing. There were only two small holes in the door. The smoke had not completely dissipated yet, and while Hanta was making his move towards the door, he looked at Ayris Hanta, pointing to him with his left hand to keep the position he was in slowly and calmly. He was holding his special knife in his right hand. After Ayris Hanta made the sign to stay in place, he pushed hard on the door without showing himself, again maintaining his position with his left hand. With the sound of creaking and rubbing metal, the door tumbled into the room they wanted to enter in two parts.

Both were keeping their positions on the sides of the door. The smoke had not cleared yet when one of the M throne officers from inside said, "For the Greater Good!" shouting, he ran to the opening door with his sword raised in the air. He was screaming while running. Just as he was leaving the door, Ayris grabbed the tip of the sword in the air with his left hand and the knife in his right hand plunged into the officer's stomach. The officer stopped yelling when the knife got stuck. His eyes widened as if they were going to explode. Ayris kept his position without showing himself, pulling the knife quickly upwards and rushing from the officer's abdominal cavity to the rib cage. He was surprised that the hanta knife cuts bones and muscles so easily, making it sound like the cutting of a hard plastic. While Ayris was doing this, the officer had his feet off the ground and he started to move involuntarily on the tip of the knife. While Ayris pulled out the sword with his left hand and threw it, he pulled the officer swinging at the tip of the knife with his right hand and hurled it into the corridor outside the door. The insiders saw it as if the officer was being sucked into the smoke. When he launched the officer, his internal organs were scattered in the hallway. There was a small puddle in front of the door with the officer's blood.

Ayris scraped the blood from the knife with his left hand and gently waved the knife towards the ground and inserted the sheath on his back. Meanwhile, an intense shooting started from the inside towards the door. Hanta was just watching what happened. He was holding his position and staring towards Ayrise, he shook his head as if asking what's next. Ayris calmly asked, "Do you have any flash bombs or grenades left?" Hanta had thrown them all while entering through the wall.

Hanta: None.

Ayris: It's my fault.

After saying this, parts of Ayris' armor similar to the muscle line began to emit a bright blue light. This was due to the transfer of all the energy of the armor to the armor. By doing this, he was making an excessive charge of energy that would make him unable to use his armor's invisibility and other advantages again throughout the campaign.

As soon as his armor shined, Ayris took out his plasma gun with his left hand and dived into the incessant shot. As soon as Ayris appeared at the door, he began to shoot those who shot him with his gun. Although he was shot but shaken, he did not spoil his stack. Within seconds, the yellow light of the double-pulsed plasma threw the officer and clone soldier who had fired at him against the walls of the room. Disregarding the successive shots of Representative Flügelhafen, who had toppled the table directly in front of him, he approached the commander, took the gun in his hand hard with his loose right hand and threw it. He then grasped the table the stunned representative had covered with his right hand and threw it to the right. There was no obstacle with the representative anymore. He attached the plasma gun in his left hand to the magnetic lock on his back. Flugelhafen saw the sword thrown near the plasma-killed officer. Ayris pressed the sword with his left foot, while Flügelhafen was making a lunge towards the sword. Flügelhafen could not lift the sword from the ground. Ayris leaned over, grabbed Flügelhafen's throat with his right hand, and threw it towards the library behind him. Flügelhafen crashed into the library and fell to the ground, and most of the books Flügelhafen fell on him.

Hanta would give support by standing in front of the door when Ayris entered, but she had just watched as if she was fascinated by Ayris' taking control of the inside in a very short time. After Hanta Ayris shot the delegate against the wall, she reached the doorway, where she crouched with her gun.

Hanta: Let's finish this job. But why didn't you kill right away.

At that moment, Flügelhafen began to rise slowly from under the books on him and laugh. His laugh turned into an uncomfortable laughter. When Hanta pointed his plasma gun at the rep, Ayris lowered Hanta's gun with his left hand.

Hanta was surprised at this. He turned to Ayris and said, "Why?"

Flügelhafen stood up and coughed deeply, spitting blood from his lungs into his mouth while reducing his laughter and wiped his mouth. The weather said here you can take off your normal helmet. Hanta saw confirmation that the air values were normal in his visor. Hanta raised the visor of Ayris helmet with his hand while looking at Ayris for what to do. The light of his armor was also dead. Hanta also fitted Ayris and the visor of the helmet was automatically opened. At that time the representative was picking up his overturned seat from the ground and straightening it.

Flügelhafen sat in the seat and looked at Ayris, "Well done. You have come this far. The Emperor will love you." Hanta exclaimed, "We are allies of the Emperor. What do you say traitor?" Ayris again held Hanta, who wanted to leap forward with his left hand. He looked towards Ayris Hanta and said, "Don't you still understand?" Hanta was surprised by this remark. Ayris continued, "It was all a game, it was a test. They wanted to measure us."

Hanta was thoroughly surprised by what he heard. This was too real to be the game they lived through.

At that time, Flügelhafen started clapping and grinned enthusiastically, "Bravo, bravo". When the applause was over, Hanta said, "Was this much death for a game?" "They died for the Emperor. All that is done is for the Empire. This is a sacrifice you cannot understand."

Hanta: You lost dozens of vehicles, hundreds of men died. How can you rejoice like a victory for this?

Flügelhafen: These losses may be devastating for you, but they are a small price for us. Tools of a purpose. Here is the glory of the Empire, here is its eternity. I don't expect you to understand it anyway. They are just bullets fired from a gun. When they get stuck, they do their duty.

Flugelhafen was taking a white handkerchief with M throne from his pocket and wiping the blood that had begun to leak from his lip.

Meanwhile, they heard the voice of Ortis, one of the communication systems, excitedly saying, "They are coming in. I hold them for now, but they won't stop. Do whatever you are doing quickly or come here for support."

"Stop this now," said Ayris Flügelhafen in a calm tone. Flügelhafen started to laugh at this word again and, looking at Ayris, said, "Nobody but me has this information for this game to be realistic."

Hanta got angry again and looked at Ayris and pointed to Flugelhafen, who was sitting with his left index finger, saying, "This is trying to manipulate us. These are not tricks, this is really a traitor."

Ayris: Hanta calm down. This is a game.

As Ayris spoke his word, he slowly lowered Hantan's arm with his left hand. "The Emperor will love you," Flügelhafen laughed and repeated his initial statement. After Ayris Flügelhafen had finished his promise, he quickly took the plasma gun on his rear equipment with his left hand and shot the representative in the head. "The Emperor will love us more now," said Ayris, looking towards the representative after shooting.

The strength of the weapon shattered half of the representative's head. Ayris pulled out his knife with his right hand and easily cut the ear on the healthy part of the representative's head and took it with his knife hand without dropping it to the ground. He extended his ear to Hanta and pinched him in his hand, saying, "The task is now complete."

Hanta hadn't waited for Ayris's move, but if Ayris hadn't done it, he would have done it himself. He put the ear in a pocket on his belt.

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

Post by TEORI » Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:33 pm

Chapter Six

"WHERE ARE YOU ARE. I CAN'T HOLD THEM" Angrily shouting voice echoed through Ortis's communication channel.

Pointing to Ayris Hanta upstairs, he said, "Get on the roof, I'm bringing Ortis," and he closed him visor. Ayris rushed towards the stairs. Hanta looked around quickly to figure out how to get to the roof. He saw two large wooden doors in the room. Without thinking much, he rushed towards the door, knocked on the doors and burst into the room. He saw the staircase going up. He began to climb up the ladder quickly. In the meantime, he quickly closed his viewfinder automatically. After a few more floors he kicked the metal door he came across, but could not break it and stumbled, losing his balance. Recovering his strength, he kicked again but only sheared the metal. He kicked him a few more times, but with no result. It was just warped more. With his gun he fired at what he thought was the handle of the door several times. The part he shot had melted and pierced. He kicked it again, but it just shook the door. While shaking, he noticed the locking mechanisms under and above the door. He fired these parts twice with his gun. This time the door opened when he kicked.

He quickly threw himself out. But he was advancing in a controlled manner with his gun. This was the rooftop at the top of the building. There was a large landing strip with beacon lights on. When he saw that there were no threats around, he looked down. He saw burning vehicles and soldiers crowding in. An intact light tank was scanning his turret, turning it around. He noticed the transportation vehicles coming to the base in a convoy from afar. He heard a sound like knocking and breaking from below. He looked down and saw a huge wheeled vehicle tearing down the base wall and pushing burning tanks and vehicles approaching the building entrance. This was the vehicle called Chelone. But it had no radar. The vehicle came to a halt with a sudden brake, and out of it the soldiers, who were apparently different from the other soldiers, dressed in black and heavily armored, landed. They were walking quickly towards the door, but not running like other soldiers. The soldiers who noticed them and entered, gave way and stopped. What a surprise we are facing now, Hanta thought,

"Where are you guys? This place will get warmer," Hanta said from the communication channel. On the one hand, he was looking around. He thought they were stuck here. He quickly started walking towards the landing pad, while an airborne missile hit the runway. There was a violent explosion. The hanta had not fallen, but before the dust got up there was another explosion. This time the pressure of the explosion thrust him back. As he leapt from the ground to run towards the stairs he came from, he noticed another rapidly maneuvering missile in the air. When he noticed, it fell somewhere near the missile and was thrown on the ground again. Then there was another explosion partially away from him. He heard a few more bangs, but he could not count them, too. Lying face down on the ground, he thought the attack had stopped and looked where he wanted to go, but neither the door nor the stairs were there.

Hanta put his face back down and hit the ground with an angry left hand in a fist. Despite all the blows, he did not let go of his gun. He straightened up from the ground and looked towards the point where the missile he had noticed before. There were two Chinos standing low from the building 700-800 meters away, on the cliffs from which they had previously overlooked the base. Its viewfinders were able to zoom visually up to a certain level. For an instant, Chino made eye contact with the soldiers on him. At that moment, the double machine guns of the unwavering Chino's started firing. Hanta quickly leaned to the ground, shrank the target and threw himself back. At that time, the bullets left a trail in the air, dispersing the place where it was just standing. Some of the bullets also hit the corner of the roof and scattered light, bouncing into the air and left and right. Hanta was looking at the bullet traces that spread into the air from where it was thrown back. They couldn't see it because the building was higher than the cliffs, but they were hitting where it last appeared. Straightening up the hanta, he walked towards the stairs where he came from. Debris had blocked the stairs. He was trying to reach the ladder by collapsing quickly and clearing the debris. On the one hand, he was trying to connect with the Watchers who were supposed to be in the air. He had been able to connect with the Sentinels intermittently since entering the building, but now he was never connected. I guess they fell, he thought. While clearing the wreck, he was repeatedly trying to connect with Ayris and Ortis. After a few seconds he saw the ladder and tried to enlarge the hole. He saw firing machine guns into the air from the rocky area towards the sky. He looked where the bullet tracks were concentrated. A black object was moving rapidly from the sky to where it was located. The shots began to intensify upwards from inside the base. Weapons of all sizes and types lit the sky. He heard a familiar voice from Hanta's communication device.

Pilot 1: Scouts, be quick, this is a very hot one, you will only get one chance.

Hanta picked up speed again with this sound and started lifting the wreck faster. He saw the green and yellow lights illuminated from the stairs. He thought that they were still alive and managed to create a void the size of a human being. Shouted again from the communication system "Hurry up"

Meanwhile, the Leak fixed itself on the building against the shots from below and silenced the machine gun shots from the top by firing with plasma cannons.

Pilot 1: HURRY UP.

Pilot 1 rotated the Leak firmly in the air where it was, turning it towards Hanta with the cargo lid open and lowered by 1 meter. Alya was holding the upper report with one hand and extending it towards Hanta. Alya was constantly shouting "HURRY, HURRY" to Hanta. Hanta was in between. He would either leave Ayris and Ortis behind or die with them. Just as he was about to run towards the ship, with a sudden decision, he put his gun in his holster, rushed to the stairs, leaned and extended his arm through the hole he made. He came face to face with Ayris at that time. Ayris held out Ortis, which she had entered without waiting. Hanta got into Ortis's arm, supported and began to walk rapidly towards the ship. At that time, Ayris entered Ortis's other arm and they accelerated even more. Ayris and Hanta raised Ortis towards the ship. He caught Alya and Duran Ortis by their arms and quickly pulled them onto the ship. Then Hanta and Ayris quickly climbed the ship. Duran, when he got on the last men, turned to pilot 1, clenched his fist and lifted his thumb and said, "Let's go.''

Leak started to rise rapidly where it was. He had come into view of the enemy elements below. They started shooting again. Meanwhile, on the roof, the M Throne soldiers had started shooting.

Pilot 1 looked at the cargo compartment at the rear and said, "Buckle up, we will exit quickly." Everyone was in place. Alya helped power up the magnet of Ortis's belt. Finally, Alya turned on the magnet of her belt.

As the Leak quickly escaped from the range of the guns on the surface with its nose up, Pilot 1 was saying, "The magnetic motors are shutting down. The hyper motors are turned on", preparing the ship's food for the high G soon. Pilot 2 injected a chemical against high G into his wrist with an automatic syringe. Pilot 1 looked at Pilot 2 and said, "Don't faint this time." Pilot 2 checked the strength of his belt for the last time. Meanwhile, the missile alarm began to sound. Ground-fired missiles were approaching them rapidly. Pilot 1 pushed the lever in front of him and said, "Hyper engines are on." The ship began to shake rapidly. The speed was increasing as the shaking increased. They could not escape this G without leaving the atmosphere. After a few seconds the shaking stopped. They were out of the atmosphere and were rapidly moving away from the planet. Normally, the hyper engines would not turn on before leaving the atmosphere or even entering the outer orbit, because this could damage the ship or even destroy the ship because they were subjected to a high pull and friction before they could get into orbit. But here the planet's weak gravity and atmosphere had enabled them to survive this risky move.

Hanta looked for a moment into the locked-in cabin. Two bugs were missing. "Where are the insects?" He said, turning to Alya.

Alya: We used the bugs as target obfuscation. So we sacrificed. They saved our lives.

Denos was holding his left arm. Hanta did not ask Denos about this because he could guess. Alya unfastened her belt and stood up. She took an automatic syringe from the first aid box he took out from the back of the seats and injected it into Ortis's wrist. Then she put the syringe in the box and put it back. She turned again and took his place. Everyone had opened their visors. Not a single Ayris opened it.

Hanta looked at Ayris from his seat and asked, "Why didn't you answer below?" Ayris opened his visor with his hand and pointed to the damaged area under his helmet and said, "My communication is lost." Hanta regretted asking this. Because Ayris's armor was burned and pitted and damaged. Hanta could barely notice the traces of that relentless conflict over Ayris.

Hanta looked at Ortis. Ortis was snoring with his mouth up in the air and his eyes closed. Realizing that Hanta was looking at Ortis, Alya said, "I gave him a sedative."

Hanta Ortis had also suffered damage similar to that of Ayris' armor. Hanta looked around a little more. Watcher Drones were also fixed next to the insects. As he was leaning back, Ayris shook him head in a way that meant Hanta remembered, “You asked Hanta about something while descending from the rocks? Ayris continued, "Here I shot the 4 M throne soldier holding those rocks, burned the electromagnetic mines and prevented the seismic receivers from sending signals. Those soldiers were giving a report every 5 minutes. The time was up when we got off that cliff with you. be faster and don't be late. "

Hanta did not ask any more. Because he had the answer.

After a while, Pilot 1 returned to the cargo section and said, "M throne escorts are coming. They will accompany you while leaving their systems." In fact, by doing so, he was waiting for Ayris's orders.

Ayris replied from his seat, saying, "Tell me that the task is complete and we can find the way home." The pilot conveyed them exactly. After a while he returned to the cargo section and said, "The escorts are returning.''

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

Post by Gorvoslov » Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:13 pm

A Terma Story: Face to Face

Concept and Theme: 9 - Quite the assassination.
Form: 7 - Probably could have been a little shorter for what was in here.
Voice: 7 - Main part I found awkward was early on there's a lot of stuff in brackets that breaks up the active thought.
Style: 16 - The main problem for cerebral engagement was the length, it almost feels like this was partially an Armoury post introducing the equipment as well as the characters.
Presentation: 7 - There's a few times where the wording feels just plain odd.

Total: 39
Total (Tiebreaker): 46

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

Post by SirZaphod » Sat Jan 16, 2021 1:38 am

Concepts and theme: 7 Is it a story about an assassination or a manual about a hit teams equipment?

Form: 8 The stories flow is choppy.

Voice: 4 I found the structure of the story hard to read.

Style: 10 The story starts as an exposition dump about the technology of its world with a tactical team used to string one explanation to the next it then flips this concept at the third chapter. Little description is given of the world, objects, or people; if it were not for the included pictures I would have imagined generic minifigures in a white void.

Presentation: 2 The majority of the story, especially the latter chapters feels like a draft with awkward descriptions, repeating phrases, lack of quotation marks, and names mixed up.

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

Post by RedRover » Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:52 pm

I'm going to be candid here. I got asked to do this last minute and I am not in the space to read all of that while I also have to do some other entries. For fairness, I am going to average the other two judges' scores (rounding up) and place them as my own.

This looks awesome and its obvious that a lot of effort was put in.

Concept and Theme -- 8

Form -- 8

Voice -- 6

Style -- 14

Presentation (tie breaker) -- 7

Total -- 36 + 7 tie-breaker

Rover Points (redeemable at your nearest Chuck-E-Cheese) -- Max Effort

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

Post by Quantumsurfer » Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:10 am

Judges docking points for an overlong piece is totally within their purview.
2020 FicFest Contest Rules wrote:The entry should be between 500 and 3000 words.
I assume TEORI knew this going in but wanted to write a cool story anyway and didn't mind the possibility of losing points.

(This entry comes in at 9,267 words, over three times the max length).

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

Post by TEORI » Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:30 am

Thanks everyone for their comments. Actually, I shared this to share with you instead of putting it in the competition. I participated in the contest to add color.

The original of the story is in Turkish. It was thought and written in Turkish. Therefore, there have been many translation errors and meaning slips. I am sorry for this. It's just a binding story for the civilization I created.

Thanks again to everyone who can read and read without getting bored.

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Re: [BF20]A Terma Story: Face to Face

Post by Quantumsurfer » Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:38 pm

All to the good.

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