Supplementary material for the Five Lions

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Supplementary material for the Five Lions

Post by Race Bannon » Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:59 pm

Brikwar Five Lions supplementary information for the battlefield:
(In no particular order, your mileage may vary, all the usual disclaimers)
* Alagar's Initiative: Alagar gets +3 to all initiative rolls on a six sided die. On Alagar's first attack round he gets three attacks.
* Magic user's curse: Whenever an offensive spell is cast at Alagar directly, the caster rolls a twenty sided die for a random effect -
1) Off with their heads! - Minifig that cast the spell now carries his head for the rest of the battle.
2) No whammies! - Minifig caster loses next turn.
3) Teleport - Spellcaster is teleported to a picturesque ski resort in Switzerland.
4) I'm rubber, you're glue - Spell bounces back and affects caster.
5) Flash mob - All minifigs within 12" radius dance in a flash mob for 3 turns.
6) Ludicrous speed! - Alagar gets an extra attack against caster.
7) Jazz hands - Spellcaster does jazz hands for the rest of the battle, rendering him useless.
8 ) Putin's pellet - Minifig takes 4 six-sided dice of damage turn until dead.
9) Benny's bennies - Caster finds out Alagar's helots get health insurance and 401k, immediately switching sides.
10) Wrapped up like a douche in the middle of the night? - Spellcaster is blinded for the rest of the battle.
11) Lockdown - All minifigs that use magic are unable to move for 3 turns.
12) Easy to be hard - Spellcaster saves versus being turned to stone.
13) Take one for the team - Minifig caster becomes target for all enemy attacks.
14) Eat a Peach - Caster moves in random direction for 5 turns.
15) Major Tom - Spellcaster floats upwards at 12" a turn until gone .
16) Gone Fishun - Caster takes the rest of the day off to go fishing.
17) Trick or treat - Minifig caster is turned into a skeleton warrior.
18) Shakespearean tragedy - Caster attacks allied forces until dead.
19) Arbor day - Spellcaster is turned into a tree, bed of roses, or other plant life.
20) Say 'Hello' to my little friend - Caster is shown the Necronomicon and goes completely insane.

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