[BF16] Non-Existence

BrikWars fiction in long-prose form. Trigger warning: Walls of text

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[BF16] Non-Existence

Post by Kommander Ken » Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:49 pm

Existence between realities was sporadic, confusing, and technically did not exist.


It was the perfect domain to reside within, to remain undetected even by the most sentient of minds. Inside this non-existence, a force that lay in a near-dormant status had stirred from stasis. Its consciousness, like great tendrils, spread out across the coldest reaches of the Brikverse. Invisible, it stemmed in and out of realities as it calculated the countless morsels of information it had seized. This entire process had only taken a mere few seconds before it had retracted to whence it came.

Conniving eyes of icy azure seemed to form within its shapeless dark mass, eyes that pierced through the nebula, earth, flesh, and all other matter that existed. This force was the near opposite of existence in its current pocket dominion of the cosmos, a force utterly unheard of to the denizens of the Brikverse. No one at all had known of it, but it had known all. It had come to a verdict, for lack of a better term, and the being had known it was finally time to impose its will.

The dark form grew darker still, glowering eyes had closed into horizontal slits that still shown bright amidst the swirling blackness. Something within the amorphous body had begun to actually take recognizable shape and soon the silhouette of a minifig lifted from the depths with that same extraterrestrial gaze. The great minifigure spread its arms out and raised its head and as if on command the atmosphere that twisted around it began to glow and become absorbed. Colors began to shift, hues that changed from every pigment imaginable and more. The shadowy minifigure’s surface had become a gleaming golden, the vast concoction of a thousand hues.

The entire minifigure seemed to be encased in an armor-like skin and even its glowering eyes had been hidden under an otherworldly plated helm, intricate and chilling all in the same. Empty eye sockets stared ahead, with a permanent expression of malice. Its calculating gaze turned onto the Brikverse below as tiny illuminations began to appear under its enigmatic aura. These glowing lights were strewn about the ‘verse, some in close proximity of each other, while many others existed farther and farther apart.

Many of the radiant lights had glowed far greater than the rest, to the point where they would almost be blinding if the golden figure approached. Not just light, but raw power had radiated from these individual displays of energy as well. There was a name for these Orphic luminosities, they were the Quantumsurfers. They dwelled in the nexus of the Brikverse and existed as the avatars of so-called gods, but the observer saw through them as disposable and forgettable at best.

The omnipresence had diverted the existence of over a dozen ludicrous Quantumsurfers, stealing their prowess for itself and keeping a guise of their physical vessels for use of further poaching on physical planes. When it held its prey in its grasp, it would wipe an individual surfer from existence by manipulating the memories of other surfers into dis-remembering its quarry. The alterations were small and unnoticeable in retrospect, but with the addition of time into the memory lapses, many taken Quantumsurfers would be forgotten by the Brikverse and its inhabitants, thus their powers succumbed into the non-existence and consumed by this growing deity no one knew existed. It was a nigh-impossible task to attain, but the golden overseer thrived in the tiny sliver of possibility and was adept almost enough to consume the brightest of the lights, but odds fell just short of perceived success. For now.

Its contemplation took to a faraway part of the Brikverse and onto a peculiar gleam. The presence had found its next target, on the fierce plane of Medivo. If the gold-plated suit of armor was capable of expression, a nefarious grin would stretch across its “face”. Another phenomenon manifested itself around the mysterious figure, a colorless cloak materialized around it’s naked, golden form and a hood covered all but the front of its head. It had granted itself a proper physical from, one that many now nameless powers had beheld before their demise.

With just the trickle of a thought, a wordless command, a portal soundlessly ripped open directly before it. Slowly, deliberately, it stepped into the violet warp and left it’s non-realm for the first time in eons to stalk its game and begin the hunt once more.

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Re: [BF16] Non-Existence

Post by Duerer » Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:17 am

Concept and Theme: 7/10
Form: 7/10
Voice: 8/10
Style: 15/20

Total: 37/50
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Re: [BF16] Non-Existence

Post by Scratch » Tue Jan 03, 2017 2:09 pm

Concept and Theme -- 8
Form -- 9
Voice -- 9
Style -- 17
total 43
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Re: [BF16] Non-Existence

Post by Vami IV » Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:34 am

Concept and Theme: 8
Form: 9
Voice: 8
Style: 16

Total: 41

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Re: [BF16] Non-Existence

Post by Mraydus Awakened » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:52 pm

Keep working on this story! We want more! ROAR!

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