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Simple Brik RPG Mechanics

Post by Gorvoslov » Fri Oct 29, 2021 6:59 pm

There was talks on the Discord a few months ago about using Lego Games Dice as a character sheet for some simple RPG mechanics, I put some polishing onto this random banter and came up with a ruleset, then tested it in my Hellhunt battle:


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Character Sheet: Lego Games Dice

Start of round: Everyone rolls their disheet.

Base stats: Regular minifig, 1 action, 1 move.
Individual tiles provide bonuses such as: +1 skill dice size (Yellow), +1 inch move (Green), +1 armour bonus (Blue). 

Putting numbers on the progression and adding capstones for going "All-in" on something:

Skill: 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d12+Blessed
Move: 5", 6", 7", 8", 9" and ignore encumberance from armour
Armour: 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 2d6, 2d8, 2d10, 2d12 (For wearing armour and rolling four armour pips)

Every time an enemy beats your armour value, you choose a tile on your active dice side to remove, and adjust stats accordingly. If you have no tiles to remove and take lethal damage, you're DOWNED as per a dead hero. This means you're out of the fight, but only actually dead if the character was boring anyways.

After a battle, you can replace your tiles as you see fit on your open studs. Additionally, you gain one tile of your choice from the basics for each enemy you killed in the previous battle.

Special Tiles: Printed tiles can grant additional things like "Thief abilities", "Move speed converts to flight", "Add a level of deflection", "bonus action", "Skill rolls are blessed". These still only count as one when damage is taken. Special tiles are gained from magic items, and can be used against you if you drop them for whatever reason. If you drop them, you also immediately lose the tiles granted by them (Even on faces not currently "active"). Some items are "Class-specific" where they provide more tiles if a unit matches the class of the item.

Heroic tile: a 2x2 tile grants a heroic feat for that turn, in addition to boosting your stats to hero levels. However, this takes up an entire dice face and you still need to roll success on the feat. It's considered unsporting to do damage on a heroic feat failure in this system. Heroic tiles are gained when PLOT happens to grant you one.

Debuff tiles: Status effects add a debuff tile to an open face on your dice (If the active face has an open stud, it goes on that face, otherwise it goes on any open stud. If there are no open studs at all, a positive tile on the active face must be replaced. If the active face is all debuffs, a positive tile on any other face must be replaced. If all tiles on the dice  are debuffs, congratulations, somehow you're not already dead and instead you can ignore the debuff). When you roll a face with a debuff on it, you immediately remove the tile and take whatever the impact is for that turn (-1 skill dice size, cursed skill rolls, etc...)

Potions/Buffs - Consumable tiles: Potions are single use items that add a transparent tile of the appropriate colour for the duration of the current encounter, and some Buffs can have the same effect. You may add it to any face of your choosing that has the appropriate open studs. These are all removed when replacing regular tiles.

Traps: Any damage/debuff caused by a trap stays until the end of the next combat/zone/session/whatever area breakdown you want, unless you sleep. Sleeping fully heals always, just like in the real world.

What was found from the test battle was:
Skill dice buffing both to hit and to damage is absurdly overpowered in this system.
Move is worthless, and should be adding 5" per progression.
Armour: Stat progression is good, but with 4 pips on your dice, it's largely not necessary unless overkill damage is allowed to knock off multiple pips. Even then, a hero with 5hp per turn is a LOT to break through. Also apparently I might need to add more buffs to each level as per core rules.

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