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Post by Gorchek » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:49 pm

The xp system I use in my campain needs some book keeping, but I find it works if you want a slow progess over many games.

Each time a mini causes a wound on an ennemy (either taking down a mini or causing a wound on a construction), the mini gains an xp. When the mini has as many xp as it's current cp cost (not counting equipment), it gains a 1 cp ability (ex: a normal mini manages to kill 4 opponents in a battle, at the end of the battle it would "level up", and could gain the "Thick Skin" advantage, gaining +1 armor).

Thats the basic. You should customize it for your own play style.
For exemple, if you have special objectives, the mini completing the objective could get a point.
If you use many squads (and don't shift mini from one squad to another), you could total the xp for the whole squad, and give the level up advantage to the entire squad (although, you might want to halve the level up cost, and add that the squad benefits only if at least half the original members survives).

Oh, and the list of advantage is in the 2001 rules, but with some additions related to my own house rules.

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Post by 501stCadians » Sun Feb 17, 2008 2:32 pm

EvilTobbacconist wrote:Gawd, has this topic died or something? Anyway, anyone have any idea about a sort of EXP system to use? Cause I've been thinking about possible stat increases for minifigs that do extemely well, e.g. killing tons of minifigs single handedly, surving several consectutive battle, killing a hero with a hand weapon/ random object. So yeah, wadda you think?
The thread...IT'S ALIVE!(Muhaha.) :D Anyways...I'm sort of stealing from warhammer 40k here but howabouts for the final battle(or any battle in between)you use...EVERY SINGLE MINI-FIG YOU HAVE!(DUN DUN DUN!!!)

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