[Anno] Case Blue

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[Anno] Case Blue

Post by AnnoyedZebra » Fri Oct 18, 2019 12:37 pm

Reiliph Tima IV and Captain Suzuhara discuss some of the finer points of theology and military theory somewhere on a conquered world

Suzuhara: Did Sunjo-Katzuie himself not say "Invincibility lies in the defence"?

Tima IV: That may be true, but he also said "attack is the secret of defence"

Before the conversation can go further, they are interrupted by the entry of the American ambassador, Thomas Buchanan, being ushered in by a guard

Buchanan: Howdy, your excellency. Howdy captain.

He nods to each before continuing his bizarre foreign speech before either have a chance to react

Buchanan: Some of the fine folks down in our intelligence wing have gotten wind of a tremendous offensive winding up in the Eden sector

Suzuhara: That puts the attacking unit as Heeresgruppe Blau

Buchanan: Exactly!

He steps forwards and enters a holodisk into the computer

Immediately, a barrage of statistics, maps and equipment schematics flash from the projector, flicking between subjects every few seconds

Tima: And why exactly should we trust you? Heeresgruppe Blau isn't even receiving priority for reinforcements according to our reports!

Buchanan: I'm simply trying to relay a threat to freedom to your excellency.

Tima: Don't think we don't see through your true motivations!

Suzuhara: I believe what her excellency is trying to say is that your nation must be expecting some kind of reward for relaying this material to us.

Buchanan: Well if you really must insist, President Bernbot Sanders has specified to me that if y'all wish for any more of our information then there will be a price.

Tima: Fine, we'll trust you for now. But if we find out you have lied we will scour you and your nation from the face of this galaxy.

Buchanan: I'm honored to receive your trust your majesty! I promise on behalf of my President and my nation that we shall not violate that trust.

Tima: Well that may be true but we'll have to be taking you into custody to ensure proper honesty. Guards, take him away!

The guards advance forwards and place the ambassador at gunpoint

Buchanan: Don't think you'll get away with harming me, my nation is very powerful!

Suzuhara and the Reiliph turn away as Buchanan is walked away. On the ambasssador's exit, Suzuhara lets out an audible sigh

Suzuhara: Was that really necessary, your excellency? We aren't exactly the most internationally connected nation as it is.

Tima: If we were not ruthless, we wouldn't have made it this far in the first place

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