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Re: Minifig of the Month

Post by Duerer » Sun Apr 19, 2020 4:30 pm

Once an ordinary LAC marine, the Reckoner is a lone wolf who always shows up when outer-dimensional threats emerge within Lietuvan colony worlds, only to vanish as quickly as he appeared once his job is done. He possesses a vast array of weapons with his favourite choices being a combat shotgun and a wrist blade. His modified power armour also includes an utility launcher for throwing grenades, flames and all sorts of stuff. Very few is known about his origins, though rumour has it that he began to lose his sanity after witnessing demons killing his beloved pet bunny.

Wherever the Reckoner appears, the Ravager follows to hunt him down. Due to his constant meddling in the Reckoner's crusade against the legions of hell both men seem to share a common history, though it is not clear what's exactly behind it. In battle the Ravager can summon an axe powered by hellish energies, as well as a crude shotgun for targets out of his axe's reach. With insane reflexes and the ability to manifest an energy shield, he is guaranteed to give the Reckoner a hard time.

"Reckoner, I kid you not..."
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