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Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:37 am
by stubby
Voin wrote:6. Does Minifig Ű cost include weapons/tools/accessories?
6. Tools and weapons are free in Unit Inches. You can bury a battlefield waist-deep in tools and weapons and the only thing that matters is how many minifigs (or other units) are on the field to use them.

Voin wrote:7.Does The Marksman add Arc to his weapon's effect when replacing damage w/ a d8?
7. Nope. This is a regular Expert/Specialty d8 (as per MOC Combat), not a Blast or SuperNatural d8.

Voin wrote:8.Does a d12 used for enhancing Move ignore obstacles?
8. On the surface, using d12s to Move through obstacles sounds like a great idea, but it's a more complicated question than it looks like. What happens when you roll low and don't make it through the obstacle? Are you destroyed? What about the stuff you're carrying? Obviously this is hilarious. But what if you decide to d12-Move enemies into obstacles? What if your own guy is carrying something you want destroyed and you move him into an obstacle? Move d12s become an easy munchkin insta-kill if they're not handled right. So I really want to do this but I need to make sure I have the right safeguards in place.

Voin wrote:9. How is "Diemon" pronounced? Is it "die-mon" or "dee-mon" or "dye-ee-mon", or something else? Or is this meant to cause arguments at the game? :P
9. I always say dye-mon, but I did include the dye-é-mon sidebar for kids with oversensitive parents. The more interesting question is what the plural should be: diemons or dicemon? Or dymyn? Or dimmies?

Voin wrote:10. Where can I find the write-ups for the specialties that haven't yet made it into the official rules in order to playtest them?
10. Almost all of the specialties have been discussed in different threads in the forum, but there's no central repository.

Voin wrote:11. Is the Ker-Modify table gonna be in the official rules?
11. Modifications are getting broken into a couple of sections:
  1. Unit Mods are under Unit Inches right now, since they aren't needed elsewhere.
  2. Alternate Damage is in a new section 8.7 which I've written out but haven't uploaded yet. It's a basic system that lets you swap any damage die for any alternate damage die of smaller or equal size, with a couple of new types (the Armor Piercing d6 in particular). For Close Combat weapons, the alternate damage only goes into effect for units with sufficient-sized Skill die; otherwise it's normal damage. For Explosives, players can swap for alternate Damage while still retaining the Explosion radius if it makes sense, and they can replace an Explosion die with a 2" Hazard Field that shrinks each turn afterward.
  3. The Customized Weapon stuff will also be going into 8.7, but I haven't written it out yet.
  4. Hey look at that, I finally figured out how to use the ordered list tag on this forum, ten goddamned years later
Voin wrote:12. What do we do in regards to Talismans for casters who aren't known to carry a lot of magic bling around? Say, Oriental monks or Green Lantern? Would there just kinda be a blob of green transparent bricks following him around & holding his SN dice?
12. For these guys you just break the rules and overload the talismans they have. As long as you get the other players to agree, everything should be fine. It makes it that much more dangerous when enemies steal the power ring or the secret martial arts techniques (which all super-powered monks carry at all times in instruction scrolls that are easily found after their deaths, as anyone who's watched 70s kung-fu movies knows).

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:33 pm
by stubby
Voin wrote:Well obviously, the unit suffers an existential crisis as they are rebuilt to now be merged w/ the obstacle.
Yeah, but everybody's first move is to teleport enemies 1d12" directly downward into the ground, which breaks a lot of funny consequence ideas.
Voin wrote:new question: can you use movement SN dice for negative movement on your own units, such as to cancel knockback, shoves, or unwanted move from a field hazard? Basically, an "I shall not be moved" use of the SN dice?

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:27 am
by Zupponn

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:42 am
by stubby
Voin wrote:Is it acceptable for a heavy shield to be built to cover more than 1 plane of defense (i.e., connecting 2 plates so that they form a "corner", covering, say, the front and one side of a unit), or would that call for a Heavy's Compensating ability to utilize?
It's all based on size. A medium-size two-panel shield is just a large-size one-panel shield that's bent in the middle, right? So you measure the size of the shield and go from there. A heavy shield large enough to cover the front and side of a minifig fully would be too big for 1", so it'd be a 2" Melee Shield (Use:4, Shielded x2) that would require all of a regular minifig's strength and both of his hands, or a Heavy's Compensating ability. You could also have a two-panel shield that fits more closely to the 1" limit that doesn't cover quite as much, and could be used as a regular heavy shield.

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:08 pm
by stubby
Voin wrote:Ok, so I'm a bit confused about how SND effects interact w/ each other - let's say I had a 3 SND damage effect called "pocket nuke" that had a d10 for the blast radius, a d12 for the armor bypass, & a d4 for setting things on fire - would the d12's "ignores Shielded status" also apply to the d10 & the d4?
Nope. This is more about the nature of Shielding than about the powers of dice; Shielding always works on all dice except d12s, whether SuperNatural or otherwise. It would affect the d10 and the d4 but not the d12.

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:56 am
by Tzan
So if a character solves problems with technology, is a techie engineer type, a skill tree could be called Rationalism.
A character who solves problems with brute force and weapons, could be Militarism. Or a different word?

So my question is, what if a character solves problems by gathering others to do the work, like a leader / politician using social skills, Socialism??

Rationalism describes the basic nature of an engineer.
What describes that nature for a military or social character?

I need to know for, a uhm, for a friend.

military - solves problems by himself, self reliant
tech - solves problems with machines, through inanimate objects, machine reliant
leader - solves problems by gaining the confidence of others to do it for him, other reliant
mage - poop reliant

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:28 am
by stubby
Voin wrote:Rationalism (Engineer)
Mad Science (Cybernetik)
Impersonation (Infiltrator)
Sabotage (Saboteur)
Vendetta (Assassin)
Sniping (Sniper)
All right, I'll go down the list here real quick. None of these are finalized yet, but these are the basic directions I'm going:
  • Rationalism: An Engineer is able to use a Construction Action to make a Weapon or Creation Mod on the fly (one negative and one positive), Rationalizing it with egregious technobabble (or his culture's equivalent).

    Mad Science: The Cybernetik can use a Construction Action to attach creature/minifig parts to machines, or machine parts to creatures/minifigs. He can't attach machines to machines or organics to organics, due to trade agreements with Medix and Mechanix.

    Impersonation: The Infiltrator is not placed on the field at the beginning of the battle. He's in disguise. Once during the battle, at any time, the player controlling the Infiltrator can select any non-unique minifig belonging to any player (a minifig is non-unique if its player started the battle with more than one minifig of that type; the minifigs don't have to look the same) and reveal that it was the Infiltrator all along. (The Infiltrator costs double because you have to pay for the Infiltrator and also for whatever enemy unit you end up removing.)

    Sabotage: If the Saboteur has access to part of a building, machine, vehicle, equipment, or any non-independent object or animal, he can use a Construction Action to attach a -1d8 Penny to it. The Penny works the same as a Benny, but in reverse; the Saboteur's player can spend the Penny at any time to subtract 1d8 from a roll or stat that involves the Sabotaged part. The Saboteur doesn't have to decide or declare what kind of Sabotage he's doing until the moment the Penny is spent, but he does have to say which part he's Sabotaging.

    Vendetta: Assassins are able to focus attacks on targets regardless of their meat shields. They can Single Out individual targets in Squads regardless of relative Size, and they circumvent RedShirts from all units except BodyGuards.

    Sniping: If a Sniper spends a whole turn Aiming with a Sniper Weapon, his shot is an Automatic Hit, regardless of how ridiculous or unlikely the shot is. He skips the Attack Roll, but the Damage may still be affected by Out of Range penalties. While Aiming, a Sniper is treated as an inanimate object and can always be Singled Out in a Squad.
Tzan wrote:Rationalism describes the basic nature of an engineer.
The basic nature of engineers is a myopic focus on atomistic reductive problematization and a slavish fetishization towards the ill-advised meddling that derives therefrom. "Rationalism" is what they call it, but that's not how any normal person would describe it.
Tzan wrote:So my question is, what if a character solves problems by gathering others to do the work, like a leader / politician using social skills, Socialism??
If Rationalism allows a minifig to Rationalize, then Socialism would allow them to Socialize, clearly.
Tzan wrote:military - solves problems by himself, self reliant
tech - solves problems with machines, through inanimate objects, machine reliant
leader - solves problems by gaining the confidence of others to do it for him, other reliant
mage - poop reliant
Right now the rulebook has the categories broken down as Civilians, Infantry, Operators, Support, Covert, Elite, and Command. Their respective abilities would be:
  • Civilians: Civilization
    Infantry: Infantilization
    Operators: Operatics
    Support: Supposition
    Covert: Coverage (particularly of the Your Butt specialization)
    Elite: Elision
    Command: Commanches

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:55 pm
by Tzan
Nice descriptions :D

Poop Mage consumes food, its processed into poo, solves problems by flinging poop at them, food reliant
Skill tree : Consumerism

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:47 pm
by stubby
Voin wrote:
Rationalism: An Engineer is able to use a Construction Action to make a Weapon or Creation Mod on the fly (one negative and one positive), Rationalizing it with egregious technobabble (or his culture's equivalent).
Say, weren't we gonna have an Engineer-type guy that could "Divert Power" to add +d8 to Speed/Range/Damage/Armor/etc, but if he crit-failed, that system became inoperable for the turn?
Yep, same guy. Doing it with mods has a similar effect, but thanks to the one positive / one negative system it means you have to specify where you're diverting the power from.
Voin wrote:I do recall the Commando's Field Training was supposed to be "any other unit's specialty, but at a d6 skill rating", right?
Yes, but only the specialties marked with a d8. Field training lets the Commando do expert (d8) level stuff at a competent (d6) skill level.
Voin wrote:Also, can I get a quick write-up of the Command Unit abilities? Obviously, we know what the regular Officer does, but I can't find (was gonna ask about these last night, but passed out before I had the chance to do so)
Inspiration (The Leader) - (search terms too generic)
Strategic Intervention (The Commander)
Megalomania (The Great Leader) - (all the relevant results just come back to me asking wtf it's supposed to be/where in the forms I can find it :roll: )
Inspiration allows the Leader to grant an Instant Benny to any unit he can see and communicate to, once a turn. If the Leader is captured or killed, the Enemy player who captured or killed him gets one -1d6 Instant Penny to inflict on the Leader's teammates, to account for demoralization.

Strategic Intervention lets the Commander call in strategic assets. Reinforcements, air strikes, orbital bombardment, secret factions of unreliable allegiance, etc. A clock starts as soon as any player scores First Blood - the more turns the Commander waits, the better his strategic options. I'm still trying a bunch of different things with this guy so I don't have the specifics yet. Most likely you will have to "buy" options at the beginning of the battle and they improve over time, but you lose them if the Commander is killed or captured.

Megalomania gives a Great Leader the ability to Scapegoat any number of his units who haven't taken their Movement or Action yet. This gives the player a number of Bennies equal to the Scapegoated units' current value in Unit Inches (be sure to subtract Size Damage, if any). Scapegoated units become traitors and are placed under control of an Enemy of the player's choice, and the Great Leader player's turn is paused so that the traitor units can take a turn immediately. If they survive, they'll afterwards move on the chosen Enemy's turns, with the rest of the Enemy forces.

Voin wrote:6: does a Sniper need to be aiming at a specific target, or can one station snipers defensively, & have them use their response action to shoot whoever comes in range?
The Sniper must be aiming at a specific target or location. "Whoever comes in range" isn't specific enough, but "anyone who steps through that doorway" is. The sniper can only cover as wide a field as can be seen through a sniper scope - within an inch or so of a target location.
Voin wrote:7: Is there any limit to how big of a weapon a Sniper can fire?
Yes. For now, I'm limiting Sniper Weapons to standard minifig Short-Ranged and Long-Ranged Weapons only, otherwise things get unbalanced real fast.

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:02 am
by stubby
Voin wrote:
stubby wrote:For now, I'm limiting Sniper Weapons to standard minifig Short-Ranged and Long-Ranged Weapons only, otherwise things get unbalanced real fast.
Well, w/ weapon & mods now, one can still make a fairly decent Antimateriel rifle while still staying w/i the bounds of "rifle", size-wise. So... Rocket-Sniping is still kosher, then? Just figured I'd ask, since w/ Brikwars more than other games, things are inherently encouraged to go from 0 to ridiculous extreme.
It'd take some work. Short and Long-Ranged Weapons are limited to a single d6, so you'd have to take a Heavy mod to give them enough oomph to convert 2d6 into 1d10. Then you've got to take a negative mod. You can't snipe with an Inaccurate weapon, and Limited Range would be cheating, because OOR has no effect on a Sniper (no Use penalty) firing Explosives (no Damage penalty). (You can't use a -1 Size Mod on a Size 1 weapon in any case.) So then you're stuck with Slow, which is still something, but doesn't change the fact that you've just made a missile sniper with range: infinity inches and accuracy: infinity.

So for now I have to say nope. Snipers are limited to unmodded Short and Long-Ranged Weapons (plus a scope) until I figure out if weapon mods can be balanced.
Voin wrote:Also - I noticed Mechanikal Aptitude is listed in Chapter 11 as costing only +1CP. Is this an update from Chapter 7, where it's still listed as costing +2 CP?
Chapter 11 stats are all still in flux, but most likely it will end up costing 1CP instead of 2.

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:05 am
by stubby
Voin wrote:I am aware, as I've used scoped rifles IRL before - one's breadth of vision is limited to about the diameter of a 25-cent piece. This is the reason why snipers in various militaries most often have spotters to call out targets (and keep the sniper from getting snuck up on) rather than working alone. Maybe there's some way we can have this interact w/ the Scout's Tracking?
It's possible - all allied units are aware of anything a Scout is aware of, thanks to unexplained mystical Scout communication abilites. But I'm not sure the Sniper should get the bonus for aiming at something for a whole turn if he hadn't been aiming at it for the whole turn.
Voin wrote:Another question: how would the Cybernetik's ability work w/ units that are already cybernetic/have prostheses?
Same way: he can attach bio parts to any mechanical part, and mechanical parts to any bio part. So over repeated cybering you'd end up with a daisy chain of biological and mechanical parts haphazardly stapled together.

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:22 pm
by Tzan
Military, their basic nature is brutality, Brutalism skill tree

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:18 pm
by stubby
Voin wrote:So will this add a dimension of Signal Warfare, w/ signal boosters, jammers, comms/ECM specialists, & so on?
In theory, but probably not in practice. The bonuses from Inspiration aren't really decisive enough to be worth either side devoting manpower to prevent or preserve communications.
Voin wrote:Sweet, General Powers.
That's what I'm going for.
Voin wrote:What would you "buy" the stuff w/ - just regular CP/Ü, or is there a special currency for strategic-level powers?
Oh god, we've already got two currencies and it's two more than we need. I don't want to add another and make things worse.

The way it's shaping up right now, you buy your strategic intervention at normal CP/Ü cost at the start of the battle (if you're buying reserve units, it's just the cost of the units; if you're buying strategic-level weapon strikes, you pay the cost of the weapon strikes - probably based on Rocket stats; still working out how to account for attack delivery).

Once First Blood is achieved, the clock starts ticking. Each turn, the Commander gets +1d6CP or +1Ü (depending on which budgeting system is in play) to spend on boosting the strategic intervention once he pulls the trigger. The trick is that he can only amplify what he's already got. If he's got a bunch of heavy cavalry in reserve, he can use the bonus to buy more heavy cavalry, but not light archers or something - only duplicates of units already in the reserve. If he's got a napalm strike saved up, he can buy more napalm or a more accurate strike or whatever, but he can't switch it up to a vulcan cannon strafing run.

Scouts are going to be particularly important for strategic weapon strikes, since they'll need a Marked target or else they get the -5 Firing Blind penalty. If you know the enemy Commander has got an orbital laser on standby, focus on taking out the Scouts.

There's potentially some room for ways to negate Strategic Interventions - "I have air superiority so you can't make your bombing run" etc - but I want to avoid that kind of thing as much as possible, unless it can be played out in action on the field somehow rather than as some abstract off-map fiat. Right now I'm thinking the magic of the Strategic Intervention is that the Commander has already accounted for all counterventions and managed to sneak this one specific thing through.

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:45 am
by stubby
Voin wrote:Maybe +1 Benny /turn for ppl who want even less bean-counting (again w/ the stipulation that they can only be spent on the thing you originally bought)?
That's actually a lot better, since it'd give players physical and tangible bricks to pile up rather than some abstract number on a sheet. The Bennies could be traded back in for 1d6CPs or 1U"s when the Strategic Intervention activated, or they could be kept as Bennies to give bonuses to the effect. And really, once you do that, you could include any other Bennies the player happened to have lying around when the effect went off.
Voin wrote:
stubby wrote:There's potentially some room for ways to negate Strategic Interventions - "I have air superiority so you can't make your bombing run"
Well, I assume that sort of thing will play out organically, rather than by rock/paper/scissors fiat, kinda like when I try to do a bombing run in C&C only to lose my planes to enemy AAA.
Maybe. My expectation is that most Strategic Weapon strikes are going to be off-map entirely - orbital bombardment, offshore battleship artillery, etc., without any on-map bombers to intercept. Even with the bombers I'm expecting high-altitude strikes (when used as Strategic Weapons rather than Reserve Units, I mean), because it seems less likely that players are going to build physical models for planes that are just in and out for a bombing run and don't even hang around for a full turn.

What I may end up doing is making a distinction between truly off-map strategic weapons and weapons that have to be delivered on-map. BrikWars doesn't currently have rules for planes (or the equivalent) that just do fly-by payload deliveries rather than sticking around for full engagement, although we've talked about it a couple times in the past. It does seem like a good addition though.
Voin wrote:6: does the Engineer, Cybernetik, & Saboteur's Construction Actions work like the the Mechanik's?
Only in that they happen during opponents' turns and can be interrupted. Of the three, only the Cybernetik is building anything new, and he's not performing grand assemblies - just attaching one part or device to an existing creation. The engineer is just fiddling some stats around, and you can't even tell what the Saboteur has changed until the penalty d8 strikes.
Voin wrote:7. Several of my friends & I want to do BW distance-play using a combination of Skype (or some other screen-share program) & LeoCAD. How would you recommend we handle Construction Actions, since I can't really fiddle w/ my units while my friend is moving their's & vice-versa?
I've never come up with a satisfactory answer to the construction-in-online-battles question in general, but also I'm not really familiar with how LeoCAD works in specific. Does it have a way to export and import models from the scene?

Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:39 am
by stubby
Voin wrote:See, I'm not entirely sold on that, b/c some "off-map powers" may be close-in by nature (your aforementioned cavalry charges, vulcan cannon strafing run).
A cavalry charge isn't an off-map weapon, it's reinforcements. That one is easy to categorize. They enter the map, engage the enemy, and stick around.

A purely off-map weapon, like an orbital laser satellite, is also easy to categorize. It never enters the field; only the weapon effect needs to be considered.

The strafing or bombing run is the tricky one, because it's somewhere in between. You have this third class of strategic assets that enter the field, deliver attacks, and then immediately exit again (e.g., a strategic bomber traveling at jet speed) or destroy themselves in the course of the attack (e.g., a cruise missile). How much rules/building effort is the appropriate amount for an asset that's discarded the instant it's used? Once the battle is in motion, Brikwars is solely concerned with tactical play; strategic elements matter only in terms of their immediate tactical effects, and don't even exist otherwise.

If you build your strategic bomber with all its crewmen and gun turrets and shield generators etc., and you bring it onto the field for its attack run, and whichever subset of opponents happen to be in position with Actions unspent get their Response Actions to try and stop it, and then you immediately take the bomber off the field again... that's it. How disappointed are you that none of the effort you put into building had the chance to matter for more than that brief moment?

On the other hand, if I write the rules so that the bomber is slow and stays on the field and has to directly engage the enemy, how is that not just a standard reinforcement?

If this were a computer game, players wouldn't care about one-and-done assets, but in tabletop play there's got to be a payoff for building effort or else it's a big negative. It's a tricky balancing act, and I've been thinking of different ways to address it.

What I'm working with right now, subject to change, is cooking up a new generic Strategic Weapon class for purely off-map weapons, and treating anything that has a physical presence on the field as Reinforcements, whether they're units that stay on the battlefield and engage or attack-run units that are just doing flybys. Units that survive their flybys go back into the Reinforcement pool and can be summoned again as many times as needed; Commanders can use their turn bonuses to re-arm, re-equip, and maybe even repair them. There'll probably be a one-turn delay on re-summoning them, especially if they're getting re-armed etc.

I like this idea because giving units the ability to leave and return opens up some other possibilities, like calling in supply convoys or withdrawing damaged units for off-map repairs, with the danger that any units off-map are lost forever if all your Commanders are neutralized, and the limit that entering units have to come from a side of the map that you "own" and not within 5" of any enemy units.

Voin wrote:So basically one of us (usually I) would have a battlefield set up in LeoCAD w/ all the units on it. I turn screenshare on in Skype so we can both see the battlefield. We're talking w/ each other in realtime, so he can tell me if he wants me to zoom in on a section of the battlefield.

Say in the name of sportsmanship, I give the other guy initiative.

Turn 1a: he instructs me on how to move his guys. If any attacks or other dicey actions are made, we roll either real dice or use a dice-roller program, & resolve the attacks. He can see over screenshare me rolling the e-dice & moving his units.

Turn 1b: I move my units, resolve dicey actions. Again, he can see in realtime over screenshare.

Turn 2: He instructs me how to move his units again, & so on

The issue is it bottlenecks b/c only one person can move units at a given time.
Ah, I see. Those are some tough bottlenecks.

If you could import/export models in an active scene, you can save out a separate file for the construction action, pass it to whomever's doing the constructing, pass the game file to whomever's doing the playing, and both work at the same time, importing the construction file back into the game file at the end of the turn. If you can't import/export, then I've got no suggestions. You might be stuck playing without Mechaniks.
Voin wrote:Also, while we want SPs to be ossum, I don't want them to be "instant killswitch", b/c that would be lame, cheap, & unfun for everyone (see: "nuklear option"). If my enemy does an artillery shelling, I expect some of my guys to hear the whistling shells & Bail for cover (whether that helps them or not is a different matter). Likewise, where's the fun in dropping a TacNuke if my Rad-Proof DethTruppers don't get to wade across the hellish landscape mopping up mutated survivors?
They'll be a weapon like any other, subject to the same costs and rules. Budget spent on a strategic weapon will come out of the budget you could have spent on regular forces or reinforcements, and the Attack roll will be against an appropriately high Use rating (probably equivalent to that of a Launcher large enough to cover the whole battlefield) and harsh visibility penalties (unless you've got a Scout Marking the target). In previous editions, strategic weapons had a giant Missed Shot multiplier, x4 or x5 if I remember right, so shots that missed, missed big, but I don't think I'll be going that extreme this time around. Most Strategic Weapon attacks will miss their target; the question will be by how much.
Voin wrote:Do scopes (officially) do anything, & are Alt damage effects allowed (i.e. incendiary, Armor-Piercing...aaand, that's about it, I think, for d6 or lower weapons)? Armor-piercing sniper is also quite a common trope, both in fiction & IRL.
Scopes are going to give a bonus to units who Aim, probably in the form of a d6 Blessing, at the cost of situational awareness (no Response Actions, no Close Combat Counters, treated as inanimate object for targeting). Alt-damage seems to be fine, but armor piercing isn't super useful for one-die ranged weapons, since there's no leftover damage to pierce with after the first d6 unless you're spending bennies or overskill to boost it.
Voin wrote:New question: can you have "multiple modes" for weapons in regards to the new custom weapons rules? Let's say I want a troop to have 3 different magazines of ammo for a combat-shotgun: regular buckshot (d8 blast), flechette (armor-piercing d6), & dragon's-breath (d4 flame) - are there any rules hoops to jump through, or can I just do that (obviously w/ the stipulation that I can only use one mode per turn)? Or if I have something like a Lucerne hammer & want to use the hammer end as regular damage & the pick side as AP?
In the past this has always been free, you just have to specify its multiple modes at creation. Depending on the setting, other players might want you to spend an Action to change loadout or something. Speed-loading a Mossberg would take more time and attention than flipping a toggle on a pulse rifle or reversing a hammer. Most of the time this is probably going to be more trouble than it's worth, so I'd save it for special cases and not just go around multi-moding everything for no reason.