Space Ship Specialties

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Space Ship Specialties

Post by bann154 » Tue May 24, 2016 10:56 am

So I've been thinking about large creations like spaceships (perhaps to much thinking?) but I've seen that they really lack in equiptment and gear that will help them survive and make a battle more interesting so lets begin shall we?

Reflector Shields:
Almost every ship is equipped with some form of extra protection in the form of energy shields. Reflector shields count as being 1/2 of the structure size of the creation they are equipped with and have an armor of 10 every time that their armor value is overcome the creation loses 1 shield. At the start of the controlling players turn they may attempt to bring back up the shields this costs 2 power per shield and is considered a quick action.

FTL Drive:
Most ships need to make it from point A to point B rather quickly as such they are usually equipped with a Faster than lite drive that catapults them over great distances or transports them to another dimension temporarily to travel faster. FTL drives allow any ship to make a move up to 4 times its speed and with this move they may ignore terrain and other ships/enemies but lose 1/2 of their power for that turn.

Now those are custom rules now not everybody is down for that type of stuff but in my opinion these speed up the game rather than just using supernatural dice for everything and dealing with massive amounts of fumble dice. Now for the purest there is this option. (I did not come up with the idea i simply moded it if i remember correctly Voin did if anyone remembers/knows please tell me so i may give credit where it is due.)

Ship Power Core:
The vehicle has its size with of supernatural D6 and loses 1 dice every time it is reduced by 1 size. These dice may be used for movement damage for weapons shields etc. However when a die is fumbled it must be used to damage the vehicle it may not be used to buff things or debuff things.

Thanks for looking! C&C is welcome and appreciated.
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Re: Space Ship Specialties

Post by Maddox » Tue May 24, 2016 2:21 pm

FTL seems a bit... well, pointless. Depends on sci-fi setting, though. Realistically speaking, FTL should be hundred times of normal flight speed, and I don't think such speeds would make any sense in combat. Like we don't have much army transport systems, supply trains etc, I don't think we'd need FTL in Brikwars' scale.
You could have some kind of special warp thrust or something like that to achieve same effect. Just calling it FTL doesn't make much sense.

I use deflector shield system like this:
Ships have number of Energy Shields on them, giving the ship Shielding against as many dies of damage as there are "levels" of shield, or different shields. Any hit that manages to get through them would normally just do Size Damage, but with this system, first time the ship would take Size Damage, it instead loses one layer of Shields. After Shields are gone, it takes Size Damage normally.

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