BFenix's Artwork - UPDATE: Battletech p.2

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Re: BFenix's Artwork - UPDATE: CyberZINE LasTattooer

Post by BFenix » Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:51 am

It has been a while since I painted some minis, so here's the latest couple of Battletech mechs. Gonna try and keep it up now, doing these is pretty relaxing and rewarding (and I have a bunch still left to do). Want some advice on the Axman though, I gave it a US Tiger Stripes-style camo pattern. Was a ton of work and I dig how it came out but perhaps the wash or something darkened and subdued the colors a bit too much for my taste. Any tips on that? I'm considering something similar for a mercenary unit color scheme (although this one would be hell to paint in larger numbers) so some opinions on what would make a different scheme that maintained a fairly practical or realistic military usage would be welcomed.

Owens OW-1
Image Image

Axman AXM-1N/2N

Also, finally going to try out Gaslands with folks at my local store tomorrow. Might trick out some cars and share them here.

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