Idea for mining and building/training units

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Idea for mining and building/training units

Post by General Hawke » Wed May 31, 2017 4:00 pm

This idea is meant to add longer battles to brikwars, and more importantly, building and training units, vehicles and buildings. The mining works like this: Players (or the host) place recourse deposits on the map, that miners can use to get resources. A miners has to be within 1" of a deposit in order to mine from it. You roll 1d6 unless you are using this miners unit, and then you use a d8. If you roll a 3 or 2, you don't get anything, and you keep rolling. If you roll a 4+, you get one resource (if you roll a 6+, you get an extra resource. This counts as your overskill Benny for this unit). A standard minifig can hold 5 resources, without any help. Vehicles and crates can hold more than this, and vehicles get more for each success. If you roll a 1, you lose all the resources that unit is carrying, and you also stop rolling, that unit cannot do anything else on a turn. If you roll a 6 or more, you can pick up half of the dropped resources, but if you can't roll a 6, they're gone forever. You have to return these to the base to get them. I'm thinking that by default, each resource counts as 1CP, but this can be decided by the players. For training units, my idea is that the time it takes to train a unit is the amount of CP it costs, divided by ten, rounded to the nearest whole number, of turns, with the minimum being one. I'm thinking of a forum battle that begins in a similar way to StarCraft, with four mining units, and you also get (amount to build a miner unit) to build each unit.

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Re: Idea for mining and building/training units

Post by Darkstorm » Wed May 31, 2017 4:36 pm

interesting enough.
It would most certainly be for MUCH longer gameplay, as regular battles take long enough in themselves. Only for hardcore players? decent idea though. :tiger:
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Re: Idea for mining and building/training units

Post by stubby » Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:57 am

We've already got some ideas cooking for this, if you look at the beginning of Chapter 11:
In-Game Construction Point Use

Casual RPG
- Defeated enemies drop half their value in CP for heroes to collect, even (or especially) if it makes no sense for them to be carrying anything.
- Heroes use their collected CP to buy unit upgrades and new equipment at any time.

Scenario RPG
- Enemies defend resource and treasure caches equal to half their CP value for heroes to capture by force or steal through guile.
- Heroes spend CP with whatever shops, merchants, and training sites they find within the scenario.

Real-Time Strategy
- A Worker working at a resource-gathering point for a turn collects a Skill roll's worth of CP in resources, which must then be delivered to their faction. (Other minifigs working at a resource point collect a measly 1CP per turn.)
- Mechanix spend collected CP to create new units and equipment on-site. Commanders spend CP to call in strategic reinforcements from Spawners and controlled edges of the map.

Strategic Campaign
- Factions battle over collectible CP resource caches and Workers, and compete for bonus CP-granting objectives. After each battle, each able-bodied Worker produces their Skill roll's worth of CP for the faction controlling them.
- Surviving forces carry over between battles in the campaign. Players use collected CP to buy new units, repairs, and upgrades between battles.
It wouldn't have to be an unusually long battle, depending on how you limited the resource gathering locations and the number of workers on each team.
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