Souls-like BrikWarRPG?

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Souls-like BrikWarRPG?

Post by Texhnophille » Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:01 am

Have anyone considered making a souls-like tabletop RPG? I know there are official Bloodborne and Dark Souls tabletops but I haven't been able to get my hands on them yet. So, what is your idea for a souls-like BrikWarRPG?
As for me, I think the main difference of a souls-like from other role-playing games is faster combat, so the BW version should also have more dynamic battles. I had thought about stuffing more Move and Major Actions in one turn and ended up with the concept of Stamina Die. Since it's an RPG, there should be stat progression, right? Well, Stamina is one of those stats. Let's say the starting character Stamina is d4. This means that at the beginning of each turn he rolls d4 and the number rolled equals the amount of actions he can take during that turn, be it moving up to his full mobility, attack an enemy, block, dodge, operate some mechanism and so on. You can technically spend all of your actions just attacking your enemies or sprinting in hopes of disengaging. On top of that, after rolling Stamina Dice all sides of conflict perform their actions simultaneously. That said, such system requires having units with plenty HP and I think you can take the Damage-Armor dynamics from BrikWars and change Armor into HP, then multiply numbers by three or something like that.
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