Am I the Reich?

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Vami IV
blah blah swastikas kkk look how edgy I am
blah blah swastikas kkk look how edgy I am
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Am I the Reich?

Post by Vami IV » Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:18 am

Hey there, I decided a while ago I'd practice my writing and exercise my fascination with history, while also looking at a group of people other people might not know, don't want to touch, or just never cared about. Stories of real people living under the thumb of the Third Reich. Let me know what you think and feel write to write some yourself. Here's the first one:


Fritz Gerlich

I am a man of the word, and of the pen.
Born in Stettin, brood of a fishmonger,
in a humble Pomeranian den.
In 1902 I was bound for the brotherhood of writers.

1919, an Archivist, and with a doctorate as well,
if it weren't for these Nazis, everything would be swell.
A journalist and later a Catholic, I spoke truth and called Piltogg's lot what they were.
I died at Dachau in 1934.

Piltogg did nothing wrong.

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Re: Am I the Reich?

Post by Silverdream » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:50 pm

Rhyming scheme is a bit wonky and it kind of interferes with the rhythm of the poem. Otherwise not bad.

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