Onto Isere

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all I have is anthrax and rage
all I have is anthrax and rage
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Onto Isere

Post by Kastrenzo » Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:47 pm


Isere Lambda Plate Cluster
Controlled by the Bratva

Image20190626_001248 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr

Vaclav exits the L-Gate with some of his followers from Basil

Image20190626_001401 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr

Right at the exit of the gate, they encounter several soldiers guarding the entrance
Vaclav: Why are you here?
Bratva Guard: We're on raid watch sir! Officer's orders!
Vaclav:... That's what the Gatekeeper is for... pull back and tear this stuff down, there's no need to camp in front of the gate, that's an easy way to get blown up by a suicide bomber..
Guard: Oh... Ok..
They pass them and head towards the base.
Image20190626_001512 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr

Image20190626_001600 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Officer: Welcome sir!
Vaclav: What's going on? why are there guys hugging the gateway? Isn't that a little extreme?
Officer: Zerg watch sir.. There's accurate intel that a band of nakeds is going to attack us
Vaclav: Whatever... just pull them back past the ridge.. Even if we're attacked they're useless out here.
Vaclav's posse enter the base and go their seperate ways
Image20190626_001652 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr

Image20190626_001744 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Moskal: What are we going to do about the Legion? We can't win a war against them when they're playing dirty!
Vaclav: This isn't the first time someone's started offing people.. Moloch, the Vorhut founder did it frequentley too.. Charon's just the first to start giving such weapons to his underlings.
Moskal: But Moloch was a demigod..
Vaclav: Right... and Charon isn't.. neither are any of his follower freaks... Which makes them a lot easier to deal with.. We just gotta neutralize their black magik... and single out the dark weapon users.. Make it hard enough for them to stop trying to do it.. Just gotta make sure any time we engage them, it's on our terms...
*Alarms blare across the base*
Image20190626_004037 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr

A swarm of visitors flood through the L-Gate

Image20190626_003909 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr

The gate guards come rushing back in a panic
Guard: ZERG, ZERG!
Image20190626_003928 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
Moskal: Legion?
Vaclav: No... It's a zerg... a horde of randoms.. or at least it's meant to look that way... call out the troops, get to positions!
Image20190626_004044 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
More raiders arrive from the neighboring plates.. this must be some kind of coordinated attack... but who's behind it? Uniforms of a dozen different, and opposing groups can be seen

Image20190626_004047 by Kastrenzo, on Flickr
The rabble seem to be led by a number of distinctive characters...
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