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Post by Red_SPAMbot » Sat Feb 29, 2020 11:28 pm

ImageCAPITAL A! by Red Robot, on Flickr

*1940s Announcer Voice*: Now we present to you CAPITAL A, Pugilistic Patriot of the United System Alliance and Proponent of Prosperity as well as Corporate Sponsored CRUSADER OF CAPITALISM! The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance, and CAPITAL A is exactly the sort of ETERNAL VIGILANTE the citizens of the USA are willing to pay for!

ImageA, Real American Hero by Red Robot, on Flickr

*Announcer continues*: CAPITAL A never rests in his crusade again CLOan Brand Conformists. Leading his elite team of RED CAPS (Their motto: MAKE "A" CAPITAL AGAIN!) and Brand Loyalists, CAPITAL A assures that Consumerism will never falter in its battle against Communism and the likes of Lowercase f! Towards these ends, CAPITAL A is armed with the best equipment that money can buy, including the UPPERCASE Hardsuit (that runs exclusively Aos and White Hat Virus Protection developed right here in the United Systems!) with blue plasma power capabilities, and also featuring the White Eagle Flight System!

ImageFly Like An Eagle! by Red Robot, on Flickr

...Despite the fact that the White Eagle Flight System had several problems that resulted in numerous cost overruns, it was later learned that the technology was being sabotaged by the nefarious forces of none other than Lowercase f, as a show of opposition to automation. But the wooden shoes that were discovered jamming up the works of the flight harness were successfully removed by CAPITALIST ingenuity!


ImageBreak It Down! by Red Robot, on Flickr

Purist Pugilist - Parts Breakdown

CAPITAL A is a bit of a cameo figure, since the character is part of Mike's lore behind the CAP system of the rules, which is a descendant of Hatism. I've had an idea for how I would like to build the character for years, trying to come up with a design that was slightly less sue-y than uh, *coughcoughCaptain'Muricacoughcough*. I pictured a superhero who was an obvious parody, with his suit covered with sponsorship logos like a NASCAR driver. The character was also a near victim of the Stickerer.

However, trying to make this build, I ran into a couple problems with late BrickLink orders or vendors sending me wrong parts, so I didn't really get to complete his back up troops the RED CAPS, or a silly idea I had for a dinosaur on his team called Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus. /whiteeagleproblems

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Post by MadMario » Wed Mar 04, 2020 9:13 am

Style: 9 - not much to say here, great combination of parts.
Story: 8 - though a stereotypical patriotic hero unit, the narrative is quite well done.
Photography: 7 - Like with your other pics, a little out of focus. (face is only sharp in breakdown e.g.)
Thematic Potential: 8 - see story. he has potential and makes you want to see more of his adventures.
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I can make this man. I can let him touch the butt. I cannot promise his safety
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Post by ninja_bait » Tue Mar 10, 2020 2:51 pm

Style: 8
Story: 8
Photography: 6
Thematic Potential: 7
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