The Abandoned Road- Modular Landscape

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The Abandoned Road- Modular Landscape

Post by Swordsalmon » Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:52 am

So, this has been a near year-long project for me. Months ago, based on discussion about Ragnablock, I felt that it'd be cool to build an actual modular landscape. Of course, then I had to train for three months, with no Lego. :( Anyways, I got back a while ago, placed some orders, and finally finished this project. It's a 32x32 modular landscape of an abandoned road. I hope to one day expand it with another 32x32 module, but for now, this is what I have.

Overwatch. Here, you can see the road, being reclaimed by the hills and vegetation.

The 'front' of the road. As you can see, it's in far nicer condition here! You can also see two of the technic 1x2 bricks to attach to other modules.

The 'end' of the road. I tried to break up the road as the landscape moved, showing how it's being gradually broken down and reclaimed by disuse.

Here's one of the sides. The two light blue pieces are placeholders for technic bricks. I forgot to replace them prior to taking pictures!

Each side has two 1x2 bricks to connect with other modules, just like the building modulars. I wanted this to be a simple, but fairly attractive alternative to the other types of landscapes that are built. After about half a year (Three spent without Lego, unfortunately), I have finished! ^_^
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Re: The Abandoned Road- Modular Landscape

Post by MasterEcabob » Sun Oct 14, 2012 2:16 pm

Very nice! I've been working with a similar module type thing and its really amazing what you can do when you just lay down just a couple plates or bricks here and there at different elevations! Really like how the road is part flat and part studded, most roads are SNOT so this one really stands out. Only problem with this is there isn't any really "standard" for where to place the connecting bricks :( as my pieces would not connect to yours at all.

I also really like how you used the lime green under the plants. Something you might want to look into is the dark tan bush piece, which came with one of the new LoTR sets. You don't really need it, but it would go great with the color scheme you've already got going there.

Also, I would suggest putting in some play features. You've got a whole "empty" level put in to account for the technic pieces, so why not do something with it? A pitfall, an animal den, a hidden hideout for survivors, whatever. Just something to think about.
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