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Special Abilities Compendium

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:13 am
by Rev. Sylvanus
Now that I've gotten some feedback, I'm just going to dedicate this thread to maintaining a running list of special abilities my friends and I will be using for our games. For anyone interested, many of these abilities are ported over or inspired by Mordheim (our brikwars battles and "lvl-up" system also reflect that game).

CP Costs, thanks to stubby's suggestion are now fluid, based mostly on how many a hero/champion purchases or already has. The first special ability costs 1CP, the second 2CP, the third 3CP, ad infinitum. Use your own judgment and don't get hung up on this if you just want a particular ability to add to a squad of your guys.

Special abilities are roughly broken down into types. Feel free to add suggestions, or abilities of your own to add to a list like this.

Also a big thanks to all who contributed ideas to the list, including: Crazyhorse, Ross_Varn, and Lordofdragons

Without further ado:

Homebrew Special abilities

Take All Comers (+1/+2 CP): In CC, this fig may spend an action to roll one attack against each reachable fig in his front arc (the attack must hit friend and foe). Moreover, he receives no skill penalties when enemies gang-up on him.

Overwhelming Initiative (+1/+2 CP): this minifig is considered Blessed on it's first round of CC. This skill becomes "re-usable" after spending full turn out of CC.

Side-step (+1/+2 CP): this minifig has a knack for avoiding blows at just the right moment. When hit by an attack in CC, roll a D6; on a 6, the attack fails. Critical hits negate this special ability.

Have-at-You (+1/+2 CP): receive no skill penalties when using the parry-riposte combination.

I Slay Dragons (+1/+2 CP): This minifig's prowess at slaying monsters is legendary; when he deals damage to an MOC, multiply that damage by the creation's Structure Level.

The Karate Fig (+1/+2 CP): This minifig's hands and legs count as hand weapons (normal rules for multitasking/multiple appendages apply). On a successful shove, this fig may instead cause his opponent to become disrupted.

Training (+1/+2 CP): this minifig may select a weapon group at the beginning of battle (e.g. CC, ranged, heavy, mounted, etc). She gains +1 to all rolls with a selected weapons category.

Legendary Duelist (+1/+2 CP): This hero's fighting skills are leet. In close combat, this minifig may never be attacked by more than one opponent and is considered Blessed in CC. Once per turn, she must issue an indeclinable challenge to another minifig within 12”.

Finish Him (+1/+2 CP): this minifig can throw all of his weight behind a single blow. Instead of his normal attacks, he may opt to strike last (after all opponent attacks) with a single attack in CC. If the strike hits, it deals double damage and may not be parried.

Shield Smash (+1/+2 CP): who says a shield isn’t a weapon?!?! This minifig may use his shield to shove opponents who are twice his size; all successful shoves with a shield deal 1d6 damage.

Circle of Death (+1/+2 CP): while using a “big” CC weapon and un-mounted, this warrior may spend an action to execute a sweeping blow against all minifigs within 2” of her; units with full concealment are immune to this attack.

Shooting Skills
Ranged Weapon Master (+2 CP): Uses ranged and thrown weapons only (may still use improvised weapons). Is considered Blessed when making ranged attacks and deals an extra +1d6 Bonus damage for Ranged Combat.

Sniper (+1/+2 CP): +2 Bonus to Skill and Damage when rolling for Ranged Combat. -2 to Skill when rolling for Close Combat.

Double Tap (+1/+2 CP): This minifig may fire twice with a projectile weapon that lacks burst fire. Additional targets may not be more than 2” apart; +1 UR for all shots fired.

Gunz Blazin (+1/+2 CP): may dual-wield pistols and may use “pistols” in CC. Shots taken this way may be parried as normal.

Eyes of a Hawk (+1/+2 CP): minifig adds 4” to the range of all projectile weapons he wields.

Bull’s-Eye (+1/+2 CP): ignores cover modifiers produced by buildings and/or terrain as long as any part of the target is visible; not usable against Stealthy units.

Master Thrower (+1/+2 CP): may use up to three thrown weapons each turn against any targets in range.

Both Eyes Open (+1/+2 CP): when making a ranged attack, this minifig may add the difference between his skill roll and his weapon's use rating to damage.

Exhale Slowly (+1/+2 CP): while this minifig is aiming with a ranged weapon, it is considered blessed for all shots taken.

Head Shot (+1/+2 CP): this minifig has spent too much time playing Call of Duty. While making a ranged attack, he may take a -2 skill penalty to shoot an opponent’s vitals; if the shot is successful, it ignores the armored status.

I’m Legolas, Bitch! (+1/+2 CP): if she isn’t, this minifig should be an elf! She may fire one ranged weapon in CC without penalty (multi-shot weapons may only be fired once). Shots made like this in CC may not be parried.

Never Miss Twice (+1/+2 CP): When using a ranged weapon, this minifig halves the UR against targets at which she previously shot.

Strafing Champ (+1/+2 CP): This minifig receives ranged combat skill penalties for his own Fast Movement; he may also combine a SINGLE ranged attack with a sprint.

Strength Skills
Mighty Warrior (+1/+2 CP): when making a close combat attack, this minifig may add the difference between her skill roll and her weapon's use rating to damage.

Hardy Boy (+1/+2 CP): attacks do -2 damage to this minifig.

Capable Athlete (+1/+2 CP): this minifig ignores movement penalties imposed by weapons and armor; in addition, sprinting does not use up her action for the turn (may still only sprint once).

Bulging Biceps (+1/+2 CP): this minifig has mastered the art of using every "inch" of his weapons effectively and does not need to skirmish while wielding a two-handed weapon. May combine a two-handed weapon and a shield while not mounted.

Fervent Charge (+1/+2 CP): all CC weapons count as charging weapons (not just pointy ones). +2 CC bonus to skill, damage, and armor when charging.

To the Last Breath (+1/+2 CP): When this minifig is dealt lethal damage, do not dismember him; at the end of this turn he gains an extra move and an action to be used immediately. Once that action is completed the minifig “dies” as normal.

Speed Skills
Off-the-Block (+1/+2 CP): +1d6” to sprinting distance.

Deft Striker (+1/+2 CP): unless the opposing minifig’s weapon is more than 1” longer, this hero always strikes first in CC.

Dodgey (+1/+2 CP): this minifig has a knack for avoiding projectiles at just the right moment. When hit by a ranged non-AOE attack, roll a D6; on 6, the attack fails. Critical hits negate this special ability.

Operation Recon (+1/+2 CP): this fig puts the "key" in sneaky. Hold him in reserve until the end of any opponents first turn. Then, place him anywhere on the battlefield at least 8" from the nearest enemy. Until he takes an action or moves, this minifig has total concealment.

Supreme Cowardice (+1/+2): this minifig makes a despicable art out of running away. While withdrawing, this minifig incurs no free counterattacks from enemies.

Free-runner (+1/+2): This minifig is a monkey-man! He may leap over objects up to 2” tall without taking any movement penalties; in addition, he may leap through windows and spaces half his size as long as his movement ends in open space.

Hide and Seek (+1/+2): he loves this game! While this minifig has full concealment, he may take a full move and remain concealed so long as his ending location is out of enemy sight.

Magick/Aptitude Skills
Force of Ego (+1/+2 CP): This skill may only be taken by minifigs who perform stupendous feats; so overpowering is her ego that she adds +1 to all Stupendous-Feat-Related Rolls.

Infinite Pockets (+1/+2 CP): This minifig has the uncanny ability to stash useful equipment all over himself. As a 2" quick action, this minifig may always pull a hand weapon, short ranged weapon, or other small useful tool out of the recesses of his garments.

The Switcheroo (+1/+2 CP): this minifig is cunning and thievish. While within 1" of a target, he may spend an action to make a use 5 theft check and steal an item. Reduce the difficulty by 2 if he switches the item with one of his own (yes, may be used to steal things out of other minifigs' hands).

Stop Trying to Hit Me… (+1/+2 CP): As long as he is not unconscious, this minifig may attempt to parry all incoming projectiles (not just slow ones). His “sixth sense” is keen enough that all ranged weapons take a -1 penalty to hit him.

Dark Ritual (+1/+2): This hero has formed a blood pact with one of the Ancient Ones. On his first turn he may voluntarily slay one of his own followers; if he does, the hero chooses one skill from the skill list. Until the end of battle, the hero may use that skill.

Aura Special Abilities (Auras may only be taken by Heroes; auras that boost the same ability do not stack)
Aura of Redbull (+1/+2 CP): all friendly minifigs within 12" gain +2" movement.

Aura of Competence (+1/+2 CP): all friendly minifigs within 12" gain +1 skill bonus.

Aura of Adrenaline (+1/+2 CP): all friendly minifigs within 12" gain +1 to CC attack damage.

Aura of Kevlar (+1/+2 CP): all friendly minifigs within 12" gain +1 to armor.

Aura of the Glory-hog (+1/+2 CP): this minifig gains +1 to all skill, armor and damage rolls; the size of her spotlight syndrome gives all allies within 12" -1 to all skill, armor and damage rolls.

Aura of Inspiration (+1/+2 CP): this minifig suffers -1 penalties to skill, armor and damage in order to grant all allies within 12" +1 to all skill, armor and damage rolls.

Female Special Abilities
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (+1/+2 CP): household cooking and cleaning objects count as hand-weapons for this swarthy female. She gains +2 to all rolls against any chauvinist minifigs who ask for a sammich.

Bitchslap (+1/+2 CP): in CC, this minifig may counterattack with a use: 3 slap to the face that strikes first. Slapped opponents are disrupted (at least one hand must be free to slap).

Pirate Special Abilities
Gold-lust (+1/+2cp): All corsairs w/in 12" of gold or valuables must immediately move to protect, secure, or steal them; the corsairs gain +1 to all rolls while protecting their booty.

My Swabby (+1/+2CP): this corsair may roll skill against any outnumbered opponent within 6.” If the corsair succeeds, the opposing minifig becomes the corsair’s slave. The newly acquired fig is now a subjugated member of the corsair’s forces.

Grog-n-Song (+1/+2CP): as long as his “Creator” is raucously belting out a pirate song, all rolls made against this fig take a -1 penalty. If rum is involved, increase the penalty to -2.

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:29 pm
by stubby
All of these advantages look roughly equivalent to me, definitely none worth more than +2CP. I'd think about switching the costs around so that an ability's cost is determined by how many abilities you already have: +1CP for the first, +2 for the second, +3 for the third, and so forth. Multiplied by Size", if your character's something bigger than the standard minifig.

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:51 pm
They look really good I especially like Sniper and Have at you.

I would change ,I <3 terrain, into: Gets bonus when on character apropiate terrain (rambo=jungle, Super Slayer Priest=holy ground, Gladiator=arena)

I like skills that have advantages and disadvantages the most because they bring more depth and tactic to the game.

Also stubby has a really good point.

What about:

Bloodthirst cp2+: every time this minfig kills an enemy he gets +1 to all damage rolls but for every friendly kill he gets -2 to all damage rolls because of feeling guilty.

Secret agent weapon straps cp2: Like the secret agents in the movies this minifig has hidden weapons all over his/her body. This minifg can always whip out a pistol or knife/handweapon but it costs an action.

Quick shooter cp2+ (for special forces, cowboys or bounty hunters):
Ranged attack actions are always taken before enemy response actions, Ranged response actions are always taken before enemy actions)

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:35 pm
by Lt. Krus
I agree with stubby, they are a bit overpriced, but they are somthing I will definitly take into account.

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:12 pm
by Rev. Sylvanus
I appreciate the input so far. If they feel overpriced, it is because for most of them I was just taking a rough stab in the dark based on concepts from Ch. 7 in the rulebook.

Crazyhorse: I like that secret agent skill quite a bit. Nice one.

Stubby: I also like the scaling idea for our RPG element. At the moment I'm thinking the # of skills possible for a fig will be determined by either his type (trooper, champion, hero) or his skill (1d6: up to 2, 1d8: up to 3, etc).

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:58 pm
by lrdofbricks
i like how you do this so that all of the traits are balancing.

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:22 am
by Rev. Sylvanus
Not sure what you mean lrdofbricks...

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:52 pm
by lrdofbricks
read D&D unearthed arcana. the traits have a positive affect with an offsetting negative affect, to make people better but not overwhelmingly powerful. k9nda the same thing in affect

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:08 am
by Rev. Sylvanus
I've read UA, i understand now. yeah, positive and negative abilities can be good for adding flavor/personality.

Original Post has been updated with numerous special abilities including: The Karate Fig, I Slay Dragons, a section of Auras, Sorcerous Training, Force of Ego, Infinite Pockets (thanks crazy horse), and Operation Recon,

Thanks for the great feedback everyone.

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:46 pm
by RagnarokRose
Training: Minifig gains +1 to all rolls with a selected weapons category. [I.E. everything from all sizes close combat and ranged to heavy weapons to mounted weapons, can only choose one]

I usally use this for elite units, gunners, and the like.

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:52 pm
by muffinman42
I've made some abilitys referencing shows that most of you have never seen. Though the first show I reference I think is shit.

"god" 777cp:
the ability too unconsciously change the universe. results varie wildly Roll 2 D20, 2 20's would be highly beneficial too your team. 2 1's would be highly beneficial too your enemy.

Creater control X+2cp:
requires at least One supercomputer on the map under control of your side. this ability allows the Unit with it too use a supercomputer too create new abilitys for one hero on the map. the power and number of abilitys are defined by the value of X. for comparison :
1 would allow for wrist daggers but 30 would allow for things like duplication or massive blades.
The target hero can have no weapon related ability apart from this one. gymnasiks are fine.

References gone and NO change too the second. the first I changed too be worded better.

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:08 pm
by Rev. Sylvanus
I appreciate the reply and all, muffinman...

but to offer up two rules based on shows that you are pretty sure no one here has heard about seems a little...counter-productive

...kind of like a doctor telling a patient about this cool treatment he knows for some obscure rainforest disease that the patient most certainly doesn't have...

but thanks?

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:55 am
by muffinman42
Rev. Sylvanus wrote:I appreciate the reply and all, muffinman...

but to offer up two rules based on shows that you are pretty sure no one here has heard about seems a little...counter-productive

...kind of like a doctor telling a patient about this cool treatment he knows for some obscure rainforest disease that the patient most certainly doesn't have...

but thanks?
their still perfectly usable too everyone who has never seen the shows. I can genericness them if you want. It would change 0 of the mechanics and the reference would remain but with out saying it's there.

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:44 pm
by Lordofdragonss
I see some great ideas here! And this is really good thread at all.

Here are some I made:

Pure power: (3CP)
The owner gets +X dmg to current attack roll where X is the diffrence between actual skill roll to weapon skill rating.
Also owner of this ability is stronger than normal minifig, so he can pick up 2x6 without help.

For example:
I rolled 5 for skill
And 3 for damage
My weapon use rating is 2

So 5 - 2 = 3 more damage
Final damage 3+3.

I use this thing on my Orc and I must say it works perfect!

Super luck (Aspecialy for Gladstone Gander) +6CP
Every time you will get Critical succes throw 2 bonus dies instead of 1.
Also reroll if you get a Critical failures. Lucky person would never get it.

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:24 pm
Some more skill suggestions:

This minifg can perform a weapon disarm or a smooth "switcheroo" and take the item of any minifig that is in close range of him (either CC or 1") with a use of 5.
optinal: The minfig must replace the taken item with any item in his own hands if he has any.

Bitchslap (for female or uhm extraordinary d a p p e r gentleman):
This minfig may perform a special CC attack when attacked with a use of 3. when successful the target becomes disrupted.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (female only :D) :
Any household cleaning or cooking object becomes a hand weapon in the hands of this cranky family supporter.

Extreme Dimmieness -2cp: All dice rolls are critical failures atomaticly and mostly end up in suicide or friendly mass murder (depending on the weapon). But when a 1 is rolled this ends up in a Super critical succes (because everybody knows -- is +) wihich causes the minifg do massive damage on accident tripling the damage of the weapon used.

Dice worshipper (for all kinds of mages, clerics, cultists of the dice):
The cultist gets to add -/+ 1D6 to any dice roll for any unit within 6"as long as he has a channeling item (staff, skull, crystal) with no use roll. If he does not have a channeling item, the range of the attack becomes the use rate.
(on a roll of 1 the minifig dies in a fashion appropiate to his cult gods)

All these skills could probably be written shorter but I was a bit lazy.