(WIP) Shivarian Language/Alphabet

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(WIP) Shivarian Language/Alphabet

Post by BriksKrieg » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:03 pm

Right now, I'm testing some things out. Suggestions are welcome. I've based the language sounds as supposed to be German and Russian esc sounding, I guess we shall see!

Common phrases during combat:
"Garand fjller! Ai len lostov!"
"Rifle fire!! In the building!"

"Korvada, pav lar!"
"Tank, look out!"

"Lekinda schtadtet!"
"Holy Shit!"

"Autogarand, yaken fogeh!"
"Machine-gun, take cover!"

"Yat'zein mi Corando." (or "Sir")
"Yes Captain!"(or "Sir!")

"Blora kyda!"
"Bitch fuck!"

Military ranks:
Grefkad: Private
Grefkad-Letal: Private Major (Private First Class)
OberstGrefkad: Lead Private
Kepal: Corporal
Schnetzen: Sergent
Obstad: Lieutenant
Obstad-Letal: Lieutenant Major (First Lieutenant)
Corando: Captain
Letalvorad: Major
Löwadhauf: General

Ains: one (1)
Zöwe: two (2)
Tre: three (3)
For: four (4)
Fuaf: five (5)
Zow: six (6)
Fedda: seven (7)
Beta: eight (8)
Nen: nine (9)
Dowd: ten (10)
Dowd-et-ains: eleven (11)
Dowd-et-zöwe: twelve (12)
Dowd-et-tre: thirteen (13)
Dowd-et-for: fourteen (14)
Dowd-et-fuaf: fifteen (15)
Dowd-et-zow: sixteen (16)
Dowd-et-fedda: seventeen (17)
Dowd-et-beta: eighteen (18)
Dowd-et-nen: nineteen (19)
Zvod: twenty (20)
Tvod: thirty (30)
Fovod: forty (40)
Fuvod: fifty (50)
Zovod: sixty (60)
Fevod: seventy (70)
Bvod: eighty (80)
Nvod: ninety (90)
Dvod: one-hundred (100)

"Et" means "and"

More common words:
"Yat" - Yes
"Net" - No
"(to the) left" - (dubvad) wex
"(To the) right" - (dubvad) viemer
"Pav lar" - Look out
"Go" - Dabai
"Car" - Byed

Other rules and word add-ons:
" 'zein ", is only used when talking to military officer, or soldier in uniform of a higher rank or command. Some civilians use it too when talking to military personal, but aren't aren't required as they are not military personal

I'm making an actual list of words and tenses that I will upload
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Re: (WIP) Shivarian Language/Alphabet

Post by Bragallot » Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:30 pm

Shivarians seem very excitable. :)

The phrases sound good to me, and I can understand German pretty well (just not that fluent speaking or writing it 'cos I never need it).

'mi' sounds more Italian to me, or is it based on Russian as well? And 'fjiller' more Danish, but what do I know? In any case it's probably not bad if you're drawing from more than 2 languages, 'cos almost all modern day languages are a melting pot of different languages.

Can't guarantee the native speakers won't mock you or the Russians won't take you to the Gulag though, but who's afraid of that when you have an army of plastic Shivarians by your side? :) Fjille euar! :fist: ("Shoot them!")

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Re: (WIP) Shivarian Language/Alphabet

Post by Texhnophille » Fri Jul 27, 2018 2:30 am

Being a Russian myself, what I see here is mostly German. To balance things out more towards Russian sounding, I suggest using some more "сука блядь" as a starter :D

In all honesty, though, I don't care how it sounds. The fact that you want to go as far as to make your faction speak their own language is pretty amazing as it is.
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Re: (WIP) Shivarian Language/Alphabet

Post by TheCraigfulOne » Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:34 pm

Texhnophille wrote:The fact that you want to go as far as to make your faction speak their own language is pretty amazing as it is.
Yeah, this is showing some serious dedication. :tiger: :tiger: :tiger:

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