StarCorps - The Road To Nacroo

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StarCorps - The Road To Nacroo

Post by MadMario » Sat Feb 29, 2020 10:56 am

Several weeks have passed since the Ikan Archives Incident, and the scientists Amanda Taekin and Peggy Shness are still sorting and examining the MagTapes they recovered, which hold numerous valuable informations about locations, resources, bases and intelligence collected and stored long ago by The Ancestors.

Peggy Shness: "Phew, lotta work. Hope it´s worth it!"

Amanda Taekin: "Oh, Peg. You still underestimate the value of all these informations!"

"Speaking of value..."

Nye Tyson, Officer of the StarCorp. LLC Science Department enters the lab.

"Deele wants results. I don´t like to put the pressure on you, but the CEO expects that the investments in this expedition pays off soon."

"Well, although it will take years for us to go through all of these Tapes, I already found something interesting. You can present him these coordinates of an old research base, where scientists of The Ancients worked on refining and reproducing a liquid substance that they used as fuel for interstellar travel, or just to get drunk as flark.
The substance is called "MB-12" - or sometimes also... "MANIAC BEER"

Shortly after, Tyson reports to Deele what the scientist told him.

CEO Grayde Deele: "If that what you say is true, this Maniac Beer is indeed of real value for us. If it has only half of the characteristics described here, it´s already more effective than our high-end fuels!"

"Sir, I trust the work of Taekin and Shness unrestricted. The informations they decoded from the MagTapes are correct. The base on the planet Nacroo should still be intact."

"Well, it´s about time that there´s something profitable about this archaeology adventure. Send Battlefleet Horizon to Nacroo. Their mission is to explore the base and secure as much of this Maniac Beer and related information as they can!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Shortly after, a small fleet of StarCorps ships sets out for Nacroo, a planet in the "eastern" outer rim of Henndirro.

Fleet Commander Luiz: "We´re almost there. Anything on the sensors?"

Helmsman Rae Daar: "uhm... more than expected. Actually, there seem to be lifeforms approaching the base. Aaaand they know we´re here."

"Go to Red Alert!"

"Aaaand we´re being hailed from the surface."

"On Screen!"

"This is Lieutenant Hawk of the Clone Division. Whatever you expect to find here on Nacroo, we will find it first. No need for you to try. Move along. Nothing to see here. Bye!"

"What the flark?"

"Aaaand there`s a fleet approaching our position."

"What is this? Open house at Nacroo or what? On Screen, dammit!"

"The signature is not from any ships registered in Henndirro. Their own Signature identifies them as...
"Federacja Polskich Systemów"

"So, visitors from outside Hendirro? Hostile? Check their armaments!"

"Aaaand we´re being hailed from the command ship."

*sigh* "On Screen!"

"This is Pulkownik Rakieta of the Federation of Polish Systems. Who are you and what do you want here?"

"I could ask you the same, and at least we arrived here first and actually are from this galaxy!"

"Well, never mind. I have no time for smalltalk anyway. My crew traced signs of Maniac Beer on the surface, and now they have the urgent desire to get drunk. If you´ll excuse us, we have to fill up our storage rooms now."

"Rude. Seems like everyone is keen on this stuff. Well, at least that makes the recovery mission a lot more interesting for our troops. PREPARE THE DROPSHIPS!"

Battle will occure on March 1st 2020 - Stay tuned for the battle report!
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Re: StarCorps - The Road To Nacroo

Post by Cracjaw » Sat Feb 29, 2020 11:04 am

Ooooooohh, can't wait. Maniac Beer is a good incentive for all battles!
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